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Engineer in mid-high level fractals

27 September 2013 - 08:12 PM

My guild has been steadily rising fractal levels lately and this week I was on couple of lvl 38 runs. Seeing that my ar of 25 isn´t enough anymore, I´ve been planning my next move on getting new gear including ascended pistol and some infused jewerly. I´m planning to get legendary shield later this year too if I manage to fund it (or pistol if they introduce new ones).

So the question is, what should I focus on as we go to 40+ runs? Can it be done with berserker gear using dodge + utility skills to survive or am I going to need toughness or vitality? At least berserker would surely force into some even more active playstyle, which would do good for lazy-ass player like me.

This far I´ve been running crit-condi hybrid grenadier with rabid armor and a mix of berserker and celestial jewerly. I´m getting berserker armor set anyway for other uses, eg. bombing, in near future any ways so I´d plan jewerly and weapon stats keeping rapid/berserker armor in mind.

Our most common group composition is 2 guardians (1 on rare occasions), 1-2 wars, 0-1necs (running direct dmg) and 1 ele and I playing engi.

Also, any tips on builds are appreciated. Have you successfully run bomb builds in fractals of those levels? I´ve been mostly spamming ´nades for nearly a year now and I´d appreciate something else to try.

GW2 and Intel HD4000

17 June 2012 - 04:36 PM

Did somebody run the game using Intel´s newest integrated graphics during the last BWE? How was the performance?

I´d be interested as I´m probably going for 13" Macbook Pro as a secondary/school computer and wondering if I should invest in the newest models with HD4000 or if the older ones with HD3000 are sufficient for playing comfortably with moderate graphics settings.