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In Topic: Absolute fastest way to get Obsidian Shards?

26 October 2013 - 04:53 PM

Running fractals under your personal reward level grants quite a bit of karma, not sure if it´s fastests but if you prefer PvE to WvW then this might work.


  • Completing a fractal difficulty scale below your personal reward level awards you karma, based on the following formula:
6400 + 8 * Completed difficulty * (Personal reward level - Completed difficulty) = Karma awarded
  • The (Personal reward level - Completed difficulty) factor is capped at 10.

In Topic: A Month in Pink - Breast Cancer Awareness

22 October 2013 - 03:05 PM

Well, pink is already color of choice when our guild goes together pvp or fractals. We draw some serious pinky-power from it!

I believe that movember was introduced to increase prostate cancer awareness as this pink campaign was one for breast cancer. Could be wrong tho, too lazy to google it. Anyways, hope we get as much as attendees as possible for good cause!

Talking of movember, I´d be all for getting total makeover kit to add mustachios for all my characters too in spirit of that happening, too bad my main is a charr and alts are all women (can you add mustaches to female norn using total makeover?)

In Topic: Engineer in mid-high level fractals

01 October 2013 - 02:42 PM

Somehow I was under impression that only visualization of condi stacks is changed and not the actual damage dealt. Could be wrong tho.

I guess having giver´s weapon set eg. for vulnerability stacking is good anyways as an alternative to berserkers? Too bad there isn´t one as ascended option.

Anyways, I have rapid armor set to have too. Our party mostly doesn´t have much bleed and other conditions so engi running full conditions is mostly a very viable option.

In Topic: Thinking of coming back to GW2

01 October 2013 - 02:12 PM

Lol, I apologize to OP and other aspiring engineers for starting all this :D

To make a conclusion of this, engies get a ground targeted aoe stealth and stability if Jonathan Sharp (the dev) can be believed.

Even without that, engies are a very viable class in PvE (and WvW and PvP too). Many people who have played regard it as a fun class to play and quite effective in many roles, including dps and group support in form of aoe vulnerability and condition removal.

In Topic: Thinking of coming back to GW2

27 September 2013 - 06:35 PM

Been playing engi main since launch and in running it with guild mostly. The few times with pugs no one has complained, haven´t joined any speed clear cof-runs though.

In my guild they are experienced players and know of capabilities of engi as both dps and support class and I think other decent guilds won´t differ much in that. If you show interest in improving your play and contributing to runs, good guildies give you chance for it event if you are not a master from the beginning.

As a side note, if you have glimpsed update preview of 15th day (and it wont change before that), we are going to get sure group stabilty and group stealth (now being only 50/50 change) increasing our utility even further especially in instances including much skipping (Arah).