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In Topic: Scarlet Is Dead - Haiku Giveaway

03 July 2014 - 07:40 PM

I assume we are only allowed one entry, so here's the best one I came up with so far:

Scarlet Briar's dead
So now it's my turn to say
"Die die die, die die..."

In Topic: Ele or Mes to Help My Little Group?

12 March 2014 - 04:01 AM

I've leveled both an elementalist and a mesmer to 80, and both can be pretty fun and effective, even more so when you have a group of people to run around with.  A few things to consider with either class:

Mesmer clones are pretty much unless until around level 60 or so, so you will mainly be using them to shatter for damage, and to be meatshields.  Mesmer greatsword is pretty awesome though, as it allows you to be ranged.  My mesmer currently runs greatsword and sword/pistol.  Mesmers also have access to skills that can block projectiles and aoe remove conditions too, so that's a plus.  Mesmers can somewhat buff allies with some of their weapon skills (mainly staff I think?).

Elementalists are great for aoe damage (especially with staff and fire attunement), and can use conjured weapons (particularly frost bow and fiery greatsword).  Conjured weapons give you one, and places a second one on the ground for another player to use.  Another plus to eles, especially staff eles, is that they can help heal the group.  Again, staff ele is good here because the staff has 2 water aoe heals.  Eles are also able to give some buffs to their allies as well.

I know you mentioned debating guardian, but are worried they are too similar to warrior.  I personally think they are fairly different, especially depending on the build you have.  My level 80 guardian uses hammer and mace/shield, and runs a support build.  Guardians have the ability to heal allies, remove conditions, give buffs, as well as have skills that block projectiles.  The only issue with a support Guardian build is that you won't be doing a lot of damage yourself, so group play is where you want to be most, but you will be able to survive a lot of stuff, take aggro, and keep your teammates up.

I hope my rambling helped xD

In Topic: Glitch-o-rama, Screenshot heavy!

09 January 2014 - 10:20 PM

View PostSwoopeh, on 09 January 2014 - 05:35 PM, said:

Not sure what happened here but somehow this critter got turned into a member of our guild. I think it was a clone that glitched somehow, not sure. It was still there hours later after I returned:

I've seen that happen before.  Chances are you used a skill that reflected projectiles, and the grawl's attack that throws a rabbit as bait for wurms is a projectile.  It's like how engineers can block Mesmer projectiles that create clones and end up with clones of themselves.  xD

In Topic: so i want to use short/longbow

24 September 2013 - 12:44 AM

View PostKumori Tensei, on 22 September 2013 - 06:09 PM, said:

Hey, do you mind posting a build of what you run with dual bows?

I run 20/30/15/5/0
I change up the traits depending on the situation, but I mainly run:
Marksmanship: Steady Focus, Eagle Eye
Skirmishing: Sharpened Edges, Quick Draw, and Trap Potency
Wilderness Survival: Wilderness Knowledge

My shortbow has Carrion stats (power, vitality, *condition damage) with a Superior Sigil of Corruption
My longbow has Beserker stats (*power, precision, crit damage) with a Superior Sigil of Fire

For my utility skills I normally run Flame Trap, Viper's Nest, and Signet of the Hunt, and I use Entangle for my elite, since Wilderness Knowledge gives me a shorter recharge on it, as well as the condition damage.

My armor and trinkets are a mix of stats, but with my shortbow equipped (and no charges on my sigil), my overall stats are as follows:

Power: 1,531 Attack: 2,581 (I have the Dreamer as my Shortbow)
Precision: 1,406 Critical Chance: 27% Critical Damage: 44%
Toughness: 1,466 Armor: 2,530
Vitality: 1,539 Health: 21,312
Healing Power: 335
Condition Damage: 946
Condition Duration: 20%
Boon Duration: 5%

How I play:
I mainly use shortbow, throwing down my traps when enemies get too close, and the Superior Sigil of Corruption helps boost my Condition Damage as I go.  I do my best to kite around enemies as needed to stack bleeds with my default shortbow skill.  If I need to tag a mob, I will switch to longbow and throw down Barrage, and with the zerker stats I have a higher crit chance, and with the Superior Sigil of Fire I have a 30% on crit to cause an AoE flame blast.  With my trait set up, I gain swiftness and fury when I swap weapons, so in larger boss fights I will swap my weapons more often for the bonuses.  I do have an exotic Greatsword, Sword, and Warhorn for situations where I know the boss reflects projectiles, so I'm not completely screwed in battle.

For pets I almost always have the brown bear with me, as they are tanks and provide a condition cleanse.  For my secondary I bring either the wolf, fern hound, or devourer depending on the situation.  The wolf has a fear, the fern hound an AOE regen, and the devourer an AOE poison field (which is a combo field as well).

Sorry if that all seems rather jumbled.  I purposely built her to be able to run all sorts of content without needing to change my trait points all the time.  I have taken her to WvW, PvE, Dungeons, and Fractals, and she does well in all of them.  If you have any other questions feel free to message me!

In Topic: so i want to use short/longbow

22 September 2013 - 06:07 PM

My main is a level 80 ranger who mains shortbow and longbow.  I came up with a mixed build for her, and she does fairly well in all aspects of the game.  Play how you want to, there will always be others who think you should do it another way, but as long as you're happy, that's what matters (in my opinion).