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#2181440 Ouch my Everything: The 80% (potential) Amplified Damage Build, with Sustain,...

Posted Kitsune on 20 March 2013 - 06:38 AM

Ouch my Everything

So fun fact, did you know that with minimal help from your group, an Elementalist can receive an unmatched 111% bonus to damage, likely becoming the single highest melee damage dealer in the game?

All while providing constant self and ally healing over time, Blast Finishers, enabling lower-damage throttled Rangers and Mesmers to soar like other professions, and by providing a meager amount of control, especially against non-champions?

Here is the breakdown folks!

How To Play the Build


Love Thy Neighbor: Rangers and Mesmers


The Stats

Loaded on Power, Moderate Crit Chance, Huge Crit Damage, Moderate Condition duration


The Traits


The Gear

Only Exotics!


The Damage Amplification

Department of Corrections: Actually, damage sources are likely multiplicative, so in an ideal situation you are looking at over 70% damage normally, and over 100% when foe is <33% health.

"+76.49% when bolt to the heart is NOT adding damage...  111.79% when it is." - AzureRogue


The Sustain:

318 heal per second, roughly.


The Support:

So, Ranger and Mesmer, you want real damage weapon like the other kids? Here ya' go, champ! Blast Finishers and Blinds gallor!


The Control:


The Conclusion

I woke up earlier this evening after reading a post before I went to sleep, and I've always been interested in stacking damage amplification, which is how this guide was born!

I have not been able to extensively test this guide in dungeon groups yet, but I honestly do believe that with the right external support, nothing else in the entire game will deal as much damage over a fight, period.

Ideally, for this build to be the highest damage in the game, all it requires is your allies to maintain at least 1 stack of vulnerability, burning on the foe, while providing your 25 might stacks and fury. This SOUNDS like a heavy order, until you realize that several professions stack vulnerability on their auto-attacks, burning is highly common, and warriors / rangers are amazing Fury givers. AND you are supplying the Blast finishers, so if others supply a modest amount of Fire Fields, you are set.

Please test it out (with greens / yellows if you cant afford the full combination for gear) and let me know what you guys think!


Someone else did the math, ignoring self-might stacking, a Warrior's Axe is their highest damage per second option, while the Elementalist's Hammer does ever-so-slightly more damage in a given time frame. Couple that with all the damage multipliers from the Ele's traits, and they should pull out even further ahead in even a semi-coordinated group environment!