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#2120679 Stop using a forum like your personal blog

Posted Baron von Scrufflebutt on 17 December 2012 - 09:20 AM


Might I suggest you use the search button instead of making a blog post next time?

#2115183 Wintersday Calendar/Wallpaper

Posted Naima Omadara on 11 December 2012 - 11:30 PM

Hey Everyone! I went ahead and made a Wintersday Calendar-Wallpaper, that way it's easy to look up the Times, Dates & Locations for the event. Enjoy! Link: http://i.imgur.com/5Ilty.gif?1  (I also posted this on Reddit: http://redd.it/14nk73)

#2103855 What I got from the state of pvp discussion...

Posted Wifflebottom on 01 December 2012 - 07:00 PM

Why are glass cannon thieves even allowed to complain about balance?

#1804473 Unique names are stupid

Posted Pie Flavor on 24 August 2012 - 09:09 AM

If you see my recent post history I've been making posts against unique names in certain threads, since that's thread-derailing I decided to make the full blown rant in a separate thread.

The facts:
  • Guild wars 2 uses a unique character name system
  • Guild wars 2 discerns between account name and character name
  • Account name can be repeated, character names must be unique
  • Character names can be 19 letters long with as many spaces as it allows you to put, and must be at least 3 letters long
  • You could reserve your character name if you had a GW1 character with such name before the 31st of July of this year if you linked accounts
  • Reserved character names are liberated 2 days after release (?) if they're not claimed yet.
  • HoM rewards calculator serves as a mild indication of whether your character name could have been reserved by someone owning GW1 already.
  • GW1 names could not be single word, and could not have more than 1 space in it. with any amount of spaces as it allowed you to.
Since this is a rant, I'm going to point the CONS of having a unique character name system at place.
  • And most importantly, it adds a layer of pressure to the player. I thought the philosophy behind the design of Guild Wars 2 is to make the game as enjoyable for the player as possible, well, now you must take into account that if you don't login the very first minutes after the servers open, you lose your chance to get that name you want for your character forever. Oh and remember more than a couple thousand of other players might be competing against you, so you'd better have fast PC with no internet problems... Because, and this is serious, names matter just as much as looks for some people.

  • Unique name is an archaic feature, and to be honest there is no point on having unique names, sure, you'll see 500 "Legolas" but it's the same as seeing "Legolas" "Lego1as" "LEGOLAS" "l3601A5" or "jhsdfkhjksdjafnnkh" simply because that frustrated guy just gave up on getting a good name, believe me when I say both instances yield simply the same amount of unoriginal names. With non unique names at least you'll have a flexible system and might allow for fun match ups.

  • Servers will get clogged with people trying to create characters to reserve their desired name, Anet implemented a timeout feature that prevents you from creating another character if you fail to obtain a unique name after certain amount of tries. This feels like unnecessary resources spent on making a limiting system for the sake of simply having this unique names system at place, it hinders the user experience, while feels like a bad design idea, instead of keep putting bandages on an always open wound, just cut the limb off already (remove this system)
Pros of having this system at place:
  • Personal identification: this serves mainly for RP purposes, nothing breaks immersion more than seeing someone with your same name (arguably seeing some called "jihfkajkfa" breaks immersion too) And having a name that you can identify yourself and knowing that nobody else can have that exact same name boosts your experience as a player. I see no rebutal to this argument, therefore I included it as a pro in my rant.
Note: all of this does not apply if you truly have an original name that not many people could have taken it from you, you feel identified with your character, you won't see someone else with a variant of your name, or at least not frequently, and you don't have pressure to login the first day just to ensure your name is reserved.