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#1789171 Longbow just got butchered: -20% damage output

Posted MattVid on 22 August 2012 - 07:15 PM

View PostItalyguy08, on 22 August 2012 - 12:46 AM, said:

Do some of you guys really base your decision on what class to roll depending on what got nerfed or not? This is an MMO, changes happen all the time, Anet has way more information at their hands in order to balance the game.

Stop being so overdramatic about a change (Number balancing) to one skill.
This is probably the only reasonable post here, and is my response to basically everyone that whines about stuff. The best part about these FOTM players (bads that have to play the most overpowered class) are when things get fixed and they have to swap to another class to do well.

Some people just play like that, so whatever. I choose a class based on the look and feel of it, I could care less about the performance. It is up to the developers to get it all balanced and working, and I have confidence they will.

I just think it is hilarious seeing most of the complaints being about a trait that gave 25% range and 25% damage. That actually seems balanced in any way, shape or form? Honestly, it looks way overpowered than any other weapon trait I have seen. Most just give a 5% bonus damage. It is pretty obvious you should try some other classes (to get a feel for how the game is supposed to work) and also realize that traits that are literally 10 times better than any other class trait is going to get nerfed into oblivion. Honestly, how it stands now, it still sounds overpowered to me.