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Karma 70-80 rings, amulet and back piece

01 September 2012 - 12:16 AM

Hi there

As I just hit lvl 80, I can see that many of my items need an upgrade.

As I am going for a tanky warrior, I favor power, toughness and vitality. I was able to find a Karma vendor in the very north of Frostgorge Sound who sold some lvl 80 rings with those exact stats.

Now what I am hoping is if anyone knows of some karma vendors who sells rings/amulet/back piece with those stats at lvl 70-80?


Looking for tips/critique

23 August 2012 - 07:57 AM

Hi guys/girls

Been a late pre-purchaser I havent really had any experience from any BWe, only really tried the last 4 hour stress test. Therefore most of my inside into the warrior (which will be my first char) comes from various videos and skill calculators etc, so Im hoping you guys can help me out with the preliminary build Ive come up with, which is mainly focused at PvE.

This is the build: http://www.gw2build....-tank-4308.html

My aim is to be a somewhat of a offensive support/tankish char, so Im mostly insecure about the choice of utilities and trait distribution.

I took mending heal for the low cd, as well as the removal of conditions.

3 banners to really get some group support done

Finally dolyak signet for some migitation and cc counter.

Any obvious faults in that selection?

Also for the traits, when in Defense the XI ability, "defy pain" says it will activate endure pain at 25% hp, I suppose that means it brings an inherent endure pain, and I wont have to use endure pain in one of my utility slots?

Again any pointers, and comments on glaring errors would be much appreciated!