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#2226198 [x-post] The Death of Alts

Posted Calypso589 on 13 August 2013 - 10:29 PM

It's true though that people who complain about GW2 being unfriendly to alts are whining because they have to work twice as hard for their rewards.

If you ask me, one should expect that.

People complain about what a pain it is to gear their alts to the same level as their main that I wonder if an alt...........is actually being mistreated as another main.

The bulk of your work should go to your main.

Your alt can do the same things, but if you don't find the game fun as you use a different playstyle to complete content, then it's prob time to step away until such time when it DOES become fun.

After all, if you roll an alternate than that should imply that you enjoy the game. If you're whining that you have to work twice as hard then you are rolling an alt for the wrong reason.

Sorry but it's true.

Alts should be leveled and geared in moderation. It's an alternate. Not your main. Quit treating your alternates like another main is my advice.
They'll all get to the same place soon enough.

If it feels like work, then stop and take a break.

My question is what's the rush? Why do people want to gear alts so fast?

That whole process should be the fun part IMO. You're using a diff class, playing a diff way.

So like, what......are people late for the next raid?

Oh wait....... ;)

And concerning dungeons, they can be done in rares. Cmon now........

Again, what's the rush do get everyone in exotics? Take your time with it. Enjoy the ride.

#2226148 The Queen's Speech

Posted Graka on 13 August 2013 - 06:53 PM

*reads the update* Sweet, free stuff and a possibly interesting story.

*Reads the comments*  So... some people not so happy about the update that they are going to quit..... again apparently cause they said this same thing the last time an update post came out. Man, makes me want to go back to WoW, where on the game birthday I got an achivement point telling me it was the games birthday, and how awesome it was for the game to be a year older, and I paid those people..... yah.... I think some logic is missing here.

#2224158 Election Standings - August 2nd

Posted Red Omen on 04 August 2013 - 02:08 PM

When you start dealing with numbers in the millions, they tend to have a lot of inertia. These numbers are not likely to change by more than a percentage point or two. The fact that their relationship is consistent between two data points is not evidence of a conspiracy by ArenaNet, but rather a confirmation that reality functions in a particular way. Dramatic swings in real elections typically only occur after an equally dramatic scandal, and I don't foresee Kiel sending lewd texts to Logan within the next two days.

Several of you sound like some of the major news networks did during the presidential election. It's rigged, there's an unenlightened segment of society ("casuals") with distorted values, people are voting for a candidate because of appearance... Art imitates life, I suppose.

It's a vote. That means people who disagree with you get to vote too, even those that you consider to be the unwashed masses. The casuals-vs.-veterans narrative doesn't hold up when you consider that votes cast are directly affected by time spent playing the game (based on support token drops). Hell, you can even literally buy votes with money. I doubt this alleged flood of casuals has the cash to drop on something that they wouldn't really care about anyway, or even bother to hike up to the top of Zephyr Sanctum and click on the bucket. Because they're, you know, casuals.

And suffice to say, we don't have enough polling data to determine whether a minority of players are generating a majority of votes for a given candidate, nor can we break down voters based on time played or whether they've transferred from Guild Wars 1. I'm not a statistical analyst by any stretch of the imagination, but I can guarantee you it's a harder science than some of you are making it out to be.

#2221992 My Thoughts On Temp Content.

Posted NineSpine on 25 July 2013 - 11:46 AM

View PostMazingerZ, on 22 July 2013 - 05:47 PM, said:

Those are different people, with different levels of expertise.  Much of the Living Story is art assets and AI script generation.  The kind that says 'patrol here' and 'spawn here' and 'use sound file now' type stuff.  Very rudimentary, if you have the right in-house tools created.  But since its what is going to be causing a surge in revenue every two weeks, consider it to be the 'golden team' that probably gets the most money and attention.

The combat stuff is more nuanced, and while no less important, something you tend to fight playing attrition, not cause revenue to rise.  So it is at best the 'second son' of the ArenaNet teams (though, fifth, if you count the Living Story people as four children/teams), it's going to get smaller scraps of money  in the budget, because you can't equate 'fixing' the game to generating revenue.

The last three living stories all together have included a significant amounts of new maps and new games.

I couldn't be happier with the Living Story, or the combat system. You should stop assuming that things are broken and need to be fixed just because you don't like them. If they changed things to what YOU liked, you may play but then others may leave. There are those of us that do actually like the game, shocking as that may sound. Your points about the combat are really silly in the first place anyway, because you have no basis for your claims that ArenaNet doesn't have the necessary people working on the content. Furthermore, the conclusion that that assumption has led to, that ArenaNet doesn't want to put more money into it, is fundamentally flawed. Systems design teams are never large or expensive. They are small on purpose. Large systems design teams are ineffective messes. You only want a core handful of people working on systems.

#2190401 Additional Gear Tiers: Economic Inevitability

Posted El Duderino on 11 April 2013 - 01:07 PM

View PostKerrath, on 11 April 2013 - 08:23 AM, said:

why? you get increased stat value. that makes you stronger.

I'm just gonna leave this here for everyone.

#2160392 Camelot Unchained

Posted Doctor Overlord on 07 February 2013 - 09:21 PM

View PostTGIFrisbie, on 07 February 2013 - 08:37 PM, said:

This is an excellent point many miss, especially those newer to the genre.  MMOs are begining, if not already, saturating the market.  It has been pointed out in other discussions the general MMO community of players is finite.  There are only so many gamers interested in the genre, and all these MMOs on the market are competing for the same limited, although large, pool of gamers.  Many break out with all their bluster and vigor as if they are the NEW BOSS MMO to DOMINATE the current market, and quickly get the air let out within 3-6 months from release.  A niche MMO or niche MMOs are probably the future.
That was probably the downfall of many of the post-WoW attempts to develop MMOs.  Everyone saw the enormous growth of the market caused by WoW and assumed they could outdo Blizzard or at least jump in and add to that growth.

The market has been getting saturated by the post-WoW MMO design (fantasy genre, level progression, loot tables etc).   As much as enjoy GW2, and I’m having more fun with it than any MMO I’ve ever played, I think a good deal of its success could be from drawing away WoW players from the existing MMO market.   I'm not sure GW2 is generating many new MMO players.

But I would argue the overall MMO market still has room to grow. The games simply need to be smaller in scope.   Smaller games require less money and that means there is more acceptance of risk.   It’s always been single player games that have brought innovation to gaming, it would be cool if smaller MMOs could start to contribute in a similar way.

Devs could explore more specific markets like perma-death hardcores or RPers or whatever.   By limiting their scope, rather than trying to rake in the whole market, we could end up with more quality games and more choices for players.   Which sounds like a good thing, I think.

#333488 Post your desktop!

Posted Daedalus on 05 September 2010 - 09:19 PM

Luther Keeler said:

I really like this one, it's very clean but it has a lot of information. :cool:

aurora2 said:

Can you please give me a link to where can i customize my desktop like that? Okay not totally like that but i like this style.. You did it with some programs or what? :eek:

Programs Used:

- Rainmeter (32 bits version // 64 bits version)
- RocketDock(you can't see it because it auto hides but it has useful shortcuts)
Themes/skins for Rainmeter

- Razor - Items Used: Trash, Reader, Network, MultiDock, Battery, Anydate
- Hero- only used ClockWeather
- Enigma (comes with Rainmeter) - Used Twitter-Reader and G-mail Reader
Windows 7 Theme

- Soft 7 v1.8 - Best Theme out there

How to Install:

- Use "Soft7" if you put your superbar on bottom or on the left
- Use "Soft7 on top" if you put your superbar on top or on the right

1) FIRST, DOWNLOAD AND RUN THIS Universal Theme Patcher IN ADMINISTRATOR MODE (right-clic > "Run as administrator"), UAC must be turned off
After patch, restart computer to take effect

2) extract content (soft7.theme & soft7 folder) into C:\Windows\Resources\Themes
and double-clic on soft7.theme
Then restart in order that everything take effect !

I used the icons on the superbar

- Token(pack with 128 icons)

Backup your Original Orb first (C:\Windows\explorer.exe) - rename it for like explorer_backup.exe

- SteelOrb Watch out for 32bits and 64 bit version included in this pack.

- Instructions

#2174646 Mix & Matching Armour

Posted Ehragus on 04 March 2013 - 08:29 PM

My new fur and armor!
t3 helm
arah shoulders and gloves
shadow chest
cof pants
hotw shoes
Posted Image

#2179026 World vs. World: The End of Culling

Posted Arewn on 14 March 2013 - 05:02 AM

Well color me impressed, this threads been up for hours and nobody's thrown in some super negative twist on this good news. Good job :P
Really like how much control they are giving us with these options, can't wait to see WvW with this.

#2140868 Mix & Matching Armour

Posted Defora on 12 January 2013 - 11:01 AM

New armor for my elementalist. Inquest leggings, order of whisper chest, AC boots and karma gloves. I am not sure about colors yet (whisperer colors were easy start). Also the weapon is still mystery.
Posted Image

#2110825 The "Endgame" is a myth

Posted Zero_Soulreaver on 07 December 2012 - 02:07 PM

Ok, I agree with some points made but other points are extremely exaggerated.  It's always the same train of thinking I see in these threads, 5 people do not make up millions guys.


GW2 took 5 years to create with a well funded and experienced development team. There are players that blow through that 5 years of content in one month. Unless somebody invents a new coding language that makes it easier to create graphics,
voice overs and unique mechanics this is a formula that never works out. GW2 cost $60 and the standard for the industry is 1 hour of playable content per dollar. Even the people I know that bought GW2 and then went back to WoW got their 60 hours out of it (all of whom have now quit WoW btw).
This is an unfair assumption. It took the devs 5 years to create but to compare that flat out to gameplay hours is insane.  It takes a long time to actually create every grain of sand and structure, it's not the same as going through it and playing on it.

That's like saying you took 15 yrs to build a new model car and it should take people 15 years to break said car, it just doesn't always work this way in the real world.  Manpower hours never directly= hours of use.


WoW I'll give the most credit to as it stayed fun longer and had better expansions. However in the end there was no real "endgame". Now it's dead regardless of the millions of people in denial.
I don't agree, these "millions in denial" are actually doing what they want to do.  I hate how everyone acts as if people are so stupid and brainwashed when in reality you just don't agree with what they enjoy as "fun".  If someone likes apples and you like oranges just let the other do what they wish.  Besides, their are a lot more new WoW players than before.

In fact I wish ppl would really stop bashing WoW for no reason and just focus on GW2.


In this context I understand the Ascended gear drama. It made no sense; it's only a couple gear
slots the gear differnce between ascended and exotic gear is small.
The thing with this is that most people don't care about what ascended armor is today. They care what it will become and can change GW2 into.  The bigger picture is will this have an effect on this game within 5 months or not.

The world in GW2 isn't the key thing, it's the gameplay.  People don't care how lavish your farm looks that you took 5 yrs to make, they care how it feels when you play on it.

#2103708 Do MMO players demand too much?

Posted ukgamer23 on 01 December 2012 - 05:30 PM

I really don't envy the life of a game developer, it must be very disheartening to be constantly moaned at by your player-base. How much is enough for the MMO gamer? Will you or I ever be pleased?
"oh this is too easy"
"this is too hard"
"this is too grindy"
"there isnt enough grind, nothing to do"
"too much to do"
"too random"
  "ugh, such boring loot we all have the same"
  and it just keeps going.

The fact is they cant please everyone, no one can. Do we have to jump on every decision? Every piece of content? It will never be perfect for us all.
Look at the clock-tower, the dev actually apologized for making it too hard? Are we all that pathetic that any challenge in a video game is cried about so much, we need a sorry note from the creator?

Most of us gamers now are 18-30, we grew up with games...cant we all just grow up in general? Sure post constructive posts about issues, but leave the crying in the cot with the bottle.

#2099449 Ascended Gear and Fractals - The Shortcomings

Posted Coren on 28 November 2012 - 08:21 AM

An interesting read which summarizes my feelings. I enjoyed running te fractals in the beginning, but let's all be honest here, after level 3-4 we've had enough. We KNOW how the fractals work, we've done them, redone them and for what? 15 tokens + 20 each bonus? To get to a back slot ascended that requires 1350 tokens AND an insane amount of materiae and ectos? That's not what I want to be spending my play time on.

If these items end up being mandatory for future dungeons, then ANet will have disappointed me greatly, no matter how.. Easier it will be to get them.

#2098012 AMA Post-Mortem Discussion, What You Got Out of It

Posted Linfang on 27 November 2012 - 12:14 PM

Ascended Gear is designed to fill the 'Time' gap

They did this by requiring outrageous amount of materials like 250 of T6, and bringing your progress to a grind in order to fill the "time" gap.  This was an easy way out and a sloppy, rushed decision.

We will have vertical progression moving forward with the focus on zero grind and a very low power curve.

Ok, so a couple rings and a back piece are a low curve however, zero grind is insulting. I would like Anet explain how I get 250 t6 mats, 50 ectos or 1700+ shards without zero grind

We absolutely design everything we do with minimal grind and will continue with this principal moving forward.
We are currently discussing these particular items and it is fair to say that we don't want have such big hikes in requirements moving forward.

OK so now we went from zero grind to minimal grind to oh shit, maybe those hikes are too high and grindy allow us to back pedal.

I agree that the crafting materials required for Ascended Gear are to much of a grind and we are looking to balance the requirements


Progression through tokens and mats is something we are having a good look at currently
Our intention is to deploy ascended components and gear across the whole of the game rather than focus it in one particular location. This was a a mistake and one that we will not be making moving forward.

So they admit it was a mistake making it too narrow focused with too high of requirements. Ok fine, whatever, but if this was your game why did you allow it to ship this new content in this condition? Let me answer that for you. It was Ncsoft/Nexon arm twisting your arm to add Korean grind so we spend more time in game as crystin cox manipulates and snakes her way through the cash shop to nickel and dime us to death with RNG fluff.

In retrospect Ascended should have been deployed pre launch and earn able throughout most activities in the game (which is how we are moving forward).

Meaning we needed the box sales, so 3 months in we drop the bomb and you will just have to deal with it.

No we were acutely aware of the what the reaction was going to be.

This is quite the most disturbing quote of the entire AMA. They knew we would not like it but threw us under the bus anyways. Good way to violate the trust of your player base. Every time he mentions moving forward he is referring to a backpedaling oh yea we messed up sorry about that let us fix it. I actually feel bad for Chris Whiteside. He must of picked the shortest straw in the draw on who gets to take one for the team and get steamrolled as they provide a lethargic attempt to damage control. Just the AMA alone is an admission of guilt.

#2096012 GW2 and the Trinity

Posted Juanele on 26 November 2012 - 12:15 AM

What they really need to is emphasize the use of combos. It should be used to create teamwork so that it is important to use whether with a group or outside of one.

Don't put back the trinity. If they ever did that it would put the nail in the coffin of the game as far as I'm concerned.