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Can we return to the old lore?

11 December 2012 - 06:23 PM

Can we just ignore the dragons and the fact that there are many playable races and stick to the good lore that the humans have. asuran, norn and sylvari are 1 dimensional races and we shouldnt waste story telling effort on them. the charr have been given this ridiculous coat of glossy paint "all the bad stuff was that nasty flame legion" - they are war mongering animals and why is there not more outcry that they have Stormcaller BROKEN and on display in ascalon. anet have tried to introduce species that are dull to be playable and lost all the richness that the human race had. we've now got weak storylines against dragons that are motiveless bores.

its lazy writing! and the reason its lazy is cause they are spread too thin trying to poke life into these sub par races. drop the dragons, drop the lesser races and restore our faith in some decent concepts. return the human gods and we can be done with it - DWAYNA VS GRENTH! not asura claus... ps a grentch mini pet wasnt in the first game remedy this at once.