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Heroes of Tyria's Return - Darkhaven Server

24 December 2012 - 05:32 PM

Heroes of Tyria’s Return is a guild that has been around for a long time. Our base membership consists of many friends from the original Guild Wars game. We've all helped each other get as high as we could in the Hall of Monuments with many of us reaching 50/50. We’re really a group of high level n00bs.  Today [HoTR] is a guild that is simply focusing on playing Guild Wars 2 and having a good time doing it.

In game, we spend a lot of our time working on dungeons, Living Story and WvWvW.  A couple of us help the Darkhaven server in the WvWvW match-up for that week typically roaming as a small group rather than joining the typical zerg.

The requirements to join our guild aren't complicated.  You must be able to handle massive amounts of sarcasm.  This generally doesn't hit our new members too hard as one of our leaders is from Iowa so he gets the most of it (unless they are from Iowa as well).  We don’t have quotas or representing requirements or any of that stuff.  We’re all adults who have jobs and families of our own who play to have fun.

We do have a Ventrillo server available and we recommend our members to use it.  If we don’t use it, then the guy who pays the bills will drop it and we won’t have it anymore which ruins it for everyone.

If we’re something you’re looking for, please contact any one of our leadership and we can work on getting together.  We are:
Allon Barcalliyon
Reine Tovar

Feel free to also send me a PM in the Guru forums if that doesn't work.  Sometimes things don't always work out like you hope so it's always good to have a fallback plan.  Thanks, :D