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#1847730 Anyway to switch Orders? Durmand Priory is terrible

Posted Linfang on 30 August 2012 - 01:39 PM


Durmand Priory =  Posted Image

#1802556 Character Creation Options Photo-Stills for ALL RACES

Posted MagsMorrigan on 24 August 2012 - 02:28 AM

I recently took the opportunity this last, brief, stress test to take a single picture of every character creation option choice (physique, skin/fur pattern, face, hair, tattoo, ears, horns) for each gender without armor on while still in the character creation screen.

All of the selections are labeled in a grid fashion to match the visual on the creation screen so you can browse at your leisure and write down the code of what you want for your final look. (Example for a Norn female: physique 2, tattoo 2.6, face 9, hair 3.3)

I figure things won't change too quickly from now on, and people may want to pin down what they will be making at release.  That can be hard to do considering you can't simply log in and putz about any time you feel like it right now; or you didn't pre-purchase and have never seen any of this in detail.

I've made albums for each race (both genders) on our guild's Facebook site, which is open to public access.

Here are the links, I just ask that any comments are kept clean on the site - since, as I said, it is public access.  Enjoy.

Sylvari Character Creation Album

Norn Character Creation Album

Charr Character Creation Album

Human Character Creation Album

Asura Character Creation Album