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Pantheon (kick starter)

18 January 2014 - 09:30 AM

this is not a game yet, but a very promising kickstarter,


from the developer of EQ1, can be the answer to EQN.


Kickstarter failed, but they are still trying to see if they can gain the funding they need via both crowdsourcing and publishers / investment houses.

Homepage: https://www.pantheonrotf.com/

state of shield (guardian and warrior)

03 March 2013 - 08:17 AM

Do you feel like the shield is viable off hand weapon? for both guardian and warrior?
(a topic on the official forums made me think about this issue)

does the 91 extra toughness (when traited...) really make any difference?

how many times you thought, "well I like the shield, I want my character to wield a shield..."
but instead taking mace or focus? because they just perform better?

we all have a good shield in the backpack, to use sometimes... or just to wear when we standing in lions arch...  but does anybody use the shield as his main off hand?

what is the PVP state of shield?
it feels like everyone running GS or hammer (except the healway guardian who use sword/focus, yet no shield)  

what is the PVE state of shield?
just to read the majority of the posts here (like 'how to properly build a warrior' etc...)
you can learn that tanking / support builds are a big no-no in high level content and DPS  is the way to go, and shield is tanking/support weapon.

(personally I love the tanking /healing builds but I am under lvl 20 in fractals so my opinion might not count... and i still dont use shield as a main offhand)

what I think:
warrior shield 4 is inferior to mace 5, both have the same CD (20 sec traited)
mace 5 have 1200 range, its AOE and two seconds knockdown.
shield 4 has 300 range (one quarter!) and its just interrupt (I don't know what else you can call a 1 sec stun... )
would like to see it with longer leap range (600) or longer stun duration...

shield 5 is OK, 3 sec block and missile reflection when traited and doesn't root you.
but still feels situational... cant say really why... either the short block duration , or the long skill CD... or the lack of any offensive component in the skill... fixing any of these will make the skill more attractive.

guardian shield:
shield 4 is good AOE Damage, the protection component  is kind of uncomfortable,  as it is a short cone in front of yourself, in order to be efficient you must position yourself facing your group when the enemies are between you. lets say it "requires skill" to use it properly.
would like to see the protection buff a AOE circle instead of a cone.

shield 5 is niche skill... the knock back is nice in WWW,  but the skill roots you in place for four seconds! unless you detonate the shield, then you heal ... nothing... because everybody else doing their thing paying no attention to your shield.. and protect nothing...
the shield itself is only missile protection... too long CD, 4 sec root, no block (missile absorption only)..

focus 5 is just superior, same four seconds, block everything not only missiles, doesn't root you, explodes for high damage and blast finisher on activation!

would like to see either the shield reflect missiles, or block everything (like mini sanctuary utility) or doesn't root you in place so you can retain your mobility while using this skill.

what do you think?

Need help with survey for term paper

06 January 2013 - 01:04 PM

Hi all,

I have exactly the same post in the official GW2 forums... but i need more participants... so, this is for people who don't read the official forums :)

I am conducting a research about online friendships among MMO players. The research is a part of a graduation paper in Psychology.
I mainly interested in adults who were diagnosed with learning disabilities as children, but I will be happy if people who were not diagnosed with learning disabilities will answer also for my control group.

the survey has three parts,
first part you have to rate from 1 to 5 - twenty (20) statements about real life behavior.
second part you have to rate from 1 to 5 - thirty (30) statements about online friendship.
third part is a demographic survey with twelve standard questions.

the survey is anonymous
No one will be able to identify you or your answers, and no one will know whether or not you participated in the study.

new survey link


thank you very much.

influence issues? (new bug?)

19 September 2012 - 06:35 AM

is it just me or after the yesterdays patch,  guild members in party don't get extra influence?

until the latest patch when a couple of guildies finished event we would get 20 influence for each event.

we did guild story mode dungeon for 140 influence.

after the patch, we get only 2 influence for event like we are not in the same guild.

anybody else have this?

from wiki:


  • 2 Posted Image for individual guild members completing an event or part of a personal storyline. (The per-player influence gained increases substantially with each new participating guild member.)
  • 5 Posted Image for individual guild members getting a victory in a pvp match.
  • 10 Posted Image for individual guild members completing a dungeon.
  • 10 Posted Image for each accepted guild invitation.
  • 10 Posted Image for each member who is online during an Attendance Check. (Excludes 1 person guilds.)
  • 20 Posted Image for two guild members completing an event or part of a personal storyline at the same time.


Combo questions

09 September 2012 - 08:35 AM

Does my special trait abilities affect combo effects ?

for example:
lets say I have spent 10 points to earth to get elemental shielding (grants 3 seconds protection on auras )

and I put  Ice area  and  arcane blast for finisher , so everybody gets frost armor aura combo effect.

will they get also the three seconds protection?

if I put a water area, and then use projectile finisher, will the regeneration be affected by my boon bonus duration?

will the regeneration be affected by "cleansing water" trait and remove condition?

thank you