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Endless toymaker's tonic

27 December 2012 - 02:04 PM

Hey Team,

I got dropped one of these bad boys.  Thank you very much Tyrian Gods of Wintersday :D
It turns out it seems to be worth some gold.  I'm not into Transform tonics at all, so I have to ask you guys how desirable they are and how much do you think people will want them when Chrimble is done and dusted?

Isaiah Q and A; How magic find works, Eternity, precursers.

16 November 2012 - 11:11 AM

Looks like Lead Designer Isaiah Cartwright did a fairly lengthy QandA on Kotaku last night.  Just thought I would post the link in case any hasn't seen it or.  

Some of my personal Highlights include a magic find explanation, tweaks to Vet and Champ drops, an an answer to the Eternity question and tweaks to the burrow arrowcart hit mechanics.

Q_  Plz, could you explain how exactly magic find atribute works? (ammout of % that increases if that's the case and how much does it really influence in the item drop rarity) Thank you.

A_  "Everytime you kill a monster you roll on a number of tables, inside these tables are different rarity categories. Magic find increases the chances you will get higher categories. For example if there is a 1 in 10 category, and you have 200% magic find you will have 3/10 chances to get that category. This improves not just the rarity of the items you get but can also improve your chances at getting trophies and rare crafting materials like lodestones."

"...loot from veterans and champions as well as chests around the world have been improved I would suggest trying them out!"

Q_  There were plans before to be able to merge both Sunrise and Twilight into one weapon that would change aesthetics depending on the day.
Will it ever see light of day :P?

A_  "Yes you can create do this in game to create Eternity."

Full thing here;