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Clockwork Gaming [PvX, Friendly, Voicechat]

17 September 2012 - 08:18 PM

Clockwork Gaming
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PvX - PvP Division - Exploration - Dungeons - Community
Clockwork Gaming Website

"A game is a game - I'd rather be playing one among close friends who value me"


Key information summary:

  • Small as of now - Recently established (Around 8 Members)
  • Operations: PvP, PvE, WvW, and a guild dedicated to sPvP
  • You will never be kicked due to your personal life schedule (People have lives, and we won't kick you for not being able to make a dungeon run. We're your guild members, not your mother)
  • Members are friends, not your boss. We're silly, but can be serious if need be.
  • Server: Dragonbrand
  • Close-group of friends for years brought from several games


Guild Information

We are a friendly group of Guild Wars 2 players that have stuck together for years now to form a strong, close, tight-knit group. You can often find us messing around on map chat, Leading in WvW, getting parties together for dungeons, and much more. Most of us don't have any plans to rush to max level, or to farm our brains out for days on end. We're playing the game as an adventure, a journey. Arenanet put a lot of work into it, so we're taking our time.

Guild Attitude

We're a relaxed, sometimes crazy guild that focuses on the bonds we make over our voice chat and in-game. We strongly value the importance of actually having fun in the guild you decide to join. It's a game, you play it to have fun, it's NOT a second job.

With all that said, we're a mixed group. Sometimes we can be serious, working hard to get a dungeon done, or we could be singing gannam style while trolling our local aussie. It's all up in the air.

Research Completed
  • Guild emblem
  • Guild armor
  • Boosts (We'll work on these once our numbers swell)
  • Guild Vault
  • Politics Level 3
  • Economy Level 3
  • Architecture Level 3
  • Art of War is handled by our PvP Guild, The War Machine
Rank names and powers are in the works.

Region and Server

If I had to say we have a primary region, it would simply be American standard time, although we get aussie's and others in the guild. We don't discriminate on your time zone, and have multiple moderators recruiting in "off times" for such players.

We play on the server: Dragonbrand


Goal: To reach a fair-number of active players, while maintaining our community and numbers to a realistic level so we don't have to have anyone feel isolated, or unimportant. Community is honestly important to us.

How do I join the guild?

There are multiple methods of getting in contact with us.

Primary method: Go to our website, and register using the Existing User Registration (Main Application section is incomplete)

Secondary methods:
  • Private Message me on the GW2GURU forums.
  • Send an ingame mail or private message to Thanatos.3412
And don't be shy to ask about our guild, I'll be happy to answer any-and-all questions.

Guild name Concerns - How to ensure my name.

17 August 2012 - 02:33 AM

Hello there! Me and my guild sat down to discuss ensuring our guild name, and during a later stress test, we realized that somebody had already taken our name!

Well, obviously, we were concerned. We're a long-standing guild, and we need to keep our name going strong. I was hoping you guys could give us some tips so we can make sure we get our name first! I'm welcome to any and all ideas, and I honestly appreciate your input.