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Guardian Build critique

02 January 2013 - 03:27 PM

Switching to finishing up my guardian after getting the CoF set for my Mesmer.  Still trying to figure out how the class interacts, but put together the following build to try to differ from my full support/conditon Mesmer.  Any imput would be welcome.

Link to build here

Burning GS with lots of Virtue of Justice.  Swapping to Mace/Focus for healing/def when needed.  30/15/0/20/5

Main focus is to keep high symbol up time along with high buring up time.

Went all the way out to 30 zeal to get constant healing via GW attacking and symbols ( 20 honor) allowing me to keep buring and DPSing.


Dungeon Instance Length

17 October 2012 - 06:41 PM

Hi all,
I just recently capped my first character (Mesmer), but have yet to run any of the dungeons higher then the Minimum level 50 one.  I find that the main reason for this is I dont like to start looking for a group, unless I'm 100% sure I can stick it out to the end.  Sometimes when I have a 3-4 hour block free I'll start looking, but its much more likely that I have 2 hours to play, and I feel thats not enough time for an unknown.  So here to ask your help.

What is your 80% confidence interval for a PUG compleation of dungeons? Ie what time range (for example 90 min +/- 20 min) such that you think 80% of randon Pug groups will complete the run in that time window.  Throw in for either Story or Explorer mode based on your expericen, and Ill see if I can update this OP a bit once a few answers are out there.

Dungeon - SM level - Explor Level - Area
Ascalonian Catacombs 30 35 Phasmatis Corridor
Plains of Ashford Caudecus's Manor 40 45 Shire of Beetletun
Queensdale Twilight Arbor 50 55 Wychmire Swamp
Caledon Forest Sorrow's Embrace 60 65 Tribulation Rift
Dredgehaunt Cliffs Citadel of Flame 70 75 The Baelfire
Fireheart Rise Honor of the Waves 76 80 Watchful Fjord
Frostgorge Sound Crucible of Eternity 78 80 Infinite Coil Reactor
Mount Maelstrom The Ruined City of Arah 80 80 The Narthex
Cursed Shore

Occasionally Excellent Recruiting - Mature and Drama Free Required

14 August 2012 - 05:28 PM

Hi All,

Just wanted to post up about the guild Occasionally Excellent on the Tarnished Coast server, that a few friends are starting up. We met and played together in DDO and are very excited about playing in GW2. We have a variety of play styles, but what binds us together is our enjoyment of a drama free group of people that enjoy having fun in the game. Below I have posted our basic rules. Please head to our web site for Occasionally Excellent if you are interested in a similar play style. Feel free to drop me a message here or over on our site (quicker response time) if you have any questions.

Occasionally Excellent is always recruiting members who think they can reach the high bar of showing excellence, on occasion. We do not do blind invites/spamming invites what-so-ever- but this section of the forum is a great way to Apply or to recommend someone for the guild. If you would like to Apply, please create a thread (this will require creating an account here) with some details about yourself, including in-game name, typical playing times and a confirmation that you read, and accept the guild rules below. Also keep an eye out for a member online, the best way to join is to run with a current member!

A few basic rules that our guild lives and dies by

1) This guild exists so people can play GW2 together, having fun and a good time.

2) We are mature players and mature behavior from everyone is assumed and expected. We are not interested, or inclined, to police you. The majority of people in the group are over the age of 21. Those 18+ require a strong reference, but 'childish' (as we all know from Real Life, this is NOT limited to children!) behavior is not. 'R' language is some times used, but offensive or demeaning language will not be tolerated.

3) No one has the right to demand or beg you for your loot, and you do not have the right to demand or beg for someone else, regardless of position in the guild. There is a "resources" area on the web site, where you can put up request and needs. If you want a specific item, it is encouraged that you make a forum posting to try to get a party together.

4) This is a very social guild, and Mic/voice-chat is strongly encouraged. Note: for some individuals with hearing issues, this may present a problem. Simply let us know, and we can accommodate our behavior.

5) We do not demand Guild or Server exclusivity. You may have as many alts in the guild or out of the guild as you wish or don't wish.

6) ALL players welcome! Regardless of account type, skill level, or any criteria other than how you behave in the guild.