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#2158914 PSA: I appreciate the help but......

Posted AKGeo on 06 February 2013 - 03:46 AM

Sorry but the people complaining about regular players coming along and killing their dodge machine are those who are simply bad at the game. I don't say that as a generalization often, but I will. They've played the game to their current level without dodging, expecting their party to keep them alive and likely cursing the game saying "this is broken!", and now are only logging in to do the dailies for their ascended gear thinking that's what they need to do in order to be up to date when it's "fixed".

That's my take on it. Because honestly, going way out of your way just to dodge an enemy or sit around waiting for NPCs to die is counter to the "efficiency" argument on all counts.

#2121721 What professions do you play with in Fractals?

Posted CepaCepa on 18 December 2012 - 11:37 AM

If you are pugging fractals, chances are, you won't have a choice. :) You'd be happy to find a group that's doing fractal at your level, and you'd simply try your best with that group setup.

However, assuming that you've got a PvE guild and/or you have several friends that you consistently play with, then sure you can optimize your group setup. Since there are 9 fractals that you'd do over and over again, it's easy to break down the "necessity" in each of these fractals:


Group needs good burst aoe dps (and single target) to make things easier, especially at later levels. At least 1-2 people should be able to aoe bunker such that your group can survive and downed players can quickly get up through rally, and not die from down penalty.  


Have a mesmer in your group would trivialize the first part of the fractal. Rangers and guardians are great runners in particular, due to long duration swiftness/stability that DO NOT transform the player. But ultimately any profession with condition removal/stun breaker/stability/swiftness can be made into great runners for this, the skill that stands out in this fractal by far is mesmer portal.


Anything goes, you just can't fail here once you've learned it. But professions that are great in underwater combat may still have an edge here (that is, make the run go a bit faster), such as grenadier engineers (after the patch, this would be condition grenadiers). Oh, if you group with a ranger, remember to tell him that the last boss may bug out if he swallows a ranger pet, in that case just ask the ranger to be ready to swap pet.


You want bursty enough dps to kill all the grawls at the first shaman boss (or shaman in his grawl form), and someone who can keep cripple/chill on the targets. For final boss, something that attacks fast is highly recommended, aoe dps is welcome, and at least 2 people should be able to last a while such that you have time to rez up downed glass cannons between 25% phases. So, 2-3 players with block/immune abilities (guardian, semi-bunker elementalist, amongst others), and 2-3 bursty dps with lots of rapid attacks (mesmer greatsword + clone + phantasm + shatter, thief dagger/dagger, engineer flamethrower/grenade, elementalist meteor shower/frostbow, guardian scepter smite, ranger shortbow or sword with quickness, etc) and the bursty dps should at least be able to live through each boss block phase, if they're going down they should make sure that they go down after the bursty phase so that the boss is clean and now there's plenty of grubs to rally on.


Grenadier engineer, shortbow thief, and staff elementalist can dps down the harpies from below their platforms. Especially grenadierengineers. If this is not an option in your group, then you'd want to have guardians/mesmers in the group for projectile reflect.


Again, anything goes here ---- for the first bon fire event though, strong aoe dps/control would be wonderful.


The mob WILL one shot you at higher levels, so it's best to have a block/immune character lure them in, set the veteran npc on them, and burst them all down before they kill your npcs. Again, strong bunkers + strong dps achieves the best here.


Mesmer portal once again can make the first part easy, other than that you would like to have high aoe dps for the trash and good ranged dps for last boss. Mesmer feedback or guardian wall are great on last boss (if it is the suit), but not "mandatory" obviously.

Jade Maw:

Truly, anything goes, as long as you can hold a crystal up you're good. Oh, you probably would like to have a few ranged and a few melee (don't HAVE to be melee, just have to be none-projectile).

In general, you want to have strong dps AND be able to live through it all, a group with not enough dps will have a hard time on many of the 20+ and 30+ fractals. And a group that goes down within 10 seconds of a fight will obviously not make it either. As a guardian, you'll be in general providing group aegis/block/shelter/boons/control to keep your glass cannons alive and bursting, hopefully you can keep them alive until all the mobs are dead (which, shouldn't take long if you've got good cannons). While you're keeping them alive, of course if you can do damage on the side that's even better, anything helps, and it might just make a difference between a victory and a wipe at high levels. Rezzing will be a very frequent thing, and you'd likely to be alternating the emergency rez duty with another semi-bunker. (that is, often you'll find your cannons all on the ground and one of you need to diverge mobs' attention while the other rez the dead).

Anyways, I'm diverging lol. So based on the above analysis, we see that 1) You need a guardian who can provide group wide aegis/block/sheter/control, remember at high levels toughness and vitality will not save you most of the time (although, you'd die even faster without them), only blocks/controls and good timing can save you. 2) You need a second bunker, this can be another guardian but you'd run into aegis/blind overlapping and some other minor issues. This can also be a bunker elementalist/bunker engineer/bunker something else, I prefer elementalist because an elementalist can also provide much needed aoe dps even in bunker specs, not to mention large area controls. 3) You need a mesmer, portal makes life a lot easier, feedback/nullfield/time warp makes life easier, and the mesmer's burst dps is awesome. 4) You need 2 other people, in particular grenadier engineer, shortbow/sword ranger, semi-cannon shortbow/dagger thief, shout/banner warrior or wellomancer, two of these. If you didn't take an elementalist as your second bunker, you'd want to take a ranger for healing spring, and probably take a thief/warrior to blast in that water field. If you've got an elementalist already, you can grab a grenadier/necro for aoe dps, and possibly a thief/warrior for finishers.

That is of course, just some thoughts. I strongly believe that if you've got a constant group, you can ALWAYS spend time and make your group combination work. It may not be the most efficient, but it will be unique and it will in most cases work just fine. At least, up to fractal lvl 40. I don't know how bad it gets after that, maybe it gets so bad that it demands strict optimization, but here it is, yet another wall of text from me. :)

#2094771 Where has everyone gone?

Posted TGIFrisbie on 24 November 2012 - 08:50 PM

View PostXodiak, on 24 November 2012 - 08:30 PM, said:

You swung and missed on my point.

No I refuted your incorrect statements.

Also I didn't play GW1 after the first 2 years, stopped at EotN's release.  I didn't grind for mats or whatever was later introduced, I did farm drops for money to fuel vendor purchased set gear for looks.  This was before the (evidently) later added "styles" or costumes.

The gear grind has been around since MMOs have been around.  The fact this game was SOLD as a NO GEAR GRIND game and then reversed flat out pisses a LOT of people off.  While some have moved on, far more will move on now.

The topic is where are the peeps.  Some left cause they didn't read the sales pitch and found no gear grind.  Anet bowed in, but they won't get these peeps back.  No one is returning for a gear grind.  Why even gear grind in this game, the gear grind in this game is sub-par to WoW.  If I wanted a gear grind I would be playing in the MOTHER OF ALL GEAR GRIND games, World of Warcraft.

Now that they stuck their finger in the eye of those of us who bought this game largely on the premise that once we had max level toons and got them geared, we wouldn't be repeating this process over and over adinfinitum.  Believe it or not some human beings that play MMOs get their EGO on in real life.  I don't need to constantly feel I am getting more powerful in an freaking game.  Now I am not gonna put down those who crave this and need this, that's their issue.  But the game was sold as NO GEAR GRIND.  The peeps leaving over this might return IF they reverse themselves once again, but they won't, they have obviously invested to much time and energy and someone is pulling this string to make it happen.

So...where are the peeps?  If they only left for the gear grind, why aren't they coming back?  It's here!

#2081942 Update Notes for November 15th

Posted The Comfy Chair on 15 November 2012 - 11:38 PM

Yay, the Hatchery is fixed!

#2075892 Linsey Murdock Unveils New High End Ascended Gear

Posted Wordsworth on 13 November 2012 - 07:34 AM

Christ, and there's the gear grind. Suddenly all my efforts getting dungeon gear are futile, and instead of working towards my Legendary I now have to work toward an entire new tier of gear. Thanks for making the Legendary acquisition easier, ANet.

I'd like a refund on my tokens and the few sets of gear I bought with my gold, thinking they were the highest tier, please.

#2075803 Linsey Murdock Unveils New High End Ascended Gear

Posted Shayne Hawke on 13 November 2012 - 06:24 AM

Linsey Murdock said:

This is just the beginning. In November, we’re only adding the first level of Infusions and Ascended Rings and Back slots, so that leaves us a lot of room to build upon these levels of Item progression in future content.

As we release more new end game content in the future, you’ll see more Infusions and Ascended item types being added to the game.  Eventually, you’ll be able to kit yourself out with a full set of Ascended gear and high end Infusions to help give you the edge in end game content.

You’ll also see more Legendary items in the future and an update to our existing Legendary weapons. Legendary items were always intended to be on par with other “best-in-slot” items. So fear not, all existing Legendary weapons, which are currently on par with Exotics, will be upgraded to be on par with Ascended weapons at the same time that we add Ascended weapons to the game. Thus Legendaries will remain “best-in-slot” items. All Legendary items going forward will be of Ascended power. We also have plans to add more fun ways to acquire Legendary precursor items with a more “scavenger hunt” feel than they are acquired currently.

The new additions in November are just the start of our item progression initiative. We’re going to add tons of new high-level content to Guild Wars 2 in the future. As we introduce the new high-level content, we’ll also roll out complimentary Ascended and Legendary items (to say nothing of the other rewards you can earn by playing the content).

Posted Image


As we watch Guild Wars 2 mature in its Live environment, we have found that our most dedicated players were achieving their set of Exotic gear and hitting “the Legendary wall.” We designed the process of getting Legendary gear to be a long term goal, but players were ready to start on that path much sooner than we expected and were becoming frustrated with a lack of personal progression.

Was this not the original idea?  Didn't you always intend for players to reach a power plateau on their gear?  Sure, all you've done here is raised the bar a little so that people need to spend more time getting the new and powerful stuff, but what happens then?  You introduce even more gear that's stronger than the norm?  What happens when you release a full set of ascended gear?  Are you going to make the same assessment and come out with yet another tier of gear?  Do you see releasing higher performance gear as the way forward for expansion content in your game?

What about these infusions and Agony?  Should I be ready to face a different kind of pushing mechanic in every single new dungeon you release?  Will I now need to acquire several sets of armor just so that I can try each dungeon and not feel closed off?

If ascended weapons have upgrades built into them and have infusion slots instead of upgrade slots, how am I supposed to duplicate the effects of certain sigils on ascended weapons?  Are there also going to be weapon infusions that are all more powerful variants of all of the weapon upgrades currently in the game?  If not and I can't get the sigil I want, do I now have to sacrifice stats and transmute an exotic's stats and upgrades onto a legendary in order to get the combination I want?

Have you made adjustments to structured PvP and WvW according to these changes?  With ascended gear now being the new best-in-slot, are you raising the stats on all of the PvP gear as well?

The introduction of this gear serves only as a slight delay to some players before they hit this "legendary wall" again.  I'm sure some players don't even bother with reaching best-in-slot gear before they start looking ahead to what they need for their legendary, in which case these new items have done nothing at all about the wall.  Meanwhile, you've thrown a curveball at everyone who has just been pining to get exotic gear for it being best-in-slot, and some who've gotten it already might not look forward to having to go for this new gear once it's released.  Personally, having not yet chosen to acquire a full exotic set of armor yet, I may not even bother anymore and instead just wait until the new ascended gear arrives.  After all, what's the point of getting the best gear when I know it's going to be trumped some time down the line?


We have always worked hard to create a sense of satisfying progression rather than gear grind and this new item progression initiative is no exception. By adding challenging new combat mechanics to end-game content and ways to mitigate those mechanics through gear progression for high-end players, we can add personal progression without making the game feel like an endless treadmill of gear that is just out of your reach.

You're trying to create progression without gear grind and you're doing it by adding combat mechanics that are mitigated by new gear...



Original Guild Wars fans may recognize that we took a familiar approach to our new progression.

I don't remember a single instance in which the fundamental plateau on gear stats in GW was ever raised.  The system is not like infusion in Guild Wars, because that simply involved performing a task for an NPC to upgrade existing armor.  This is the introduction of an entirely new line of gear to accomplish that purpose.  Was there a good reason why this mechanic had to be exclusive to this near gear and not also tacked onto existing gear?

Perhaps you're actually trying to draw a similarity between GW2 infusion and GW title bonuses?  It sounds like with this new content, players will be challenged with new monsters that are hard because they've been given new skills and a new dangerous condition to use, which players can counter by getting better gear and improving their defense against it.  With the Eye of the North expansion, you created progression by designing harder enemies with higher levels and new abilities and allowed players to counter that by buffing themselves with different bonuses depending on where they were and how much title progression they had.  They could also use new skills tied to these titles that got stronger when the titles had more progression.  Original Guild Wars designers may recognize that players weren't particularly thrilled with grinding out these titles on every character they wanted to take through this content for the sake of performing at their best.  What made you think that it would have been a good idea to repeat the same system here?


I hope you are all as excited about these new items as I am!

Excited about taking a turn down a path that I hoped to specifically avoid by purchasing this game?  No, I think you've pulled the wrong type of excitement out of me.

#2020539 Magic Find: Pros/Cons & Its Impact on GW2

Posted Lastchime on 15 October 2012 - 01:51 PM

If someone really wants to be meat on the dungeon floor, not my problem, I don't pay their repair bill. Just means I'll have to kite a little more.

#2035227 Halloween Skins from lottery / casino style grab bags

Posted Sevens on 22 October 2012 - 05:31 PM

View PostChava Blue, on 22 October 2012 - 05:18 PM, said:

I don't see how this is any different than what the Black Lion Chests have always been like. The way they work is that for a certain number of gems, you get a random item from a list of known possibilities, and none of those possibilities will have any real world monetary value because gem and gold can't be converted back to real currency. I don't get why this has suddenly become a major issue, or why it's suddenly called "gambling" when I didn't ever hear it called that before.

I also don't see how people are feeling forced to buy gems. I played from levels 1-80 and finished my storyline without buying any gems. I leveled up easily just doing the standard content without farming or repeatedly grinding the same areas, and as a result I'm sitting on a good stack of gold and karma that I'm still deciding how to allocate. (Waiting for more pictures to be posted on the wiki to decide what I like best.) I even have a bunch of boosts sitting in my bank that I accumulated for free that I haven't used, and will probably just save them for an alt.

I guess I could have leveled faster or have even more stuff if I'd paid more money, but... the thing is, I actually enjoy playing the game. If I didn't, I wouldn't even be here. So it doesn't exactly seem like a hardship to get the things I want by earning them through gameplay - if the gameplay isn't fun for someone, then I don't understand why they're doing it at all, monetary alternatives aside.

I did buy a gem card to buy Halloween town clothes, but I did that with the holiday costumes in GW1, and I don't see a huge difference - I did it because I could afford it and I was okay with spending some money on something frivolous because I've been doing a good job with my budget lately. Had I not felt I could indulge myself by spending a little money on GW2, I'd still have plenty to do in the game for Halloween.

I don't say this out of superiority, but out of bafflement. From what I read on the forums, I kept assuming that to reach higher levels I would have to start shelling out money, but it never happened. I kept assuming ANet was going to start bugging me to spend money, but aside from one fairly innocuous e-mail, I haven't even heard from them about it. The cash shop doesn't even affect my gameplay, and I don't see any reason to assume that suddenly it will.

Nothing from the BLCs is a need. It's a want. People have every right to disagree with how the gem store content is distributed, of course. (I honestly don't care enough to disagree.) I don't get why that disagreement is being equated to accusing ANet of greed and wrongdoing, and predicting the future ruin of the game, though.

They made a choice some would prefer they hadn't made, but I'm just not seeing a calamity here.

This isn't really an accurate comparison, for several reasons. For one thing, it's probably not even the same people working on these things.

More importantly, though, adding gem shop content is active and fixing bugs is reactive. They could have been working on Halloween stuff for months whenever they had some free time, but they can't do that with bugs because they can only squash bugs after they become apparent. Content (paid or free) can be generated in advance at the team's convenience; fixing bugs cannot.

Also, fixing broken computer code is almost always more difficult than generating fresh code. Often it's unclear where the problem is coming from, so it's not a simple matter of going in and correcting a known issue. If programmers aren't careful, bug fixes can break other things, and they need more specialized testing before they go live.

I understand that a lot of people aren't very familiar with programming (honestly, I'm not a programmer myself, but I have a number of friends who worked for a different MMO  made by another company, so I've heard their side of it.) I totally get why all this is hard to understand. But honestly, it's an apples to oranges comparison.
You good Sir / Madam need to stop with that logic and clear thinking! This is the forums and we will have none of it! we want our pitch forks and torches, by the six!

#2007011 Is warrior now undoubtedly the best ranged class?

Posted JROH on 09 October 2012 - 09:57 PM

View PostKrey, on 09 October 2012 - 12:43 PM, said:

I think we are just getting it wrong. Just having the word "range" in the name of the class doesn´t mean we are a ranged class. Obviously we are ment to be melee fighters. Thats also why we lack escape Skills, we shouldn´t escape melee fights we should just be able to get in them and that is also what the pets and traps are for, why didn´t we figure that out faster?

Cuz the melee weapons don't do anything for us either lol. I think they're telling us to drop 30 points into beastmastery, and then run in and tank an enemy, so that our pets eventually figure out how to get over the terrain while our enemy is distracted and then do all the damage. We've been doing it completely wrong. The pet isn't the extra source of damage and utility, we are.

#1962035 What happened to in-game community?

Posted deitiesforce on 24 September 2012 - 12:32 AM

I don't mind helping people. But in this game helping people takes a lot of money (waypoint, repair...)

#1961887 What happened to in-game community?

Posted LawnGnome on 23 September 2012 - 11:06 PM


The community - as far as you can call it that - was most helpful during the BWE. I met some really nice people during that time.
After release however when people ask stuff in map chat (because they're new) they immediately get trolled, people start swearing against them, telling the person how lazy and stupid they are etc.

I see this behaviour increasing rapidly and it does worry me. This is something that happens in a lot of games. MMO's in particular. But I didn't think it would happen this quickly.

Wait till the 25th the new wow expansion comes out and I expect some of the l33t wow kids will go back.

#1844083 Giantbomb says GW2 is "just another MMO" in recent quick look

Posted sifr on 29 August 2012 - 10:28 PM

View Postrayhorakhty, on 29 August 2012 - 10:27 PM, said:

Only one of the biggest online gaming publications on the internet?

That absolutely nobody has ever heard of.

#1788707 that one thing that really grinds your gears about gw2

Posted Belz on 22 August 2012 - 06:14 PM

View PostRuefully, on 22 August 2012 - 05:59 PM, said:


You are really taking it too far. By the same logic then violence should be removed from mmo's aswell because some people has been abused and some has been traumatised by war. Lets also remove spiders from the game because some people are arachnofobic and was once traumatised by a spider. Heck lets remove spellcasting because it offends some people because they think magic is witchcraft wich is the work of the devil. I see alot of things every day that could offend me but I choose not to think about it in that manner.

Alot of things offends people constantly but keep censoring just for the sake of the few traumatised or easily offended then we wouldnt have anything.

#1733060 Let's go big - show your norn! (image heavy)

Posted Tibbel on 14 August 2012 - 07:47 PM

There's something about that pony tail that's just so... sleek.

Posted Image

After seeing all these fine screenshots, I am even more excited go Norning across Tyria with you other trim specimen and speciwomen. You know, honoring the spirits and all that...

I feel so weak and a half waiting this week and a half. :qq:

#1766453 Norn Lore weak when compared to others.

Posted Midnight_Tea on 19 August 2012 - 06:40 PM

nilzardo basically nailed it. The norn couldn't care less where they came from. The only history they need is how awesome such-and-such norn was. I doubt they even date it either. They probably even talk about Jora like she might walk into the room at any minute.

It's a mistake to think this makes the norn a weak or not well-thought out race. They're meant to actually appeal to the people who look at extensive fantasy lore and eventually go "bollocks to this! I'm going to be way more awesome in the end anyway so why do I have to read this?". In a way, like the sylvari, they're ideal for newcomers to Guild Wars.

They compensate for the norn's devil-may-care outlook to lore by giving them a LOT of culture. Just take a stroll around Hoelbrak. The norn's sense of artistry and the understanding they seem to have with each other (communal bunks) speaks volumes about them without ever having it spelled out.