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#1935651 Save ANet and yourself time when requesting refund:

Posted Tristany on 15 September 2012 - 10:44 PM

Actually I thought my post would accomplish two things:

1) Provide people who were not happy with their purchase a clear option, instead of being a negative influence to potential people that may like it. Saying things like "I wasted $60 on a game that ended up not playing."  With a refund they are more likely to say "It was O.K., just not for me... and they were kind enough to stand behind their product and give me a refund.

2) To help minimize the ticket response time spent by ANet on refunds... allowing them to perhaps spemd that time on customers who are liking the game but having issues.

The alarming number of people who seem dead set against refunds is perhaps part of why America's level of quality products have dropped well below that of our world's competitors.

I once took my family and in-laws to a great rib place.  I had baosted how great this place was, adn when we were served the ribs were so tough you could barely gnaw the meat off the bone. (Usually was so tender the bone slid out)

I called the manager over and explained the problem and he immediately took away the plates and brought us a new set in 20 minutes. And they were amazing like usual.

When he brought the ticket he comp'ed the entire dinner and I told him I wasn't looking for that... I was MORE than happy to pay because he made it right... and he told me:

"Sir, I can't tell you how appreciative I am that you brought this to my attention.  So many people would have just kept quiet, left and perhaps never came again.. certainly no longer recommend our restaurant.  We are proud of our food and service, and because you were polite enough to inform me AND wait another 20 minutes for us to get it right... it is my pleasure to take care of your bill.  Please come back soon."

Being responsible consumers helps the businesses, not hurt them.

#1758483 Some gamers just dont get it!

Posted Elfen Lied on 18 August 2012 - 09:36 AM

it's funny seeing people saying he's being ignorant and everything and then reading your posts and seeing you are even more ignorant than he is. Not defending anything, just pointing out to a flaw in your logic. Lets not forget the hate WoW players get when they post on guru saying they are WoW players, so please spare us your false goodness.