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In Topic: The Next Living Story.

07 December 2013 - 12:42 AM

She wasn't necessarily the cause of the explosion. She was brought as a special consultant (as mentioned by two NPCs there), iirc she showed up just shortly after (or was it before?) the reactor began going into meltdown, and simply didn't prevent the explosion - instead opting to observe the malfunctions and take what info she could. She was there, but it's never stated she caused the explosion - what is attributed to the reactor's explosion is the Inquest going from chaos magic experimentation to dragon energy experimentation and doing so on top of an intersection of ley lines.

Aka: Dragon Energy + Ley Line Intersection (+ Chaos Magic?) = Reactor Explosion

In Topic: A map, and expansion theorizing

21 November 2013 - 10:26 PM

Fort Koga was for Krytan trade - a fort along the trade route to the western coast. Most likely during the Guild Wars as Orr/Orrian guilds no doubt blockaded the Strait of Malchor - the Krytan and Canthan trade hadn't ceased despite the Guild Wars, after all.

In Topic: A map, and expansion theorizing

21 November 2013 - 05:04 AM

Note: I did not read the post. I just looked at the map. A few things:

1) East of the Blazeridge Mountains lie the Blood Legion territory, including their Blood Citadel.
2) Harpy homelands are Dzalana, which don't reach that far.
3) We know humans reached Cantha via boats, and landed in the northeastern parts of Cantha. Given the map, this places their homeland to be what you dubbed the "Southwest Isle" - note that while Jeff mentioned south of Cantha, he said that they *may* have come south of Cantha *or Elona* - he isn't technically false, but it would be a red herring. The only way for his line ot make sense without the map being false would be for the homeland being your "Southern Isles" - though note that the landmass at the bottom matches the edges of the landmass at the top.
4) The Kodan "homelands" was the arctic seas. They thrived on the iceberg ships - no actual land territories do they own.
5) "Kogan"? Is that meant to be a play off of the Krogan, or the Kodan? Either way, makes me laugh and shake my head as it just sounds silly as a name given the two.

I'll, possibly, read through the post itself when I have a few less things on my plate. I need to stop distracting myself. >.>

In Topic: Dragon-shaped Tinfoil Hat Time

13 September 2013 - 05:24 PM


Though lol at the "no paradoxes" for any new player who hears you can make Deldrimor Steel then goes into that personal story instance. The lost art... has been found!

In Topic: Difference between Foreign-Born and Native-Born Asura/Charr?

03 September 2013 - 08:29 PM

Read Ghosts of Ascalon and I do believe it says you must pay to use the asura gates. Furthermore, Captain Shud says that her business - the asura gates transport - is profitable. Especially during Dragon Bash: "More people means more traffic through my gates. And that means money. So much money.

Evon holds no relations to the asua gates as far as we know, as they're owned and ran by Shud. He does business via them, but that's about it.