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24 July 2013 - 03:06 PM

Well at first I was like aww hell yea we get stealth. Then I say they nerfed hunters shot, why couldn't they put stealth with our knockback shot as it would seem more helpfull their and not steal out insta 10 stack vulnerability only to move it to rapidfire where the first proc is gonebefore last one procs if every hit hits.

Well tested out the new stealth mechanic anyhow and it seemed wishy washy. sometimes i get 3 secs and some time I fire and maybe get .5. Not sure if pet breaks it or travel time of number 1 arrow hits right after I hit huntershot since that one seems instant. I dunno. Be nice if it stealthed pet as well also.

I guess what I hate about most mmo's is you get a class the way you like it, and instead of just adding to something, they totaly change a skill with some sort of nerf, therefore changing the class totaly after all the time you put in gearing out etc.

How bout a test server, get some feed back from the community since we are the ones playing and see if the change is welcomed or needed or needs a slight tweek before its given "here ya go deal with it" I'm still PO'ed about shortbow range nerf with eagle eye not at least having a part in boosting its range to more than a darn axe.

another new zone

03 July 2013 - 12:58 PM

So they are adding another zone. kinda cool but probly will face same demise as lost shores.
Also other fluff ;(
Maybe its just me but instead of new zones How bout making current ones worthy. Heck the MF Gold buff was cool for lost shores till ya removed it. Karma jugs are cool if ya ever see a open temple in Or.
How bout more focus on classes and a real point to WvW like a dungeon like Daoc's darkness falls to get skins that add effects or new sigils. Armor spot specific runes like a +15% run speed.

How bout adding a new weapon like 2 handed axe to add more build diversity, crossbow, off hand orb for casters or something.
I dunno just think anets focus is in wrong direction.

a plead for SB

02 July 2013 - 03:20 PM

Please anet at least make eagle eye effect shortbow so we get some sort of boost to range. Axe was already at 900 range if I wanted a skirmisher. 900 range is rock throwing range. we at least need 1100 with trait.

dont feel very necro

29 May 2013 - 01:03 PM

So been levling a necro and have gotten to lv38 and I just don't feel very necromancerish. I kinda miss the gw1 raising the dead and corpse explosions. Sure we get a few minions that die and go on a lengthy timer imo. and 1 of the buggers has corse explosion ability, it just idunno. The fears are over before I can cast next spell or get any distance, while deathshroud is cool I also loose like 5 skill slots in that form. I tried the condition mancer but everyone and their mamma can purge conditions pretty fast. sure some stick. I dunno I stick with it a while see if it gets better with more traits.

So hard to get monthly achievment now

29 January 2013 - 04:11 PM

At least the WvW aspect of it. I remember the first months of the game wvw was where it was at, I filled the wvw kill achivement in a week, now all 4 wvw areas are dominated by green not sure how to know what server they are, but even when a small group does form and we take some keeps or supplycamps, non of that counts towards wvw kils. And there is never enuff people wvw ing to take on the green zerg that will swiftly take you out. You would think they would get board of owning every keep and wating for any poor stragler to come out of theres.

I guess what I would like to see if at least the keep lords and supply camp lords give you credit for wvw kill so the achivement is at least possible. It is just sad where wvw has gone, I love it most too. I don't know why wvw has died over the months. Specialy after the orb thing was removed. I would really like to see a DAOC darkness falls type of dungeon so maybe more would come out and have a reason to wvw and take back or hold keeps.