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#1746799 I LOVE the Thief, yes that's right.

Posted Jaehan on 16 August 2012 - 06:18 PM

View PostHawkengrey, on 16 August 2012 - 05:54 PM, said:

This is a ridiculous statement, and a good example of why you are the quintessential ambassador of the vocal minority.  You and a few others who are consistanly here QQing about the class and calling for a wholesale rework of the class are taking an extremely narrow view of the profession and the game as a whole. The profession and it's balancing requires a much larger view than your elitist, condescending attitude.   It is not just about tPvP or sPvP or PvE, but a holistic view on the entire thing and how any changes to the class will impact all areas.  

Right now the Thief is in an excellent place.  I would not argue against us getting more utility - that would be awesome.   I wouldn't argue against more weapon options - that also would be great.   But overall, the state of the thief is not even close to being in the dire straights that you portray it being in, and I would argue that your constant QQ is the real barrier to an intelligent discussion on the profession.

'fraid you're in the wrong forums, buddy. In this area, those who approve of the Thief in all its grandoise shortcomings are the ones in the minority. Although I suppose this is truly the only place you'd find people who share your sentiment, as the official forums were flooded by the majority claiming that the Thief was unsuitable for tPvP as opposed to seven of the eight profsesions available to them.

I'll go ahead and correct you, though - very few people want a complete rework. I am not one of them. I can tell by your lengthy time browing these forums and your seventeen posts makes you someone knowledgeable about the Thief since CB - or, perhaps not. Attempting to say that you're in the right is simply asinine when you are, in fact, wrong - even if not about the profession itself, as that dips into slight bias towards opinion, you are wrong in all your other assumptions and speculations.

First and foremost, you don't achieve balance by focusing upon a single profession and declaring it balanced. There is no standard by which to judge in that scenario. Thankfully, Guild Wars 2 has a total of eight professions from which  we can draw logical, factual conclusions from, of which there are four different modes of play, not your listed three, which means there are thirty two different places in which to test and formulate judgments on the performance of the professions and achieve balance.

That said, if you can comprehend it in your mind to look beyond your 'zomg the Thief is fine, QQ elsewhere' self, then you'll quickly see that the Thief cannot do anything as well as its seven other counterparts save for its mobility and venom-traited-sharing-build. Mobility will not gain you points in tPvP when going agains the customary 3-1-1 split. In the other three areas, especially PvE, you'll see that you are almost forced into using the Shortbow, regardless of trait and build, simply because of how overwhelmingly good it is as opposed to other weapon sets. Is that how you want the Thief to be? Then yes - the Thief is 'fine' for you. I pity those that feel that way.

Coupled with the fact that Steal is the most underwhelming profession mechanic of the eight professions, to the degree it feels like a tacked-on-last-minute reiteration of a better idea ( which it is ), it's negligible short of its shadowstep capabilities and on-trait effects, yet is yet another problem with the Thief. The fact that you have to trait, into anything, to go be good at it - and just good at it. Not even great, just good. No other profession suffers from that the way that the Thief does nor does any other profession require so much investment in a single area to fall just above average in an area - while other professions do not suffer in other areas as much as the Thief.

So then how do you figure all this out? It's simple. You simply play the profession and then play the other professions. It becomes readily apparent at the staggering differences in effeciency when putting the professions up side by side. A skilled player can make anything work in sPvP, WvW is its own chaotic mess, and PvE is so easy that it's not the singular defining thing in which balance rests. The thing that sways balance more than anything else is what ArenaNet themselves said they want - an e-sport. tPvP. NOT sPvP, WvW, and PvE. That is where balance is ultimately decided and where the Thief ultimately falls significantly short of the mark of being acceptable, in any form.

And in that arena, the Thief is subpar, at best. Why choose a Thief when you can do nearly any other profession and fill multiple roles and be more well rounded to deal with situations, rather than a Thief, who is forced to consistently and constantly run, abandon points, or fails to take points? Why ever use the Thief, when the Thief is more detrimental than helpful in games where every last person and every last skill counts?

The Thief is not in an excellent place. The Thief is not tPvP worthy. Attempting to attack my intelligence and the person rather than the argument just shows a lack of your own ability to argue the point, especially when you are obviously ignorant to the game mechanics is pretty amusing and, honestly, I always enjoy showing people point for point why they are simply wrong. I highly suggest you go invest 120+ hours into the game - I and numerous others have, and there is a reason none of the top competitive teams from other games have already weeded the Thief out of their rosters. There's a reason people who min/max and are consistently ranked in the top 10 in numerous other competitive gaming circles have already made a rough lineup that excludes the Thief in nearly all scenarios.

This is not opinion nor arbitrary statement. It is fact. Go look at their websites. Go do your own research. Go play the game, because it seems your extremely ignorant to everything beyond playing 2 stress tests worth of time on the Thief.


People like you are the reason I am an elitist who is condescending. I wear it as a badge of honor.