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#1947030 How do you spot a bot?

Posted sty0pa on 19 September 2012 - 09:34 AM

Anet CAN see it.  It's inconceivable that they cannot.
With their logs and GM attention, it wouldn't take a Voight-Kampff test to confirm what's a human (even a staggeringly dull or stupid one) and a 'bot.

Then they need to aggressively ban them.  Banning the account is almost pointless (as there's not a monthly fee) BUT I expect that every copy of the game does have a serial number.  If a game copy is found to be botting and proven conclusively, that account AND THAT GAME serial # should be blocked.

Better still, they could put out a bounty.  Identify a bot to Anet, and if it's proven, you can get a reward - a share of what that bot had accumulated.
Or hell, don't even ban them, flag them as 'killable' and good people will cheerfully clean them up themselves.

#1935559 Thief - A basic Guide

Posted The Shadow on 15 September 2012 - 10:07 PM

Table of contents:

ia. Introduction
iib. Weapon Sets
iiic. Shortbow
iiid. How to use the Shortbow effectively
iiie. Ok, Shortbow, now what?
ivf. Pistol/ Dagger
ivg. Sword/ Pistol
ivh. Dagger/ Dagger
ivi. Pistol/ Pistol
ivj. Sword/ Dagger
ivk. Dagger/ Pistol
vl. How to gear up
vm. Runes and Insignias
vn. Weapon Sigils
vio. Utility Skills
viip. Healing Skills
viiiq. Elite Skills
ixr. Trait trees
xs. Steal
xit. Example Build
xiiu. Leveling Up
xiiiv. Conclusion

For those of you that don't want to read the whole guide and would rather read a section or two press Ctrl + F and search "ii." for example, then hit enter, it should take you directly to that section. Not sure how convenient this is to use, but I tried!

ia. Introduction

Many people have private messaged me on Guru asking me things such as; "What build should I use?" "why is x weapon set so good?" I also see a lot and I mean a lot of rubbish in this Section. I'd like to offer you guys my interpretation of the Thief's role. I'd also like to share my view on various weapon sets, how to gear up and share an example build as well. Feel free to correct me if you see any errors. Hopefully this will help somewhat.

First things first. I view a Thief's main strength as being mobility. NOT "Spam Heartseeker GG". No other class can parallel our ability to both move around the map and evade the majority, if not all, incoming threats via a multitude of different ways. I.e. Withdraw, Shadow Refuge and more.

We've been given the tools to be evasive. Now we need to exploit this. "Our time is now!" Sorry, I really felt like it.

I wrote this thread a long time ago. In the past I dismissed certain trait-lines and weapon-sets. I was very wrong to do so. My opinions have changed quite a lot since I initially wrote this post. As such I'm slowly updating every section to better reflect my current beliefs.

Recently people have been using this thread as a "Hey! I'll post my current build on Shadow's thread such that he can critique it and give me pointers!" or a "I'm trying to achieve this certain thing, how can I build/ gear towards that goal?" and posts like that are absolutely fine by me and I will quote you and reply (though sometimes it might take some time for me to do so).

iib. Weapon Sets

We don't have access to very many weapons. It's a bit of a shame, but y'know what. It's fine. Quality over quantity anyway! We have some really great weapons to choose from, most of which are incredibly useful. My whole perspective about Thief weapons is shaped around the Shortbow, keep reading to find out why.

iiic. Shortbow = EPIC!

Shortbow is our best weapon! The sooner you accept that, the sooner you will notice just how amazing this class can be.

1 - Auto attack, ricochets and hits multiple foes. It is the 2nd most damaging AoE auto attack in the game after ele. It's very handy to have an AoE basic attack when dealing with a resource, just in case it gets depleted. It's also very handy because it heals you for the first arrow and all subsequent hits after that when paired with Signet of Malice.

2 - Cluster bomb, seriously, the AoE DPS you can get out of this one skill is absolutely phenomenal. Not to mention the fact that you can stack some bleeds! And most importantly... SPAMMABLE BLAST FINISHER.

3 - Woohoo! A built in evade! "No you stupid Ettin, you won't bash my face to the ground with you're ludicrously large club, I'll evade it!" Seriously though, incredibly useful for when you're out of Endurance/ Utility,

4 - Choking Gas - Yep. A Combo Field. What's not incredibly useful about this? I almost always, without exception, initiate a battle with this skill.

5 - Infiltrator's Arrow - This really is our shining grace in GW2. Not only does map travel (a lot of time in PvE) go a lot faster, it can also be used in combat to attain a strategic advantage via blind, general mobility and most importantly, turn around and run if the situation gets just a little too sticky and there is no shame in that!

In my opinion, the Shortbow is simply too strong a force to ignore. It should be a staple on every Thief's build both in PvE, PvP and especially WvW. It's extremely satisfying to use!

iiid. How to use the Shortbow effectively

Please note: It's very important to know when to detonate when using Cluster Bomb, not only will you hit more foes, you'll also deal significantly more damage and apply bleeds, additionally this is what triggers Signet of Malice to heal you for many more hits. HOWEVER. If you leave it un-combusted, it becomes a BLAST FINISHER. You can finish any combo field for a vast amount of party wide buffs and healing. Water/ Fire fields are particularly awesome.

It is also important to consider the range at which you use the Shortbow. You can use the Shortbow from quite a distance away. It's not always optimal to do so however as the arc of the shot becomes somewhat ridiculous. Also, you can detonate the cluster whenever you choose. Detonate it higher up and the spread is larger (has it's advantages), detonate it closer to the target and the harder you'll hit the foes directly in that area of effect. So in essence; use the arc/ detonate in a way that makes sense to you depending on mob positioning and environment. Almost every encounter will be different.

I honestly think it's one of the hardest weapons to master in the game because each shot in a fight will be different because you have to keep moving/ kiting and your foes will too! It does require a lot of control and game-sense. Of course like with everything though, practice makes perfect. Once you get to grips with the weapon you can actually do some pretty amazing things that you probably wouldn't have thought possible.

So really, the question we should be asking next is; Which other weapon set works best with the Shortbow? Or, which weapon set offers something that the Shortbow does not?

iiie. Ok, Shortbow, now what?

The answer, really, is; Single target DPS. That is probably the only thing that the Shortbow doesn't offer. So which weapon set offers this? Well, all of them pretty much. Obviously some are better than others at different things. I find myself using all of them for different situations. Weapon switching is fairly easy, swapping out utilities is also fairly easy, it's not impossible to swap out certain traits in between battles either. So why not take advantage of this?

ivf. Pistol/ Dagger

This was my faveourite weapon set aside from Shortbow. There is a built in Evade on 3 just like there is with the Shortbow, again, this is incredibly handy. So too can you stack bleeds, when pressing 1 once you've popped into stealth (via Cloak and Dagger). This weapon set isn't the best for DPS. It's the best for SURVIVAL (a very important aspect since a dead Thief is a Thief that deals NO DPS). It also synergizes well with the Shortbow as a substantial amount of damage comes from bleeds.

This is the set I use for general PvE, fighting veterans, champions, world bosses and more. It's just so easy to stay alive!

ivg. Sword/ Pistol

This set, probably deals the highest Single Target/ PBAoE DPS in the game, for short periods of time. The auto attack is damaging, the dual skill hits exceptionally hard, you have access to a PBAoE blind, can teleport in AND out of combat while cleansing one condition, can stun, immobilize and of course, interrupt using Pistol Whip.

This set however, mostly involves being stationary and spamming 3, repeatedly, a lot. That is what you'll find yourself doing. Honest. So naturally I don't find it much fun. On the other and, it's great for those massive boss fights in Dungeons. You can pretty much stun lock a boss (or as close as you can get to stun lock with the help of Haste) while dealing, quite frankly, ridiculous damage. 2 Thieves using S/P in a dungeon is extremely devastating.

There are issues with this set however. Mainly the lack of mobility, defensive utility and sustain. As such.. there are many scenarios in which you probably wouldn't want to opt for this particular weapon set.

ivh. Dagger/ Dagger

I use this weapon set a lot. Mostly because it's quite fun and extremely effective. The auto attack is really quite amazing, especially when you trait specifically to improve it. It's really quite a fast animation and can also do some serious damage. More importantly you can get some crazy back stab crits via Cloak and Dagger. As if that wasn't enough,,, LDB is a built-in evade as well and honestly, I use LDB as a defensive tool as opposed to a dps dealer. Yes it will stack lots of bleeds, but I don't believe it's superior, in terms of DPS, to simple 100% back stab crits with some flanking auto attacks inbetween. Heartseeker was nerfed, but honestly, that's fine. I didn't and still don't touch it much, I treat it as a gap closer as opposed to a finisher. Most of your damage with D/D will come from backstabs, but more about that later!

The greatest thing about Dagger/ Dagger, and indeed Dagger as an offhand is that 100% access to stealth and almost more importantly that AoE cripple. Dancing Dagger is an AMAZING skill that has saved my hind, my team's hind and everyone else's hind, A LOT. It ricochets, deals damage, and cripples. It's amazing and hugely under-rated. USE IT!

/D offhand was severely nerfed relatively recently. As such, I've stopped using /D so much. It's still effective, but Dancing Dagger was just so good.. and now it's not as good. I use D/P mostly now.

It also works extremely well with the Shortbow as the cripple offers you enough time to dodge, regroup and launch a counter of clusters back and with any luck, finish them off.

All that being said... This is probably the safest set to use. You can't go wrong really. Not a single skill wont be useful.

ivi. Pistol/ Pistol

I use this set mainly for World Boss events since being a few feet away from the boss is very advantageous. The DPS on unload is amazing and you can practically kite eternally (depending on how you build).

The only problem with this set is, for me anyway, just like Sword/ Pistol, it's rather boring and involves for the most part, pressing 3. The other issue is the fact that's it never really that good. The auto attack stacks bleeds and does little physical damage. The dual skill doesn't stack bleeds and does relatively good physical damage. It doesn't really synergize well with itself.

However this set can work extremely well in certain situations.. Mainly the Asura fractal where almost every single foe is ranged. So... Don't let me put you off it.

ivi. Sword/ Dagger

To my surprise this set actually became one of my favorite sets. I fell in love with the built-in mobility you could access simply by pressing 2. The stealth skill is pretty useful too, daze + blind. It shares all the great things of having dagger as an off-hand as well.

I use this set a lot in Fractals. Particularly the Ice and Dredge maps as the immobilize/ interrupt becomes invaluable. But also because it allows you to return to the fire once you've been teleported away.

ivj. Dagger/ Pistol

Honestly this is my favorite weapon set currently. I used to hate D/P. I used to think it was made redundant by other mechanics we had access to naturally. I also thought it was too expensive to manage. I was partly wrong.

I decided to give this weapon-set another go as a result of the dagger-offhand nerfs. It became a debate of; what can I do with D/P that I can't do with D/D and vice versa. I came to the conclusion that D/P is more versatile. Said versatility comes at the cost of needing more initiative. Thanks to Trickery and Shadow Arts this becomes possible.

What this means is, D/P isn't too good. Until you build around it. That means investing fairly heavily into trait trees that you might not necessarily want to invest in. The outcome is extreme survivability while still dealing amazing DPS.

Main tip while using this set, don't just spam 5, time it properly, heartseeker through it to get into stealth and then backstab only when appropriate, please note, this doesn't work if another combo field is on top of the black powder field. The interrupt and daze we have access to is simply amazing, you can effectively kill a mob by pressing nothing other than 4. This however requires good timing and latency, you also need to be able to read enemy animations. The problem with this is that most of the time it simply wont work on bosses/ legendaries/ champions.

Either way, I'm greaty enjoying this set in both PvE, PvP and Dub Vee Dub.

vl. How to gear up

So, a constantly asked question is; "How should I build? What gear should I save up for?"

The answer is simple. What needs to be considered is *how* a thief deals damage.

A thief deals damage through 2 main ways;

1) Critical Hits

2) Conditions

So decide which route you want to go down. Or be like me and do them all. Mind you this will probably make you bankrupt and force you to run many dungeons many times :)

vm. Runes and insignias

It will always whittle down to "how much survival do I need in this particular situation?" There's no point sacrificing DPS for survival if you have no issues surviving.

That being said, it is possible to gain a lot of survivability without sacrificing too much DPS. So this is why I use:

Weapons - Zerker - Accuracy/ Force/ Fire

Head - Zerker - Divinity
Shoulders - Zerker - Divinity
Chest - Zerker - Divinity
Gloves - Zerker - Divinity
Legs - Zerker - Divinity
Feet - Zerker - Divinity

As for runes there is much debate between Scholar Vs Divinity Vs Eagle. Check them out, make an informed decision for yourself. I prefer Divinity.

Amulet - Distinguished Circle of Logic
Ring 1 - Red Ring of Death
Ring 2 - Bagh Nakh
Earring 1 - Warmaster's Family Heirloom
Earring 2 - Appleseller's Lucky Cog
Backpiece - Quiver of Swift Flight

The reason for this, what my come across as being sporadic, ascended gear choice is:

I used a build calculator and used it to come up with what suits me and my needs. I suggest you do the same,  it's easy to use!


For condition builds I usualy use Runes of the Undead for the added toughness, but mainly the 5% extra condition damage which is pretty damn nice. The x3 trinity for bleed duration is quite nice too. Decide for yourself based on weapon set + how much toughness you have and whether or not it's enough to make Undead runes worth it.

vn. Weapon Sigils

As for weapon Sigils, there are plenty of good ones. Fire, Critical Chance 5%, Damage 5%, 60% on crit to bleed, bleeds last 10% longer are just a few that should be considered.

The sigil I use on my Shortbow. Well I honestly have like 5 Shortbows with different sigils. My favorites would be the one with Bloodlust/ Perception/ Energy/ Air.

By the way Fire > Air because AoE > single-target.

I generally use Fire + Force on one weapon set and Bloodlust on Shortbow. If my build has less relatively low crit chance I'd use Fire + Accuracy. For Surv/ cond builds I'd use Geomancy + Corruption and Energy on Shortbow or if going Crit/ cond I'd go for Earth.

vo. Utility Skills

We, as Thieves, have access to many absolutely great Utility skills. In this section, instead of giving you a rundown and long explanation including various situations and uses I will simply highlight some of the ones that I find to be most deserving of a place on my bar, in no particular order.

Shadow Refuge
Shadow Trap
Ambush Trap
Blinding Powder
Caltrops (very very scarcely)
All of the signets
Smoke Screen

None of the venoms make it onto my list. I think they are all very gimmicky and more importantly just... pretty useless unless speccing into Shadow Arts for leeching venoms (which I don't find particularly rewarding in any case). I reserve these views on venoms for PvE. Obviously in PvP they have a place, but beings as this is a guide for PvE, I won't be touching on that.

viip. Healing Skills

This is a tricky subject. All of the heals have their uses, all of them are pretty obvious. I don't feel that I need to elaborate here as I really think it is largely down to preference and circumstance. What I will say though is this;

Signet of Malice very rarely leaves my bar simply because the vast majority of fights will involve AoE. That and it works extremely well with my weapon selection and choice in Elite (look below for more info).

viiiq. Elite Skills

Basilisk Venom

See views on venoms above.

Thieves Guild

Honestly more of a PvP skill. The 180 cooldown isn't so great in PvE. It can be nice at times because the Pistol thief will blind foes and the Dagger thief will deal significant damage.. but still. Not to mention both of them will draw aggro away from you. But still, I maintain that this is more of a PvP skill.

Dagger Storm

I find this to be the most useful elite skill purely because.. It's more useful in more situations than the other two. The cool down is fairly short in comparison too,  but most importantly, when paired with Signet of Malice, providing enough foes are around, it will heal you practically to full health while maintaining Stability and dealing relatively good damage. It's my "Oh Shi-" button. It is fairly epic when paired with Haste (must be said).

It kinda bums me out that we have so few elite skills, but that is a qualm I have with elites in GW2 in general across all the classes. I guess I'm just blinded by the amount that we had access to in GW1.

ixr. Trait Trees

In this section I'm going to list the traits that I find particularly useful in each individual line and I will also briefly explain the main reasons I either do or don't spec into a line.

It is very important to remember which trait tree offers which stats when putting a build together. There is not much point in building for a 100% Crit build and then investing 30 points in Trickery, that is simply counter-productive.

Deadly Arts - (+ Power, + Condition duration)

Sundering Strikes, Mug, Back Fighting, Dagger Training.

I generally don't ever put 30 points into it, only ever 25 for Exposed Weaknesses. This line for me, isn't a staple, however, when I want to deal the most possible damage with a Power build, it's a must as there is no other way to compensate fully, sometimes however, survival trumps DPS. This trait line has a lot of synergy within itself.

Critical Strikes - (+ Precision, + Critical damage)

Furious Retaliation, Side Strikes, Pistol Mastery, Practiced Tolerance, Hidden Killer, Executioner.

This is our most important trait-line for Power or Cond/ Crit builds. It drastically increases your damage output and arguably survival via stat points as well as by trait-choice.

Shadow Arts - (+ Toughness, + Healing power)

Master of Deception, Infusion of Shadow, Shadow's Rejuvination.

This line offers a lot of survivability via stats as well as minor traits. It also allows you to manage initiative far better. I generally don't like putting more than 20-25 points into this trait-line, unless I'm going for a full out survival/ condition build.

Acrobatics - (+ Vitality, + Boon duration)

Descent of Shadows, Power of Inertia, Vigorous Recovery, Fleet Shadow, Quick Recovery, Quick Pockets.

As a general rule 15-20 points in Acrobatics are a staple for all my builds. This is due to quite frankly; awesomeness from both minor and major traits. Initiative recovery, passive might building, extra vigor, extra dodge as well as extra Vitality. This line is probably my favorite. That being said, I never find myself investing 30 points into this line.

Trickery - (+ Condition damage, + Steal recharge rate)

Flanking Strikes, Thrill of the Crime, Long Reach, Bountiful Theft, Hastened Replenishment.

Honestly, I pretty much hate this line. I do see the merits of using this line and understand why some people like it, for me though (for any kind of build) I simply find it to be severely sub-par in comparison to all of our other options.

xs. Steal

During the Beta Events I was highly disappointed by our class-mechanic. I honestly thought; "It's only useful when you trait for it and why would anyone want to do that?" Upon playing the game I've actually found Steal to be exceptionally useful.. It can serve many purposes even if we don't sink any trait points into the mechanic.

A lot of people keep posting "I try to use Steal as often as possible" as though it's some kind of good habit all Thieves need to get into - That is absolutely NOT how it should be used. It's not a spammy spammy skill at all.

Firstly, Steal is a stun-break. There are a lot of mobs in PvE that enjoy knocking you down (see above, Ettin w/ club) and keeping you down in stun-lock (Spiders in CoF). Steal enables us to break-stun absolutely freely. No wasted utility slots, no wasted initiative. Get out of Jail free card. Wonderful.

Another great thing about Steal is the fact that the cooldown initiates the second you activate Steal. So you press F1, you acquire an item, you can keep this item for the whole duration of the cooldown, use said item and then use Steal again straight after. Obviously this has it's advantages, specifically when dealing with a tricky set of mobs.

Whenever I acquire an item from Steal I don't use it directly. If it's a good one like Feathers or Cyclone Axe, I'll treat like a cookie and save it for later as opposed to wasting it. It's happened before, I'd click F1 twice and bam, I lose my feathers.. And they don't do jack all because of the internal cool down on stealth.. So be patient with it. Cause I can assure you, one day, you'll find yourself in a situation and you'll be saying; "If only I kept that stolen item... It would have been handy now!"

So don't spam it. Try to learn all the effects and pictures to make the whole process easier and more efficient.

xit. Example Build

The Build I'd like to share with you all is just an example.


Let me just explain my reasoning here.

Signet of Malice + Clusterbomb = Godly.

Haste + Dagger storm + Signet of Malice = Godly.

Shadow refuge = Simply a really great support skill.

Signet = Improves our critical chance, it's active use is also quite nice. Especially with 15 in acrobatics.

Other utilities that should be considered;

Roll for initiative - Stun break, re-flll resources, brilliant skill.
Signet of Shadows - 25% move speed, great for map travel. Blinding nearby foes is nice too.
Ambush Trap - great for solo PvE. Slightly less lonely :D
Blinding Powder - it's just a great skill!

Use them where and when you think they will be most useful!

As for traits, let me exlplain why I chose what.

25 Deadly Arts:

- Chance to cause vulnerability on critical hit.

This works really well with our Grandmaster trait which enables us to deal more damage when there is a condition on our target. There should be conditions on said target already, but this only helps.

- 5% dagger damage, pretty essential for dealing mahoosive backstabs.

30 Critical Strikes:

Firstly, precision, this boosts our critical chance. Staple on all my bulds.

- 5% crit chance above 90%. More crit chance, useful no?

- Returns initiative on critical hit, you'l be critting often, resource management is always important.

- +7% flanking, most of your day as a D/D thief, you'll be behind an opponent/ at their flank.

- 100% crit from stealth - Incredibly useful. if you scroll down below you'll see some discussion about Hidden killer versus executioner's. Both are good traits. I personally prefer the certainty hidden killer offers. That's not to say its statistically superior though. I reckon the difference in all actuality is pretty negligible. But I highly suggest trying out both and deciding which you prefer.

- 10% more damage over 6 initiative. Great, more free damage. I felt as though I was lacking! Seriously though, don't use Cloak and Dagger until you have 10 initiative, and don't backstab till at 6!

15 Acrobatics:

- You can dodge 3 times and gain might + swiftness on Dodge. Paired with built-in evasion with SB, you just have loads of mobility!

xiiu. Leveling up

This is just a step by step approach of how I'd build from 10-80 taking the example build into consideration.

I'd start with putting trait points into the following trait trees:

10 in Critical Strikes
10 in Acrobatics
5 in Deadly Arts

Save up the points from 35-40 such then when you hit 40 you can put those 5 points into Acrobatics. So at 40 you should have;

10 in Critical Strikes
15 in Acrobatics
5 in Deadly Arts

From 40-60 I'd put an additional 10 in Critical Strikes (being the priority since it enhances your crit chance) and then the other 10 in Deadly Arts. Bringing you to:

20 Critical Strikes
15 Acrobatics
15 Deadly Arts

I would then proceed from 60-80 to max Critical Strikes and then put the rest of the points into Deadly Arts.

xiiiv. Conclusion

Now guys, we have an amazing multi-faceted class here with a lot of potential. Pre-release I was very skeptical. I didn't think we had much to offer. Boy was I wrong!

It can be challenging at times but I do guarantee a lot of fun. It takes a lot more consideration than; "spam this skill, ???, profit" I hope this thread has to an extent at least, proved that.

Please remember that everything in this post is just my view, my interpretation, my preferences. Use this however you please. If it helps you, then I'm glad I posted. If it challenges you and makes you think; "Well, maybe I should give X weapon another go" or "I need to try trait Y the next time I login" then this thread has for me at least, proved worthwhile.

I hope to update this thread in the future with more builds, more information, more tips and tricks and specifically post some in-depth findings about our role in high-end dungeons.

I've been The Shadow, Happy Thieving!

Also, feel free to add me in-game if you have any questions. I'd be happy to answer providing I'm online. My IGN is Shadow.2069

Oh and feel free to post this anywhere you like so long as you don't neglect to give credit.

Terms and conditions apply.

#1918460 Official Guild Wars 2 Trailer: Our Time is Now (Zhaitan Spoiler) & GW2 Sa...

Posted Briar on 11 September 2012 - 06:02 PM

A comment on youtube reads "in a dystopian world filled with people who walk on coals and punk chicks that spraypaint, GUILD WARS´╗┐ 2 IS A VIDEOGAME"

Nearly peed myself

#1883804 Parts of personal quest nearly impossible due to insane difficulty

Posted Fleshgrinder on 05 September 2012 - 12:22 PM

Nearly impossible is the best kind of difficulty.

The important word being "nearly".

Nothing feels better than victory over a nearly invincible foe.

#1870518 Parts of personal quest nearly impossible due to insane difficulty

Posted afertides on 03 September 2012 - 08:00 AM

I've observed that the people so quick to act condescending (i.e. immediately assuming other people must suck), thinking they're awesome, are usually the baddies.  A. K. A. the Dunning-Kruger effect.

Have you people rushing in to say "L2P" played through every possible quest and decision in every race, using every possible class and spec, hence leading to your self-satisfied attitude that there is no possible chance of anything being imbalanced in all existing storylines for all existing classes?  And were you aware there were actually some personal story quest points that Anet themselves admitted were too hard and consequently nerfed?  And there could still be unadjusted points?  No?  Then shut up.  Just because your experience was different from other people's doesn't mean yours is the only valid point of view and everyone else "L2P".

#1854138 Kudos to Anet for taking care of undesirable players.

Posted zwei2stein on 31 August 2012 - 11:08 AM

In first week of game, developers did one very brave thing: They went ahead and slapped people hard for misbehaving:

* Name bans
* Hate speech bans (with hilariously outed "innocent people")
* Botting bans
* Respawning DE exploit rollbacks and bans.
* Exploits like karma vendor bans.

Let me be the one to say loudly: Good job. You just set very high standard. And made sure people listen because 3 day ban is very harsh right after start. Hopefully this will make anyone think thrice before doing something stupid.

Thumbs up.

#1816957 Cant Log In?

Posted Robsy128 on 25 August 2012 - 12:43 PM

One does not simply download a patch from Arenanet

#1816395 Cant Log In?

Posted Yumiya on 25 August 2012 - 12:13 PM

Blizzard? Hell no, I put my money on Gandalf.
Posted Image
Bit of a sloppy Photoshop, I know. At least I found the correct font. OvO

#1816087 Arena net techs fixing the server issues:

Posted Orbital on 25 August 2012 - 11:54 AM

I honestly just wet my pants. struggling for breath.

#1764501 Healthy Gaming, by the GW2 Roleplaying Community

Posted Edhedal on 19 August 2012 - 11:22 AM

Hello there. Ann Steadyheart here from guildwars2roleplayers.com We put together a little guide on how to survive the launch day of Guild Wars 2. So as suggested by a community member, I'll post it here.

Here's another constructive thread. It'll be a short one, I promise.

I'd like to remind everyone that Guild Wars 2 is coming out in, oh, a week or so. Now I'm sure most of us won't even sleep, let alone eat regular food in the first week, at least the first three days after launch. This can be rather dangerous and hazardous to our health.

Consumption of mountains of crisps and gallons of energy drinks have a very bad effect on the human body. So here are a few tips to keep safe and not die after your long-awaited game has just released.

Step 1: Sleep is obvious out of the question. But after the first day passes without any kind of rest, please set an alarm for 2 hour intervals. When it rings, get up, stretch out, take a walk in the garden for ten minutes. Then you can get back to it.

Step 2: Regular toilet use. Not frequenting the bathroom regularly enough can cause horrible stomach cramps, which will only hurt your gaming time in the long run.

Step 3 (Recommended): Brushing your teeth. While not essential, the constant consumption of crisps and sugary beverages do a hell of a job destroying teeth. And going a week without brushing them with such a treatment is as good as taking a hammer to them.

Community Suggestions:



It may be tempting to rely on caffeine and energy drinks to keep you awake, but in reality they're pretty bad for you in excess. Try to drink water instead and set time aside for power naps even if you intend to stay awake for hours at a time.



Eat decent foods to avoid an energy crash too. Proteins + carbs together will keep energy steady, and it doesn't have to be heavy-- fruit + cheese,  light sammiches, etc.



Please research what you can do about preventing the carpal tunnel syndrome. Hand massages, exercises, and proper ergonomic peripherals are extremely important. Excessive gaming IS incredibly straining on your hands and you do not always notice the symptoms until it is far, far too late and the operation required to lessen them can be both painful and expensive.



Making some pasta and keeping easily microwave steamable vegetables around is good too for those carbs.  Toss on a hint of olive oil and you're set.  

Take cat naps (yes, even you non-Charr sorts) every so often.  Even a half hour of sleep is better than absolutely nothing.

Like mentioned above, STRETCH YOUR LEGS.   Try to keep them up on a stool when you're playing rather then on the floor, and lean a little bit back in your chair to lessen the strain on your back.   I'd recommend at least flexing them out about ten times an hour if you don't outright choose to walk around.  Goes especially for the types who are of the heavier variety or have health issues already.  Keep that blood flowing!



I suggest eating healthy foods. If you need instructions on how to prepare a delectable salad, look here.




If you have a pet: Don't forget you have a pet.....

Following these steps, you too can survive the exciting adventure that'll be Guild Wars 2's launch! Remember, better safe than dead! See you all in-game!

The original discussion can be found here.

#1756915 The Eye of Arenanet

Posted TheGizzy on 18 August 2012 - 01:21 AM

View Postdd790, on 18 August 2012 - 01:01 AM, said:

OMG, The Hero's Band!!! It's the ring of power!!!

Three Rings for the Sylvari-trees under the sky,
Seven for the Charr-legions in their halls of steel.
Nine for Asuran who live to vilify,
One for the Norn on their wooden snowmobile,
In the Land of Tyria where the dragons fly.
One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them,
One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them
In the Land of Tyria where the dragons fly.

(Obviously the humans didn't get one since, yanno, they were the ones to forge the rings in the foefire *nod nod*)

#1754406 The Eye of Arenanet

Posted Lurianar on 17 August 2012 - 05:55 PM

I might have a lead guys! I subscribed only to post this. When asked on facebook about this picture https://fbcdn-sphoto...756977085_n.jpg being related, the devs said this: Hmm, what a strange coincidence. ~RB2

On that picture, we can see the keyboard keys 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 highlighted in red, along with the key W. This might mean they want to release a coded message, where the 5th letter could actually be W, as directed by this picture. I heard a couple of people speak of other sources where they saw this picture, some in a video and stuff. I'd suggest we all put those sources together and start checking about it.

EDIT: Here's the picture directly.

Posted Image

#1751862 "Fear Not This Night"

Posted InvictiSturm on 17 August 2012 - 10:30 AM

There is a video of it now, not a trailer but it is the full version

#1682444 How can Role Players be protected from griefing

Posted Incendia on 05 August 2012 - 07:29 PM

Another point:

Ok let's say your gay. As a gay you are given the same rights as a straight person. You can marry another gay, in a civil partnership, which is basically a carbon copy of marriage. You walk into a shop you are not denied any of the products. You go into a cinema you are allowed to watch whatever you want.

BUT, and this is a big but (hehe!) you are NOT, superior to others. You're gay. You're an equal, not a superior. You have no right to demand gay roads, or gay food, or gay shopping centres, or gay-only restaurants. If a straight goes up to you and taunt you, you don't demand the Government put in security guards to guard you from straights. And for your information, the vast majority of society can cope with gays, they do not taunt them, they do not provoke them. Society has moved on.


Ok let's say your a role-player. As a role-player you are given the same right as a non-role-player. You can role-play with another role-player. You can marry another role-player, in a virtual and completely pointless partnership, which is basically not at all a marriage. You can walk into the game and you are not denied any features of the game. You go in game and you can do whatever you want.

BUT, and this is a big but, you are NOT, superior to others. You're a role-player. You're an equal, not a superior. You have no right to demand  role-playing servers, role-playing tailored rules, role-playing tailored regulations, role-playing tailored bans. If a non-role-player goes up to you and taunts you, you grit your teeth and move on. And for your information, the vast majority of the Guild Wars 2 community can cope with role-players,  they do not taunt them, they do not provoke them. The community is beyond 10 year old trolls.

#1682402 How can Role Players be protected from griefing

Posted SkinnerBox on 05 August 2012 - 07:22 PM

I like to RP that my character sees spiders all over other players and is trying to either A) get away from them or B) kill them. It does this by jumping up and down madly and spamming AOEs in a somewhat futile attempt to rid himself of them. If anyone attempts to interrupt my glorious RP moment, the Arenanet Gestapo will be notified.
Have a nice day :P