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Heroes of Tyria's Return - Darkhaven Server

24 December 2012 - 05:32 PM

Well hello there, lovelies.  Heroes of Tyria's Return [HoTR] of Darkhaven is currently recruiting.  We are looking for quality, not quantity, although if you aren't “top tier player NA gg” quality, that's just fine.  Probably better that way anyways.

Our focus, as a guild, has always been on all aspects of Guild Wars 2, from PvE to PvP to WvW.  However, the guild is looking to broaden our WvW havoc squad status a bit more than it currently is, especially with the ongoing WvW tournament, in which we will be very active.  So if you are tired of being merely a faceless member of a zerg, and want to truly make a difference both in a guild and to your server, feel free to send us a private message or reply.

Here are our requirements:

1.) Have a sense of humor, and the ability to make fun of people.  We drink.  A lot.  And talk like dirty, dirty sailors.  Don't worry, you get used to it.
2.) Plan to be active for your own sake.  There are no activity requirements, but we are on daily, so you would be missing out if you chose not to come along.  You silly person, you.
3.) Voice chat.  We have TeamSpeak, and would love to hear your super-sexy voice.  Plus it helps with organization or whatever I guess.
4.) 18+.  Denis will woo the pants right off of you and he would enjoy not going to jail for it.  (I was told to not put this in but screw the rules, I'm my own man, Barry).

We are a cozy community – By which I mean there is quality not quantity, as was stated. You will very rarely find an empty guild chat, or teamspeak.  We aren't looking for a full guild list.  The idea is to actually get to know you, because you are undoubtedly worth knowing.

For more information, or an invite, please contact:

Barry-Poo - BarCalliyon.5709
Davey-Woo - Sobiech.9613
Missy-Goo – Roxy.4609

Feel free to also send me a PM in the Guru forums if that doesn't work.  Sometimes things don't always work out like you hope so it's always good to have a fallback plan.  Thanks, :D