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Unable to Register Serial Code

02 September 2012 - 02:21 PM

So I prepurchased the CE, played all the beta weekends and the stress tests etc. and received my box the other day from Gametap.

I cannot register my serial code on the registration page because I get the following two errors when trying to link to my Guild Wars account:

Your session has been idle for too long and has expired. Please try again.
400:3309:1014:1:1158 ErrLoginPending

I have tried with three different browsers on two different PC's in my home and I still get this same error message.

I opened a support ticket several days ago and only received a canned response highlighting all of the current know issues, nothing at all about my registration problem.

As you can guess I am now locked out of Guild Wars 2 because 5 days have elapsed and I have not registered my code.

Anyone else having a similar issue getting registered?