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Great Cataclysms of Tyria

18 July 2013 - 12:45 AM

This is just general food for thought, but I was going over the great cataclysmic events that we know of in Tyria and seeing how many of them could actually be tied to the Elder dragons.  Clearly some are the results of hubris, or silly Abaddon's fault but looking deeper I can see a lot of potential.  I'm going to list the ones I can think of chronologically as far as I know:

872 AE The Jade Wind
Caused by Shiro Tagachi’s death wail after he slew the Emperor of Cantha at the harvest festival.  Okay so this one is all Abaddon.  This is the earliest cataclysm I can find, and honestly don’t see any Dragon-based influence.  But bear with me here let’s see the rest.

1070 AE The Searing
Caused by Bonfaaz Burntfur using the Cauldron of Cataclysms and the power of the Titans to rain burning Crystals destroying most of Ascalon.  Now on the surface of it, this is clearly Abaddon's fault.  Charr --> Titans --> Abaddon.  Straight line succession.  However there are a few things to note.  Crystals seem highly indicative of Kralkatorrik's influence.  And then there's the Cauldron of Cataclysms. From the Ecology of the Charr: "It is said the Cauldron’s magic was older than the Charr, older even than recorded history, and forged by ancient entities fallen into sleep and quiescence."  Which seems to greatly imply elder dragons.  Circumstantial and possibly retconned evidence, but evidence nonetheless.

1071 AE The Cataclysm
Caused by Vizier Khilbron who used the Lost Scrolls to cast a great spell that sank Orr beneath the waves in response to the Charr onslaught.  This one is another "Abaddon's fault" since the good Vizier was supposedly an Abaddon worshipper convert and influenced by Abby's demonic servants.  I don't find any explicit ties into dragons on this one, apart from the fact that the Lost Scrolls were forbidden texts hidden below Arah by the Old Gods.  This seems to imply at least to me that the power that they contain predates the Six Gods and their gifts of magic to humanity.  Mind you it may just be power of the Jotuns, or the Lupicus, or the Forgotten.   Or the Elder Dragons.  Kind of a stretch but it's there.

1090 AE The Foefire
Caused by King Adelbern when he shattered Magdaer (his Fiery dragon sword) in response to Charr attacking his city wiping out all who remained in the city.  Man, the charr are involved in ALL of these so far.  This one is even more of a stretch than the Cataclysm.  All we know is that Magdaer (And Sohothin) are ancient relics dating back to a time when the Gods built Arah and lived in Tyria.  Could be Old Power, but it could just be dramatic destruction and tied to the human gods not the dragons.  Note that it's rather a smaller scale than the last two though

1219 AE The Rise of Zhaitan
Caused by Zhaitan waking up and causing Orr to rise causing a massive tsunami that destroyed Lion's Arch and the Battle Isles.  This one is TOTALLY Elder Dragon's fault.  No arguments please.

1320 AE The Dragonbrand
Caused by Kralkatorrik waking and flying south, creating a swathe of destruction and corruption.  Another Waking of an Elder Dragon.

As a note, Jormag's awakening sent the Kodan and Norn fleeing south around 1165 AE but we know little of the lands up there so I did not include that as a Cataclysm.  Call me Human-centric if you will.  Nor did I see Bubbles' awakening and its effects on the Krait, Quaggans, Largo and Karka since we don't necessarily know that much about it.  It should also be interesting to know that neither Primordus nor Modremoth seem to have caused particularly... violent awakenings.

So let the conspiracy theories start: All most of the cataclysms we’ve seen in GW1 and 2 seem to have some dragon influence

Looking for Eerie Locales

03 July 2013 - 09:31 PM

So I've been planning to do a bunch of screenshots of my Necromancer, but am having trouble finding good places to start a photo shoot.  I'm looking for places that are sufficiently spooky or containing intimidatingly gothic architecture or ruins.  Orr is mostly out of the question because there's altogether too much coral and odd sea growth.  That and a lot of the graveyards are very peaceful-like places (Ebonhawke) or not particularly noteworthy.

Current options are:

the Ascalonian Catacombs/Barradin's area.
Provernic Crypt from Gendarran Fields
The Spooky Shack, Queensdale Swamps

Places I have to check include:

Martyr's Tomb, Harathi Hinterlands
Various locations in the Dredgehaunt Cliffs

Anyone have good locations to suggest.

Absurd amounts of lag

01 April 2013 - 12:38 AM

So I usually play GW2 fairly dialed down due to some issues back near launch where WvW would crash my game.  The other day, I dialed up settings so I could take some screens and ever since, I've been getting ridiculous amount of lag.

USually it's okay, though my FPS doesn't seem to go over 25 or so at ALL right now, and whenever I encounter something new (explosions, smoke clouds, terrain, enemies) I get enormous amounts of lag both from audio and video/commands.  Whenever this happens, FPS drops right down to 1.  I've tried fiddling with graphics settings again and even tried dropping the preset all the way to lowest or "best performance".  No dice.  Same problems.

Anyone have suggestions?  It's getting ridiculous to the point where I can't even turn the camera or open menus without ungodly amounts of frame loss and lag.

Can we survive without Stealth?

22 March 2013 - 06:16 AM

Disclaimer: I look at PvP from a primarily WvWvW perspective.

First off, I’d like to start and say I feel like most thieves are over-reliant on stealth, which is in my opinion an unbalanced mechanic.  Not overpowered mind you, simply unbalanced.  There is no direct hard-counter to stealth, only some soft counters that can (sometimes) minimize a thief’s ability to re-enter stealth or minimize a thief’s effectiveness in stealth.

That said, the word on ‘the street’ is saying that anet is planning on nerfing stealth, or at the very least, giving the revealed buff to pop regardless how you exit stealth.  This coupled with culling fixes may do much to make stealth less effective as players may finally be able to actually target and hit thieves when they exit stealth in a consistent manner.  But that brings back the problem of over-reliance.  Are thieves one-trick ponies?  Is stealth the only way for them to be effective?

I argue no.

So in honor of stealth possibly getting nerfed, I ask the thief community to help me out here.  Help me design a thief build that *doesn’t rely* on stealth.  We have more than enough skills that provide evades to put even a S/D ranger to shame, and are the only class that can naturally chain 3 dodge rolls in a row.  We can blink and teleport like nobody’s business.  All that put together ought to be able to make a class that can dive in and out of combat without having to be silly and go invisible every 3 seconds.  Let’s get to work:

Heals – Withdraw
Utilities – Roll for Initiative
D/D – Leaping Death Blossom
S/D – Flanking Strike
S/P – Pistol Whip

Utilities – Shadow Step
Infiltrator’s Signet
     Shadow Trap
Shortbow – Infiltrator’s Shot
P/D – Shadow Strike
D/P – Shadow Shot
S/- - Infiltrator’s Strike

Let the builds begin.  I’ll start off with my theorycraft:

Sword/Pistol, Shortbow
Withdraw, Haste, Roll for Initiative, Signet of Shadows

Critical Strikes: III, X
Acrobatics: III
Trickery: IV, VII, XI

Concept: Infiltrator’s Strike to dive in and out of combat, Haste is available for quick stomps, res, or damage bursts.  Pistol adds interrupts, blinds.  Sword adds decent damage, snares.  Heal and RFI give additional dodges when Haste drains endurance.  Socket Energy sigil for Shortbow weapon swap for even more dodging and shadow-stepping getaways.  Plenty of Vigor and Initiative Regain to go around.

P.S.:  I am familiar with the D/D, D/D unicorn condi thief build.  Post that if you like but let’s see if we can get CREATIVE.  Also you need not completely eliminate stealth from your build, just don’t make it the cornerstone.

Team Healing - A Compilation

06 March 2013 - 08:22 PM

So earlier I came across a post on the official GW2 website claiming that a support Warrior somehow was the best group healer in the game.  Now while I personally doubt the claim, it got me thinking and I decided to do a little bit of digging into healing abilities to see what was possible for all classes.  Since I'm not exactly in game to test at the moment, I can only theorycraft with some raw numbers, but I thought I'd at least go into rough checks to see what each class can do.  Apologies if numbers are inaccurate but running off of the numbers given on the wiki:

NOTE: All numbers are assuming WvW with PvE Gear stats.

Now the calculated theoretical ceiling for healing power is about 1621: 300 from traits, 1003 or so from gear and jewels, 165 from runes, and another 153 or so from Mango-Saffron Ice Cream.  This is a rough calc using Cleric's Gear and while you might be able to get a bit more using a Healing-Vit setup that's what I have for now.

For simplicity's sake I will avoid going into self-heals since we're mostly looking at how well a class can heal others.

Regeneration and Water Field finishers are available to all classes pretty much so we'll start with that:

Regeneration= 130 + .125*C = 333 per pulse
Water (Blast) = 1320+ .2*C = 1644

And now the classes.   Legend – RED is traited, BLUE is a skill.  Final Healing in GREEN.

Warrior - This class has only a very few options for team-healing most of which are found at the pinnacle of the Tactics traitline.  You can heal with shouts, or you can have banners grant regeneration.  To be fair to warriors, Banners are probably the longest-lasting regeneration with the widest area of effect since they're persistent buffers and if you slot multiple banners you can cover up to 15-20 people with regen constantly, or more with spottier buff uptime.  This means Warrior has the potential highest uptime of regeneration for any class.  The downside is they have a tough time mixing heal types and no access to water fields though they do have a number of blast finishers to take advantage of any fields that pop up.

Vigorous Shouts= 1192+.18*C = 1484
Banner of Comp.=522+.33*C = 1057

Guardian - This class actually excels most at self-heals, but carry a fair number of allied healing too as well as a couple of ways to apply regeneration.  Honestly though Guardian is more of a damage mitigation class with healing there as a handy bonus.  Guardians also get a blast finisher on a 6-8 second CD.  Finally they are also the only class with a true panic button heal that can hit up to 5 allies for a FULL heal.

Virtue of Resolve (passive) = 84+.06*C = 181 per pulse
Virtue of Resolve (active) = 1625+.75*C = 2841
Faithful Strike = 463+.18*C = 754
Healing Breeze = 1725+C = 3346 (over 5 ticks)
Empower = 1500 + C = 3121
Orb of Light (Orb) = 271+.2*C = 595
Orb of Light (explosion) = 788+.6*C = 1760
Heal Area (Elite) = 1000
Sanctuary = 266+.05*C = 347 per tick (6 ticks)
Shield of Absorption (2) = 1300 + .2*C = 1624
Writ of the Merciful = 107+.075*C = 228 per pulse
Light of Deliverance = FULL HEAL
Selfless Daring = 129 + C = 1750

Engineer - This class has a goodly number of blast finishers, and as well as a couple of short-lived water fields that can be taken advantage of.  Additionally they have a number of regeneration application methods AND a few area-heal abilities.

Elixir Infused Bombs = 146+.1*C = 308
Medpack = 1000+.5*C = 1810
Super Elixir (Impact)* = 700 + .4*C = 1348
Super Elixir (Pulse)* = 2040+C /10 = 366
Cleansing Burst = 2052 + .5*C = 3330

Ranger - Ranger is probably among the weakest in team healing.  They have a LONG water field which provides regen and in theory group healing.  They have a few other regen options as well but are almost completely lacking blast finisher ability to take advantage of their field.  Their self-healing options are pretty good though.  I'm actually not sure if Healing Spring heals allies.  Tooltip says it does but I only recall it granting regen or being blasted.

Thief - Another weak team healer, thieves are another mitigation class as they have the ability to stealth allies.  However they are also the only class with an at-will blast finisher that can land 2-3 blasts per field they see which is where their strength lies.

Shadow Refuge = 335+.18*C= 626 per pulse

Elementalist - This class is usually considered the BEST team healer.  Short team-regeneration, the most water fields, and generally a lot of healing options.  Definitely the best for a burst heal since they can drop 3 heals in quick succession AND blast fields.

Water Attunement = 1302+C = 2923
Evasive Arcana = 2923
Cleansing Wave = 2923
Water Trident = 1448+C = 3069
Geyser = 808+.25*C = 1213 per Pulse
Cone of Cold = 740+.32*C = 1259 total
Water Blast = 370+.1*C = 532

Necromancer - Another class with a fair amount of self healing, in this case in the form of life-drain.  They do have some team healing options though.

Deathly Invigoration = 152 + .4*C = 800
Transfusion = 292 per tick
Well of Blood = 152+.4*C = 800 per tick **
**Not sure if it heals allies on initial pulse or not

Mesmer - The last class is probably better used for other combat tricks, but they do maintain a consistent party-heal ability when traited.  With Mantra of Pain you can activate a group heal roughly every 5 seconds.

Restorative Mantras = 2600+.2*C= 2924

Closing thoughts – After looking at this, I’d have to say I still hold Elementalist as the best team healer in the game given that not only do they have a number of heals they can chain (5000-7000 or so heal bursts without counting blast finishers)  that can be cycled roughly every 10 seconds or so.  Number 2 may be the guardian, though I think Engineer and Mesmer can also pull pretty good numbers for sustained healing.

Any feedback or number corrections is appreciated