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Best solo PvE class?

01 August 2013 - 09:32 PM

Getting back into GW2 after a long hiatus.
I already have a level 80 mesmer but i've been wondering what class should I level next.

Basically my question is, what class(es) do think work the best when it comes to 'attempting' to solo dungeons. Obviously, I'm not even sure if this is even possible to begin with considering the scaling down system, if that's the case then what at least becomes the closest to being able to.

I tried looking up what people thought about this before, but anything I could find was very outdated from the betas or recently after launch.

I've been hearing warrior, guardian, engineer, and elementalist so far...


15 December 2012 - 09:10 AM

"Phantasmal Duelist: Damage now matches the tooltip. Increased damage to match the lost damage from a previous bug fix."

I thought the problem was with Berserker, not the Duelist.
Was the duelist also having this same accidental damage nerf problem?
How come they didn't state a damage fix to Berserker like they did duelist? was it fixed or no?

Pistol Whip

15 November 2012 - 09:00 AM

So I got killed by a Thief in 2 seconds
1. this isn't an exaggeration
2. this isn't a QQ

I figured it was the usual mug, CnD, backstab combo. But I took a look at the combat log anyways.

all it was was just Pistol Whip...

Infiltrator's strike
Then Pistol whip 19 times....19...
then a normal auto attack


Sorry it won't let me extend the chat box any more than that, there was more, but I did count exactly 19, not 18 and not 20, 19.

I see the skill costs 5 initiative (so can easily be done twice in a row).
it does a 1/2 second stun, and allows you to attack 9x with your sword.

This is what i found weird. If the thief that killed me, used pistol whip twice, why did it count it 19 times? if it counted just the sword attacks it'd be 18, or if it counted the initial hit as well, it'd be 20. so I'm not sure if it was some kind of bug that actually repeated pistol whipe multiple times or if they just used it twice and that each sword slash is just counted individually.

My other concern was how much damage was done by this.
each attack seemed to hit for about 800 per strike. 800x19=15,200+2k (infiltrators strike)+1k normal hit=18,200

15k in two seconds seems kind of ridiculous to me @.@

Is this normal for pistol whip?

Always Shroud, Never Die

18 September 2012 - 07:43 PM

So I'm going to be making a necromancer as my alt. I was wondering what you guys think of this build for PvP. (and on a side note, for dungeon soloing attempts, but mainly pvp)


This build focuses on being in death shroud for as much as possible. Then, when not in death shroud, while building up for it as fast as possible, draining health to ensure survivability while doing damage.
I chose dagger/dagger for the life steal, plus the auto gets a lot of life force. the offhand dagger gives me some condition removal and a blind.

the weapon swap i chose staff for some regen, another condition removal, and all of those marks can make me look really scary to people >:3

heal: i chose consume conditions as another condition removal, plus i get bonus health for it. i was thinking well of blood at first so i can heal from its after effects once i enter death shroud, but consume conditions seems a lot better with condition removal, heals nearly the same amount, and on a shorter CD.

signet of undeath: i get more life force, more time in death shroud. plus i can help allies if need be.

blood is power: more life force, plus i can remove the bleed if i need to.

spectral armor: life force/protection

Soul Reaping:

III - 15% faster recharge rate on skills, a must have.
II - life force drains 25% slower, a must have.
VII - death shroud recharges 50% faster, makes easier for me to swap to and from death shroud when need be.

Blood Magic:
I - faster recharge on daggers, must have for life steal and condition removal
II - more effective life steal (life siphon, vampiric, vampiric precision, sigil of superior blood, runes of vampirism (are these runes/sigils effected actually?)
V - more life steal

Death Magic:
VI - condition removal for going into death shroud, this is good with my faster recharge rate on death shroud too.

sigil of superior blood and runes of vampirism for awesomeness.
clerics amulet + clerics jewels

-being a troll
-can't die
-look scary when you weild the staff and lol
-life steal
-decent condition removal

-not as damage heavy as some other builds

comments? If anyone can, can they test out the build? (i'm not able to at the moment).

Illusionist's Celerity vs. Phantasmal haste

11 September 2012 - 07:07 AM

anyone else notice that the first minor in the tree Illusionist's Celerity makes Phantasmal haste which is in the same exact tree as a major, redundant? (they dont stack, the CD caps at 20%, or at least this is what ive been believed to have seeing on the talent calculator).

obviously it's to prevent cooldown stacking beyond 20% like with one of those plus a weapon cooldown trait, i get that. but why are they both in the same tree? and why is Illusionist's Celerity which covers a broader spectrum than Phantasmal haste a minor instead of a major, shouldnt the two be switched? and the very first minor in the tree nonetheless.