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#1778948 Concerned about build variety.

Posted Sebyos on 21 August 2012 - 03:35 PM

It's surprising to see someone worried about build variety when I see so many build threads in Vigil's Academy I got sick of it.

You have no idea what you'r talking about obviously. Please think before posting.

#1778903 Concerned about build variety.

Posted jdavet90 on 21 August 2012 - 03:28 PM

Not everybody is going to want to use a "uberl33t" dps build too. If you do that, you will fail in dungeons. Also, while lots of people praise the bola, I think its a little overrated, sure its nice, but there are weapons you can use that would give you a similar or even better effect. Greatsword for distance closers and a cripple, rifle/longbow for cripple and immobilize, warhorn for swiftness and cleanse all movement impairing effects. You don't have to use bola. So don't worry,there will be plenty of different builds. My 2 builds I have planned for warrior are are banner/shout long range support style warrior, and a signet using, adrenaline fiend mace/shield setup.

#1778768 Concerned about build variety.

Posted weizen on 21 August 2012 - 03:00 PM

As for the Warrior, there are way more the balanced stance/bolas as viable utilities.There are many viable builds for warrior, dps burst(fury axe/mace build, greatsword/axe build, rifle), bleeder, cc-monster, hammer-damage, shout-build (i hate them, takes forever to kill). Warrior has many possible and viable builds. The only weapons i don't really like are offhand sword and longbow.

where you are half right is discipline, 15 points for the faster weapon swap, or 20 points for mobile strikes is really really good, not mandatory but very very good.

i also played engi a lot, and there you have so many options to spec,all viable. Grenade build, rifle or pistol + elixir. Rifle burst with toolit and gadgets. pistol/turrets. Support builds based on the elixir gun, Juggernaut builds for the Flamethrower and my personal fav rifle/toolkit with elixirs.

guardian kann spec into extreme offense of defense, or point guard with mass area denial, or something in between.

thief, not to much experiance, but with the latest changes there are a few builds that could work as good as the now nerfed venom share.

Ranger, not idea, but ranger in my guild is pretty happy with the options he has atm.

DPS is not everything there is, but most of the videos on youtube are videos of someone bursting around. So we don't see the other builds shine, but playing in a few tournaments you quickly see that many people don't spec pure burst because it's easy to counter.