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In Topic: New Gem Store Items: Flame & Frost Dye Packs and Molten Alliance Mining Pick

18 April 2013 - 05:13 PM

I don't care when it pays for itself. Never having to bother buying another mining pick for the duration of GW2's existence is worth $10 to me.

And the second the axe and sickle version become available I will be grabbing one of those too.

I never play alts though, so that might be affecting my point of view quite a bit. I don't care if I can share the item with other toons because I never have other toons.

In Topic: So if you don't like Greatsword, and you don't like Axe...

27 March 2013 - 09:41 PM

It all depends on what you consider "respectable". You can't really just come out and say, "Hey guys, I don't want to use the 2 best DPS weapons for my class, but I want to still do good DPS".

If you want DPS, you use GS or Axe. That's just the way the game works.You can't expect to get the utility of other weapons without sacrificing DPS.

My opinion is that a good mix would be a Axe/Shield with a Rifle swap. Axe gives you the best auto attack, a way to apply vulnerability, and a ranged attack. Shield gives you a gap closer that also interrupts, and 3 seconds of blocking. Swap to Rifle when you need to stay away from a boss.

Go with a mixture of Knights armor and Berserker trinkets. There is good info in Strife's post that shows which pieces to switch to Berserker to give you the most crit damage while giving up the least toughness.

In Topic: Warrior Builds: Success and Failure

27 March 2013 - 09:23 PM

View PostNikephoros, on 27 March 2013 - 07:12 PM, said:

I've pugged fractals quite a lot, actually and my experience taught me that the fail groups wouldn't be saved by me switching to a crappy wammo semi-tank build.  So I'm not really sure what you're advocating, are you advocating that if you're intent on running with the worst players in the game you need to carry them with crap semi-tank builds?  That's an interesting argument.

Honestly, what I would suggest is: rather than spend two painful, miserable hours trying to carry x dagger killa x the Thief who cant dodge through a fractal you spend an extra few minutes forming the group to make sure you at least have a viable party composition.  If you're not willing to wait until you have a decently composed pug then you really can't have expectations.

As an aside, when I DID pug fractals a lot, it was rather easy to screen people out.  By asking them about their build, looking at their achievement points, asking them to join our voice chat, etc it is pretty easy to weed out people who have never dodged before and the like.  The art of successful pugging is to figure out where your bar for frustration is, and take the time to form a team that will stay above it.  Grab 5 and go is a really poor plan, and will have really poor results.

But back to builds, I guess my response is that I don't see the advantage of running a garbage wammo build even if you are in horrible pugs.  Change my tactics?  Sure.  Change my utility skills?  Sure.  Completely retrait to make sure I win the "last person to die when we party wipe" contest?  I'll pass on that, thanks.

Pre-screening players for a fractal group isn't an option when the point is to bring new members up to speed. The idea is to help new guild members get to higher level fractals, not to complete dailies as quickly as possible.

I have all the Ascended gear available, it is all infused, and I am sitting at max AR. I do not need to run fractals to get better gear. I run them with inexperienced guild members to help get them into doing the content.

Your DPS build only works because of the optimal group setup around you that allows for a glass cannon build. Without the Guardian anchor, you aren't going to dodge enough to survive. Without all the other good DPS in your group burning mob down quickly, you aren't going to survive with such a glass cannon build. As I stated earlier, these DPS builds only work if the group is there to support you. The full DPS build fits the niche in your particular group setting.

Sorry, but a build you call crappy is built so I can play tank, DPS or healer in a moments notice depending on who I am running through a fractal at any given time. I would rather spend 2 hours getting a group through a fractal slowly than having the "right" build and wiping because my group needs me to do more than just DPS. If your group wipes because you insist on using the "right" build, are you truly using the "right" build? I think not.

Furthermore, it is absurd to state there is no advantage to staying alive when things start to go south on a fractal run. Especially in inexperienced groups, it is invaluable to stay alive to revive people. Folks that have little to no experince running harder content tend to get frustrated easily if they wipe over and over. Even an ugly "win" is still a "win".

Do you really think I couldn't very easily just spend 2 silver to respec traits and then spend a few gold to snatch up some new exotic armor if I wanted to go full DPS?

For some people, there is more to successful fractal runs than cranking out max DPS with their Warrior.

It is clear you are the type of person who would join inexperienced players and then rage quit and punch your monitor after a wipe. Unfortunately, that is a poor trait for folks in a leadership role, so it doesn't work for everyone.

In Topic: Warrior Builds: Success and Failure

27 March 2013 - 05:01 PM

Most of these build discussions are put forth by players in set group/guilds full of competent players. The OP even stated things along the lines of

1. "you don't need to reduce shout refresh because you should have another Warrior in your group which will provide FGJ as well, and a 3rd Warrior guarantees 100% uptime"
2. "your guardian should be, blah, blah"
3. "don't try to be a better Mesmer than your mesmer"

Those kinds of statements show a complete and utter ignorance about how 95% of the playbase plays the game. As a Warrior, when I lead a random guild group through a level 5 Fractal, I never, ever, know what I'm going to have in my group. There will always be 1-2 people that have never seen a Fractal before. I could have 4 casters with me (it has happened). People are usually in terrible gear, and I am lucky if they are in full rares. Half of them have never even dodged a single attack from level 1-80, so their only option is to fight from range. Very few of them consider group support in any way, shape, or form.

I expect the vast majority of players running PUG Fractals have much the same experience.

So yes, if you know you are going to run a 40+ Fractal with 2 Guardians, 2 Warriors, and 1 Mesmer, you should build your Warrior to be on the very cutting edge of max DPS.

If you are going to run a PUG Fractal you better be ready to be the DPS, the tank, AND the group healer...and you better be ready to be all 3 simultaneously. You better bring your shield and your Ash Legion Spy kit to give you a few more "oh shit" buttons. You better be ready to cure some of the nasty conditions for your whole group with SIO, or they will just let themselves die. You better be the last one standing at all times because nobody else will be.

In Topic: What's the fastest way to get ascended rings/amulets?

21 March 2013 - 10:58 PM

View Postkalendraf, on 21 March 2013 - 04:00 PM, said:

It's really easy to get several events in short periods of time.  Just last night, someone in my guild commented that they still needed about 15 events for their monthly.  We suggested that they do a couple of the event chains that lead up to boss encounters (Maw is worth up to 6, Fire elemental is worth 3).  In under an hour, they had repeated maw twice and done FE once, and hit a couple others like Shatterer, Behemoth or Teq, and they had all 15 events they needed.

A casual player only playing for an hour per night can easily get 10 or more events in a single play session, which means they can easily complete the monthly requirement of 100 in under 2 weeks of playing.

Yes, as opposed to killing 100 veterans in a few fractal runs, or crafting the required green items in 15 minutes, or completeing the 4 dailies in 4 days.

Again, reading comprehension is missing here...

I did not say completing 100 events was hard. I said completing 100 events was grindy compared to the other 3 portions of the monthly.