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12/14/2012 patch - lots of underwater combat updates

15 December 2012 - 02:50 AM

Wonder if these were updates that have been on a list somewhere for a while, or if there will be new water combat opportunities introduced with the update.

Edit:  Oh.


The Patch notes:

Underwater fields and interacts. We’ve gone through and improved our underwater combat experience. Many professions had a distinct lack of fields and/or interacts
Well sure, if had wanted to keep reading...

You know botting is a serious problem when...

12 October 2012 - 11:12 PM

You see 3 people dressed the same way and doing the same thing, and reflexively start to report them...

...before realizing it's a single mesmer.  With clones.

I swear, I have two 80's and am working on another (currently 60), and it seems like I am seriously outnumbered by bots this time around in zones I've rarely seen them.

I make allowances for this being a young game, but wow...  It's getting crowded.

Thoughts on Eyefinity

29 September 2012 - 06:19 PM

i7 [email protected] GHz
Intel 120GB SSD
6 GB DDR3 PC 1600 RAM
3 Dell 4:3 LCD"s (2 x DVI, 1 x Mini DisplayPort to AGP)
650w Corsair Crossfire-ready PSU

So I finally got around to replacing my pair of HD4850 cards, and settled on an HD7970.  I wasn't really looking for an Eyefinity setup, but I figured what the heck, for a total cost of $30 (Apple Mini DisplayPort to VGA adapter), I might as well give it a shot.

Setup was fairly simple (it seemed to matter which monitors were initially active when Windows detected them), and GW2 immediately picked up the change.

And 15 minutes later, I'd disabled the Eyefinity group and was back to running Fullscreen Windowed on my original 22" widescreen (albeit with two of the 4:3's flanking it on either side with web browsers and Spotify up).

For me, it was just too much real-estate.  The minimap, chat interface, and other HUD elements (except the action bar,which was perfect) simply required too much head-turning (this would have been even worse if the displays were widescreen).  I was also getting a ripple in the middle of my center monitor (almost looked like an overheat artifact - but it wasn't). VSync didn't help.  This was one of the DVIs, so I can't blame the Apple adapter.  No idea whether it was a driver issue, or something hardware-related, but it was just enough to be constantly annoying.  Finally, the monitor bezels were a real issue - not because they broke up the image, but because the image itself didn't take them into account, drawing as of there was no gap - which gave the effect of the image being chopped up and having black bars inserted into the gaps.

Some of those things are pretty unavoidable; I get that.  One thing I think GW2 could do to better support Eyefinity is to make their GUI elements truly undockable (versus just realizable and moveable to predefined spots).  If that were the case and I could eliminate the middle-screen artifact, I think I'd adapt to the other peculiarities, and end up loving Eyefinity.

The point of this post?

Food for thought for anyone considering Eyefinity, and a request for input from others who have tried it.

Gold sinks and mechanics and skills, OH MY!

06 September 2012 - 06:11 PM

Just a thought...  GW2 doesn't have to fit your definition of fun in order for it to be a good (or great) game.  Just because you dislike something, or consider something to be "game breaking", doesn't make it fact.

Using WoW as the arguable standard for the past decade of the MMORPG genre...

GW2 is NOT WoW.  WoW is a great game.  WoW has a game design that has worked for years with tremendous success.  WoW is still going strong.

WoW is designed with a fairly low level of entry skill, and has become incresingly willing to give you your carrots - if not because you are 'l33t', because you are persistent.  In WoW everybody wins... sooner or later.  

There are LOTS of MMO's out there that have copied WoW's philosiphies to varying degrees.  Some of them have been moderately successful.  Many of them have gathered a massive initial playerbase who very quickly realized that, if they're going to play WoW, it's easier and more enjoyable to just go back to WoW.

GW2 is NOT WoW.  GW2 is designed to be different.  GW2 is a game with consequences, and a required minimum level of skill.  Combat can be fairly unforgiving.  Gold sinks can actually force you to make decisions.  Selecting a set of traits and abilities means making sacrifices.  You are expected to die.  GW2 is meant to be difficult in a way that WoW, frankly, is not.

GW2 compensates for this by doing things like eliminating the "holy trinity", streamlining the combat interface, and changing the way progression works.

You may like this.  You may not.  You will most likely agree that some things fit ANET's lofty goal of prioritizing "fun", and some don't.

There are things you will want to see change.  There are things that are legitimately broken. These forums are a great place to discuss these things, determine consensus, find solutions, and trade ideas.

But if you're finding that you are passionately adverse to core aspects of the game, refuse to consider that a differing viewpoint might have some validity, or consider anything that isn't generally agreed to as being a problem to be "game breaking", you might consider the possibility that GW2 is not the game for you - not because it's "broken" but because it was designed with a definition of "fun" that doesn't match yours.

Some things are broken and merit discussion.  Some things could be improved and merit discussion.  Some things need to be understood and merit discussion.  But if all you want to do is complain as loud as you can with your hands clapped firmly over your ears, then you are wasting your time.

Sorry - I try to avoid making these kind of posts, because they generally don't accomplish much, other than to infuriate people who are already upset.  I just think that the basic premise behind a lot of threads - that GW2 is broken because something(s) doesn't match my definiton of "fun", and that it's the game that needs to change (versus myself) displays a huge level of immaturity and misplaced entitlement.

GW2 doesn't have to be the right game for you in order for it to be a good game.