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Condition Damage, Toughness, Healing Power/Vitality exotic gears

20 September 2012 - 06:07 PM

I'm trying to build a set with Condition Dmg, Toughness and Healing Power or Vitality exotic gears in PVE. I can't find a vendor that sell exotic gears that has these stats. I know that for crafting, i can make the following. Cleric's is the closets but i'm want condition damage, not power :(

Berserker's - Power, Precision, Crit Damage
Carrion - Power, Condition Damage, Vitality
Cleric's - Power, Healing, Toughness
Explorer's - Power, Precision, Magic Find
Knight's - Power, Precision, Toughness
Rampager's - Power, Precision, Condition Damage
Valkyrie - Power, Crit Damage, Vitality

Anyone know where i can find exotic gears with these stats? thanks much in advance