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Balth invasions, join now on SoR

04 October 2013 - 06:15 PM

/join Gaspard Ravel on SoR. I want to make 3 groups to run the invasions all at once.

Yes, a Lightning Hammer ele build.

07 June 2013 - 01:40 PM

Here is a link to the build with all the details on gear and everything that I chose:


I'm trying to balance the gear for good melee survivability and crit based damage. Read through the traits, and you will see how much straight damage % stacking you can do. While holding the hammer, you just need to stay in water attunement for the 20% damage to vulnerable foes which you get on crits from the air traits. The cleansing flame utility can be switched for lightning flash, or run speed signet, or something fun like another weapon summon or glyph of storms to use while still in water for that awesome ice storm we all love.

The normal weapons don't matter much, and I would have liked staff, but dual wielding adds a sigil, and I use 2 crit based sigils for the effect like healthsteal and extra damage. You could switch the air sigil I use for a sigil of strength, or fire, or even purity if u have a fight that needs it. I normally do double dagger, but I used a scepter for a bit of escape range, a second good heal when I drop the hammer, and because I made this build so I could play with new weapon abilities.

The gear is flexible if you want more damage or survivability. With my set, I get plenty of both. As for traits, please post anything that you would consider doing differently for a conjure or hammer/fgs build.

Edit: The hammer adds a buff with a good chunk of precision and crit% damage that is not shown in the builder.

Don't ban us for farming....

25 May 2013 - 01:29 PM

... or just give us a legendary without the hassle of appealing a ban.

They have people reviewing each case for botting bans, but they miss the obvious, like how I was making no money. I farmed the sparks in the lyssa temple 2 nights in a row, and other than 1 charged lodestone a night (to be saved for personal use), there is absolutely nothing to profit from there. They almost never drop coin, their vendor grays are super cheap and actually not even that common, and even with tons of MF gear, I was barely getting 3-4 blues/greens per hour. I did get one yellow mace, and when I bought a master salvage kit to try and get an ecto (nope), the kit cost at least twice as much as I had made that night in coin.

In short, I find my account terminated for botting today. No accusation, no investigation, no defense; just punishment. I know I'm gonna get it back soon with the support ticket, and I wouldn't care if they blocked me pending an actual investigation, but with the current process, I feel a bit violated, distrusted, and that there is no way that I, as a player playing well and honestly, can earn a mutual respect with the company that I have a contract with for the use of their product. I won't hold a grudge, but I will certainly be a stronger supporter when they fix all this with something as simple as an email or an in-game message giving us the chance to appeal due within hours of our next log-in before punitive action is taken.

Anyone agree?

Need help narrowing my focus on this build

16 August 2012 - 01:34 PM

Here is my fun d/d Elementalist:


There is no doubt that I will use something like this for PvE because it is just fun, but I know I may need to trim some fat for PvP.

1. I love the conjures, and I have never gone down while using the fiery greatsword, and it slaughtered legions. I traited for 10 more charges, so I thought a second conjure would take more advantage of it. I am open to whichever and would switch the fun, crowd-controlly hammer for the extra-ranged, healy bow or the more defensive shield. I was using hammer to pop into annoyance mode and to chase and pin people down for my teammates to finish.

2. I like the d/d a lot and I can be very mobile. I also get along nicely with attunement swapping.

3. I chose my utilities and heal for freeing myself, and the signet and hammer for slowing others down. I also thought the passive toughness helped a lot.

4. Those hidden class changes that were on the main page do good things for this setup, especially the daggers and the heal.

My issues:

I hate how I go about itemizing. I picked a very bland runeset that buffs 2 mains traits instead of anything flavorful or utilitarian. While I do good damage and am not too glassy, I feel like I could be missing out on some amazing mechanics.

I use a lot of power, and I wanted to use plenty of toughness/vit, and it looks like my precision and condition damage were just an afterthought, even though I use traits that apply condition on crit and someone is always burning.

For those gems, I did not really use all different types, but I selected possible options. I'm not sure which gem is the best. I don't really know how I should balance. Traits one thing and gear another? or all defense? more condition damage or precision?

All I have seen from this site is generous and constructive input, so I know I will appreciate anything ya'll may offer. Thanks!