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A Guardian Lost in Arah [Explorable]

01 December 2012 - 09:18 PM

Hello everyone,

While Fractals of the Mist is fun and all, I have the sole goal of wanting to obtain every armor available for my only character.  Arah has finally come up on my dungeon running crew's mind, and when wandering in last night... I felt like I was being eaten alive.  All of the condition stacking from Oozes and other monsters just destroyed me, and I've never had an issue in FotM or any other dungeon.

I have numerous builds available.  I have been running (with great success) a 0/10/30/20/10 trait setup with Vitality/Power/Toughness gear (Knight accessories) and Rune of the Soliders 6/6.  Damage prorating from Protection obviously wasn't helping, and any numerous attempts to remove conditions just stacked more on me.  It almost feels like I just have to Shield & Scepter the entire dungeon, which I am hoping is not the case.

Any opinions, please let me know!

Condition Damage -- Truly only for solo-play?

04 October 2012 - 12:44 AM

Fellow Guardians,

I know many topics have been done to death regarding condition damage not being viable outside of solo-play; however, I want us to brainstorm for a moment.  Burning condition damage is one of the strongest conditions out there, and yet we feel shoehorned into mostly avoiding it due to the way stacks work.  From what I understand, this is what we know:

1) Player A places Burning condition on enemy target.  Damage is based on Player A's condition damage stat.

2) Player B happens to place the Burning condition on the enemy target after Player A.  Now the Burning stack is increased in duration; however, the damage is now based on Player B's condition damage stat.

3) The cycle continues, basically having whoever places it last deal the damage.

Now, I'm sure I may not have it 100% right, and that's okay -- this topic is meant for both brainstorming and clearing up misconceptions.  For solo-play, this is perfectly fine as we are the only one we're depending on to deal this condition damage; however, dynamic events have little control over who does what and on which target... which makes me wonder, is it possible to actually have it work in a dungeon?

A Guardian has a nigh-endless way to keep Burning on the enemy.  If the party is aware, is it possible to allow a Guardian to stack his own damage without it being overwritten?  There are a few scenarios where I can see it being tricky (Consecrations), but hogging Virtue of Justice certainly is one direction to prevent it... then again, I'm not certain how many more fire combo fields other players can field, and if it's even feasible to have a premade group potentially harm damage over the fire fields (as in, how many other characters would it affect to not cause burning?).

In the end, I'm assuming the outcome will be that we just cannot use this condition in a dungeon while specializing for it due to how combos and the condition itself works... but I at least want to see if the option/opportunity is there.

Your thoughts?

Dungeon Trait Crisis

24 September 2012 - 01:06 AM

Hello everyone,

I'm beginning to have a crisis when it comes to my Guardian.  After 224 hours of playing my Guardian, much of it at level 80, I have done numerous dungeons but have finally begun to feel... underwhelming for the team.  We had run Citadel of Flame for the "ultimate weapon" path, the one involving the Legendary Searing Effigy as the final boss, and never before had I doubted my trait builds until now.

This build yielded decent results.  When necessary, I could switch Retributive Armor to Honorable Shield and Pure of Heart to Two-Handed Mastery -- this was whenever I would swap my full Knight's Set (with the runes posted in the link) to my full Cleric's Set (which has Dwayna x2, Water x2 and Monk x2).  They were very good at swapping between eachother and still maintaining good support and defense or support and offense.

The dungeon run itself just felt... difficult, so I decided to try another one.

I attempted a new build in hopes of feeling more useful; however, I only feel less durable due to the lack of healing aid and... well, needless to say I'm having the existential crisis I've been worried of having this whole time.

Now I simply worry... what do I do?  My goal in a dungeon is to be durable, supportive and overall help with the encounters I can.  I switch skills when necessary, swap out traits I've specc'd into in hopes of smoothing things out, yet after this run things just felt... horribly bad.  I know there are abilities people would sneer at, such as Altruistic Healing, but I most certainly found it to be more useful than others in the runs I have.  That being said... the feeling of being useful has certainly diminished greatly.

Tens of gold spent on crafting two completely new exotic sets, copious runs and more gold spent on acquiring the runes I needed for each (although I lucked out with Runes of the Ranger x5 being 9s a piece when I did), and now, after all this time, I'm in crisis mode.

Help me, my fellow Guardians.  You are my only hope.

Accessorize Your Guardian?

16 September 2012 - 09:54 PM

Hello everyone,

With many people making posts of finally reaching the pinnacle of 'maximum' character level, I was beginning to notice a trend of posts: trait builds, worthwhile skills and armor sets.  One noteworthy point I often see is that, while we often talk about which armor set does our build justice (whether it be Orr Region/Temple, Craftable or otherwise), we never really go too in-depth about trinkets and which does what set stats justice.

For example, a popular choice amongst the crowd seems to be the Knight's craftable set (Power/Precision/Toughness), which often (but not always) leads to people going for Valkyrie (Power/Vitality/Critical Damage) trinkets to offset their lower health pool as well as to get the most bang for their critical hitting bucks.  It seems like an obvious choice -- if my main stats are around Power, Precision and Toughness, I should go toward trinkets that compliment them.

My issue, which often is never addressed, is what do other armor sets have in the form of trinkets to actually compliment them?  The glass cannon Berserker's set seems to go with Berserker trinkets; however, what about Cleric armor (Power/Toughness/Healing Power)?  How about Valkyrie armor sets, is their compliment the Knight's trinkets (and is it even worth it)?

Come one and come all, Guardians of Tyria!  I would like to hear how you accessorize your Guardian to best fit your sets, and how you believe each set can be complimented by what trinkets!

*tl;dr ver. Knight Armor goes well with Valkyrie Trinkets.  Berserker Armor goes with Berserker Trinkets.  What other combinations compliment eachother?*