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Allow us to modify our golems (Asura)

18 September 2012 - 04:02 AM

I would really like to customize/design my own golem. At least, give us some options to choose what kind of offense/defense for our golem and dye option.

Rangers can tame different types of pets!
I know it is like comparing apple with orange since Ranger is a profession and Asura is a race. However golemancy is one of the key Asura  technology (other than Asura Gates) and we even have golem project for Snaff Prize! I think they (Asura) don't mind spending time to design/decorate golems.


Asura magical technology is second to none. Their experiments with magic are evident through the impressive floating structures found around and within their cities. Many asura study the difficult art of golemancy, and golems are often used for defense and general work. The golems' complete absence of intelligence and huge size complements the asura perfectly.

Just a little more love for Asura, maybe?