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Any video of a necro with Bifrost?

20 November 2012 - 09:13 AM

Does anyone have a video of a necro with the Bifrost? I'm especially curious about how the "scythe" animation and the "hands out the staff" attack animation work with it. Do they look different or is it just the same? I've tried looking for a video but haven't been able to find one.

Orr karma heavy armour: No power/toughness/vitality helm?

07 October 2012 - 07:25 PM

On the karma vendors in Orr, I can't seem to find a heavy helm with the power, toughness, vitality stats. Am I missing it or did Anet forget to implement a helm with those stats? There are other slots with these 3 stats but no helm.

[Questions go in Q&A - Arduin]

There will be no FoV fix (official Anet response)

06 October 2012 - 06:22 AM



I’ve seen a lot of topics on this both here and externally so let me try and address it. The current FOV is going to stay because increasing it, while having some benefits for some players, has too many drawbacks.

1) performance suffers greatly because of how things are built and view distances

2) art suffers because of texture tiling, LOD problems and just general stretching from the fisheye effect.

3) gameplay suffers because positional awareness becomes less necessary in a game where combat is greatly designed around positioning.

There is a a serious camera problem, however, which is making some players nauseous. We believe a large number of these cases are not FOV related but rather due to bugs in camera smoothing. Because of this we are expediting a quick fix to this issue that is currently in testing and should see the light of day in the next build we do.



FOV in GW2 is 75, which is the same as the default in Half Life and WoW. While I understand people’s desires, (I play source engine and quake engine games at about 105 or 110), we are not just limiting it for technical reasons, there are also gameplay implications that we are taking into account that we believe are a core part of the game. Additionally we keep it at 75 to maintain the integrity of our art which is also important to us and many of our fans. If there was a single reason we might think about looking for a workaround, but because it relates to core issues for 3 of our major departments this is not an easy problem and will remain that way for the foreseeable future.

Very disappointed with this response. And since I don't want to buy 2 extra monitors to get a proper FoV or play in windowed mode and squish the window to the middle of the screen in order to get a proper FoV, I'm going to use the camera tool that's out there (search on google if you want it since apparently I can't post the link here). And if they ban my account for using it, then so be it. I'll then know that they are more intent on banning people who want a better FoV in order to not feel nauseous instead of banning exploiters and botters.

Rune of Rage or Rune of Divinity?

02 October 2012 - 07:33 AM

I'm wondering if I should change the runes on my gear. I have the Knight's crafted exotic set (Power, Precision, Toughness) and the Berserker's trinkets (Power, Precision, Critical Damage) and run a 25/30/0/15/0 build using a Greatsword and a Longbow in both PvE and WvWvW. Both weapons have the superior sigil of fire on them. My armour atm has all 6 runes as the Superior Rune of Rage (http://www.guildhead...or-rune-of-rage). I'm wondering if I should change the runes to Superior Rune of Divinity (http://www.guildhead...une-of-divinity).

Now I like the crit damage in my build and since both my sigils are procs on crits, I like to have lots of precision. The rage runes give me 15% crit damage while the divinity runes give me 12% but they also give me +60 to all stats. So I was wondering if the difference between the two sets of runes will be significant enough for me to invest the gold in them or will it be negligible and I must save the gold instead? I was leaning towards switching to the divinity runes but I thought it best to ask for some second (and third, fourth,...nth) opinions on the matter before blowing out all my gold on them.

Looking for a guild based around GMT/UTC + 5.5 hours

22 September 2012 - 01:13 AM

Hi there,

First some background: I'm a player from India who has been playing GW2 since the headstart. I played the original Guild Wars only for a month or so back in 2005, but I've seen all the Let's Play videos of Wooden Potatoes in order to familiarize myself with the lore of the game world.

I only have one character at the moment, a warrior who's level 80. I have only done 3 dungeons so far, AC, CM and TA, and those too only in story mode. I found that doing them with pugs more often than not was not worth it since people would generally just leave after a couple of wipes. I did do Wv3 quite a bit with a small group taking some towers, supply camps, and defending the same. But due to my time-zone (GMT/UTC + 5.5 hours), it makes it hard to find a group regularly since primetime in my location is not primetime in any of the other major locations (Oceania, EU, US).

I was therefore wondering if there are any guilds out there that would want a player in my position. For now I am able to play a lot of hours but that will probably come down a couple of months from now. At that point, I'll probably be online for around 3-4 hours between 13:30 - 17:30 GMT/UTC. I would be interested in a guild that does Wv3 and PvE, but Wv3 alone will also do very nicely.