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#2116662 Anyone losing that new game smell?

Posted lmaonade on 13 December 2012 - 11:23 AM

View PostFrogKnight87, on 13 December 2012 - 11:21 AM, said:

You played 550 hours and wonder why the "new" feeling is gone ? Rofl.

did I say wonder? No I didn't, if you're going to comment on something I wrote at least read it correctly

The topic was asking if others felt the same, not "herpderp I dunno wat's going on"

#2075828 Ascended Items

Posted Princess Fatora on 13 November 2012 - 06:44 AM

Well, there's two ways now.

1)The immature way: Stick around and keep complaining, like the people that kept crying about "Lack of progression"
2)The mature way: Leave and just find another game.

I picked 2, just ordered myself some nice games from play-asia. T'is my last post in here. I won't ask for a refund, since hey, I got more than enough fun for my bucks. I'm not married to GW2, after all, so off I go. Enjoy your fix for the number additiction, statgrinders. Just make sure you keep buying gems, because the game will need your support with the loss of people like me. You need to offset this, if you want to keep the game afloat.

#2037060 Why I'm underwhelmed with GW2's Halloween event so far.

Posted Lhim on 23 October 2012 - 12:08 PM

View PostHermos, on 23 October 2012 - 11:49 AM, said:

Now I understand that there are a few things I've omitted, namely:
  • I should wait for the other acts before making rash statements like this.
  • There's still technically more here than in GW1.
  • Costume brawls are great, even though I suck at them and don't enjoy them.
  • Nostalgia could be a factor in this, and Anet have made an in game reference somewhere to GW1 vets who complain that gw2 isn't living up to expectations.
However, considering what I've seen and how I feel, I really do hope Anet delivers during the rest of the week. I'm particularly hopeful when the Mad King does arrive.

Anet generally doesn't disappoint, but I am losing a little hope.

Good thing that you added this and your title includes 'so far'. Too bad almost everyone so far ignores that.

#2031121 Anet sad that more people aren't charr and asura

Posted DuskWolf on 20 October 2012 - 06:53 AM

What bothers me is what finally forced me away from the game, and that's how cynical it feels. I'm now back to playing Champions Online again, I always did love that game, and at least Cryptic have treated fans of beast races well. I mean, I remember at one point a few on the forum were giving them heck about how poor their wolf heads were, and linking werewolf art to show how to do it properly. And what do they do? For a hallowe'en update they give us some new wolf heads, one clearly referenced from some of the art linked (which was amusing).

But in Guild Wars 2, the charr armour just looks so amazingly bad, across the board. Just... really, across the board. :| Would it have cost them that much in the way of resources to do a half-assed job of the armour, at least? They just didn't see it as important, clearly. And they're way bigger than small devs like Cryptic. So they really have no excuse. It just feels cynical. And then you have the untapped charr potential, I think their industrialism was tamed down because there were too many people freaking out about helicopters and such. So they went with populist appeal, sacrificing their vision.

In fact, when I look at Guild Wars 2, what I think most is sacrificing their vision for popular appeal.

It's the best example of that in recent history. And if you go and compare the concept art with what finally ended up in the game, it's easy to understand what I'm getting at. It's staring you right in the face. Daniel Dociu's Black Citadel, for example, compared to the one that made it into the game. Now, I love the charr from a race and an Industrial standpoint, but they should have been bigger, and more impressive. You don't remain with a city that small if mass production is a thing you can do. So it just feels like they were toned down, just because people might be upset that the tinker gnomes may look less advanced than them.

And talking of the tinker gnomes, their aesthetic is lifted without shame from Phantasy Star Online. I'm sorry, but it is. It's a straight rip-off. Those holographic screens and all, and the mix of nature and computers, the 'cuteness' of it all. It just smacks of Phantasy Star, which reeks of creative bankruptcy. Is this why they didn't show us the asura until later on? Instead of giving the asura their own distinctive aesthetic, they went with making them WoW gnomes with more advanced technology, again, lifted from PSO. And that's all the asura are. Where is the asura individuality? It doesn't exist. At all.

I couldn't blame an asura fan for being as angry about how sold out they were as I am about the charr.

Oh, sure, we can be defensive and make excuses - but that's just being defensive and making excuses. This is lazy, and lacklustre, and it just shows that the resources were divvied up in a cynical way. They knew that their audience would go with humanity, so that's why humanity got the lion's share of dev attention, with 'lesser' races like the asura and the charr barely getting a look in. And that's cynical, damn it, that's the very definition thereof. That's not being passionate, that's basically doing just enough work to actually call something done.

The only place really where the game shines is in the writing. The charr personal storyline is exceptional, and Tybalt is a fantastic character, but then even at the end of the game they go for the cheap approach. They take away all the choices, and instead of using more expensive voice actors (like those of Divinity's Edge), tehy bring in this guy to voice act Trahearne who clearly has no voice-acting talent at all. And that's bloody cynical, too.

The end result is that the concept artists aren't like the people realising the game. Those realising the game didn't do it with passion, they did it as a highly commercialised product, marketing over vision and all that. And it's a betrayal of everything they could have done. It just spits in the face of the lovely words they spoke to us leading up to the game's release.

Sometimes, I wonder... do they feel disappointed with themselves, and do they feel like they've betrayed us? Or are they just happy to be rolling around on beds of our money?

This is why I can't, in good conscience, put out any more money on GW2. I'll play every now and then until the story gets dull, but I want a developer who won't treat me like a walking wallet. Sadly, that developer isn't ArenaNet. At one time it was, a long time ago, and leading up to GW2 I thought that they might be again. But there's just so much cynicism in and sterility in the design of GW2 that I no longer hold that belief.

#1942069 "Casual" PvP in GW2 feels godawful to me.

Posted Shadowrose on 17 September 2012 - 11:57 PM

View PostLightingbird, on 17 September 2012 - 09:06 PM, said:

This thread seems a bit silly.

Its a game.  Play for fun. :)

Some are better than others and then there are those better than them with others who are terrible.  

The OP sounds terrible.  Sorry OP, you really come off that way.  A block of text based on how you don't like, err complain, or.. hell I dont really know what your saying.  Tha'ts right the causal play is horrible to you because your not good at it.  Please understand that this game isn't for everyone.  Everyone I personally know, including myself have careers and we enjoy the WvW.  So I'm not srue what you mean or were expecting by casual.  

Pac-man online perhaps? :P  Ha.

It does require skill on how to know to play your class, work in a small team that works with your overall server goal.  If that is too complex for you, too demanding, or too confusing then the reality is that you are just horrible.  No no, its no the game.  Its you.  

Might be time to play something else OP.
Other than flaming the OP back, I fail to see what point you tried to make in your post.


Tha'ts right the causal play is horrible to you because your not good at it

That was the only thing on-topic worthy I could find, however I wasn't lucky to find any reasoning behind said sentence in the rest of your insulting-happy post.

Make sure that in your future fanboy posts you at least make a little sense. =/

#1941297 Anyone else feeling a little burnt out from this game?

Posted Maconi on 17 September 2012 - 07:20 PM

"I've played a few classes to level 30 and I'm already bored..."
"Get 100% map completion, do all the dungeons, do WvW, and do sPvP. There's so much to do!"

"I have 100% map completions, have did all the dungeons, and have played a ton of/don't like WvW/sPvP and I'm still bored..."
"That's what you get for playing too much!"

There's really no winning this argument. :zzz:

#1941201 Anyone else feeling a little burnt out from this game?

Posted I'm Squirrel on 17 September 2012 - 06:54 PM

View Postdraxynnic, on 17 September 2012 - 09:14 AM, said:

On the other hand, the devs may simply be aiming for a different market. There's an old saw about how you can please some of the people all of the time or all of the people some of the time, but if you try to please all of the people all of the time, you end up pleasing none of the people all of the time.

Most MMOs out there have had the Wow-style gear carrot as endgame. The Guild Wars franchise, however, has always been one where getting max gear is pretty straightforward and after that you're just shooting for better looks, and some people - those who don't like the constant grind to keep up with the proverbial Joneses - prefer it that way. Change the game to suit the powergamers and you're making it less suitable for the people who are playing it more casually and prefer a game where having less time to play doesn't mean they're constantly behind the eightball.

When it comes to populations in higher zones - keep in mind this is a relatively recently released game, and people who are playing more casually will only have gone so far (especially if they're running alts). The population will spread out over time.

EDIT: Personally, I've never needed nor wanted the carrot on the stick. In fact, I find if anything it gets in the way of enjoying the game - especially with how artificial the leveling system is (a wolf here is level 30 while a wolf there is level 3? Really?) it just feels like it's a barrier to exploring where you want to more than anything. What I find boring is the endgame that a lot of people seem to call for being the grind to get that carrot on the stick - since what tends to draw out the game is grind.

I agree and I'm going to add-on to this, if you don't mind. Comparing the two grinds, the GW2 grind and the WoW carrot stick style, the latter itself feels a lot more rewarding. This is why, in GW2 essentially the whole game is a grind, no one can argue with that, every event is either killing or gathering, it's essentially the same for WoW. The difference being that in WoW you're working up to something rewarding, that cool epic looking piece of endgame gear. In GW2, the mats and grind required for "endgame" gear is EXTREMELY high, legendary weapons for example, dungeon sets, I haven't tried getting these, I figure they would take at least 100 hours per dungeon set.

Where in WoW or similar traditional MMORPG's the way you would pick up these endgear items is by looting from bosses, that itself is rewarding and fun. In GW2, you kill a boss and you get the most random crap ever-- literally shitty looking gear. That is not rewarding or fun, I mean you kill a boss with really nice looking armor and you can't even equip it, instead you get some ugly looking casual piece of armor you can get from killing a veteran-type enemy.

This is why the endgame fails, there's no reward, it's literally a POINTLESS lifestealing grind. I understand this game is supposed to be made for casual players, but how the hell does that work when the game has more grind than your traditional hardcore MMORPG? Everything you do is a grind in GW2, there's no adventure, because you have all these waypoints, which are really an instant grind teleporter, it teleports you to the closest event and then you start farming on whatever the event wants you to farm.

In WoW, the whole game is an immersive adventure, this is why: You actually have to TRAVEL to certain locations across the world whether that be riding your mount, taking a ferry, walking, running, taking a "taxi". And all of these options are not only effective, but they're fun and realistic, which adds to the immersion.

The quests in WoW aren't limited to one grinding area either, you adventure to your destination for example: you get a quest from a shaman from the corner of the world, he tells you that there's a demon sorcerer at the opposite corner of the world, you have to kill and defeat him. Alright, seems very simple, but it's not. What's rewarding is the adventure to get to the demon sorcerer and the loot that he may drop, because again, in WoW, when you kill a boss, there's a chance you may get his armor.

Whereas in GW2, you do an event and it's limited to ONE REALLY TINY area like a specific circle on the zone, and this is not exaggeration this is the way it is. Location-specific events kills the immersion. It's like literally a farm where you have specific circles for specific events, there's no sense of adventure when doing these events.-- I guess that's why to me it feels like a full-time job the endless grind and specific locations, there's no adventure, there's no reward... "Can this even be called a game?"

Another thing that ruins the game is the DOWNSCALE, you get downscaled way to much to a disadvantage there's no sense of character progression, I mean as a lvl 70-80 i'm killing risen, dragons and dragon minions, and then I go back to kill that lvl 10 wolf back in queensdale, and it takes me JUST AS MUCH TIME killing the damn bandits as it does to kill a risen... I guess my character didn't learn much from all the intense combat training back in Orr. Ridiculous.

#1654046 GuildWars2Spidy - Graphs of the Trade Market

Posted Drakie on 30 July 2012 - 01:37 PM

Posted Image

Guild Wars 2 loads the trademarket into the game from a website, someone on reddit posted the URL to that website a while back and you can get into that with your game account.

Now what I've build does not require you to login!
I made a niftly little tool that uses my own game account to automatically login to the Guild Wars 2 trademarket website every 15~30 minutes and go through all the listings of all the items and save those in a database.
With that information I can build graphs of sell and buy orders over time.

You can find the website here: http://www.gw2spidy.com/

Progress / Feedback
I'd love to hear some feedback on what people think would be good features to build or how to improve the core feature (the graphs).

The official tradingpost site
To avoid confusion: this is an official Guild Wars 2 website! the first URL is https://account.guil...2.com/login?...
There's no need for you to login, I just posted this part so you know where I get my data from!

Is this ok with ArenaNet?
I made a ticket on their support site during BWE3 asking if what I was doing was fine with them, since I use my game account to login it automatically I didn't want to risk getting banned or anything.

Ingame graphs are coming?
There's a small section in the Trademarket called 'Market data' which might just be reserved for a new feature which gives you some graph or something... Depending on what ArenaNet puts there this might be completely useless ;)

First of all, FEEDBACK IS IMPORTANT! That's something I really need.
Other then that, the project is open source so you can see the code here: https://github.com/r...sayshi/gw2spidy on github and feel free to fork or just run off on your own ;)
There'a README included and you can contact me to get more help, I don't mind helping! :D

#1932002 Player attitude major problem with the game

Posted Leeto on 14 September 2012 - 06:54 PM

Every single mmo has gold spammers/whiners/exploiters etc. etc. BUT only GW2 has these people who constantly whine about WoW players... So actually wow community is better in the end.

#1931470 Player attitude major problem with the game

Posted 7seti on 14 September 2012 - 04:48 PM

Here's an attitude problem: insisting that everyone who finds the game a bit lackluster must have been "brainwashed" by WoW.

Face it, not everyone enjoys the same type of gameplay that you do. It's nobody's fault, and it's not an "attitude problem".

#1905919 The Cons and Flaws of Guild Wars 2

Posted Spawacz on 09 September 2012 - 12:06 PM

View PostXgreatArtist, on 09 September 2012 - 11:44 AM, said:

why are there so many of these threads lately...
everyday i come onto guru, there is at least one 'gw2 isnt so bad' or 'i hate gw2 because' or 'why gw2 is good and bad'.

Because people have mixed feelings. This is what people who are not fanboys do. They understand it is a product they paid for and it has positive and negative sides for them. It is called having an opinion posting in this place called forums which was designed to exchange said opinions. I hope I helped.

So here is one more:
- when salvaging, and hovering over an item in bag it does not show me what item I currently got equipped.

#1881539 Is anyone actually having fun?

Posted ocelot113 on 05 September 2012 - 01:27 AM

View Postshortref, on 04 September 2012 - 10:05 AM, said:

So your friends left because they couldn't work out how to play together in the first 2 days?

Great, fewer idiots then.

And that grafitti heart took me 5 minutes, and I thought it was quite cool.
Classy, I'm glad you are open to people's opinions. Speaks loudly of you. First off, party interaction because of server loads made parties admittedly broken, stated by ANet. Secondly, if you explore more you will notice the graffiti quest are all over the place. There is not just one. They reuse the same formulas in every zone and it gets tiring if you play the game a lot. But like I said, so glad you aren't quick to judge and fast to sling useless insults.

#1882761 End Game?

Posted aop on 05 September 2012 - 08:10 AM

View PostSkjuludde, on 05 September 2012 - 08:01 AM, said:

So if you think the game is so bad, and so unenjoyable, and basically every component of the game is mediocre at best, why are you still on a GW2 fansite forum?
You know usually when I get bored or disappointed with games I simply stop playing them and move on to something else.
I also see no point in writing a fleshed out response to your previous rant as it's clear you made up your mind and the x amount of minuted I'd have to spend writing it out would really be in vain.
How did you come to conclusion that this is a forum for GW2 fans? I thought everyone who is interested in GW2 is very much welcome here and you don't have to love the game to post your thoughts about it.

I hate it how fanboys go butthurt about all legit and even constructive critisism and don't realize that if critics were listened even the fanboys would get to play a better game.

#1882644 End Game?

Posted Misce on 05 September 2012 - 07:36 AM

GW2 feels like a single player game with a CO-OP mode rather than a full scale MMORPG. Oh and let me add that as a warrior I could rarely stay in melee range in AC, I had to use bow/gun. Why? Because you can't "read" enemy intentions due to the shit-storm of stuff happening in the area. Particle-gone-wild saga.

#1880225 After a week of Guild Wars 2, I don't think its doing it for me.

Posted Razamis on 04 September 2012 - 08:19 PM

Hi everyone,

I was a Guild Wars 2 fanboy and I made a lot of posts here about how great that game was going to be, here is my rather long winded review of my experience after a week of Guild Wars 2.

It is really important to understand that Guild Wars 2 is a graphically beautiful game, and the intitial experience to the game is absolutely fantastic. The PvE leveling at first, is really impressive, and this is where all the hype comes from. If you played the game a weekend or two and that was all, then you would realyl be blown away by it. What I have found is that the cracks really come to light after you are past the initial smoke screen that a vast majority of GW2 players are currently expericing as they level up.

There are 80 levels in GW2 and that sounds like a lot, but what I noticed after only a few days of playing is that I was already level 40, and that was during the head start access. I am a married man, I have a quality full time job, I have friends, I enjoy reading, and other activities, I did not play GW2 anymore then I would have played World of Warcraft, so lets get that objection out of the way. I noticed this problem when I spent 20 minutes crafting for the first time and I gained 3 levels in 20 minutes. Another week, if I went slowly, and I would be level capped without even trying.

Guild Wars 2 dynamic events, are not really dynamic at all or at least 90% of them are not. They are just the same as WoW quests, only you do not have to pick up the quests from a quest hub. Which, sounds great, but in practice is actually a lot worse. At least in WoW I knew where my quests were, and I could go and get them on my time schedule. In GW2 if an event is not running right now, then you are  out of luck, come back later.

The rumors about Guild Wars 2 not having any end game have always been around, however arenanet assured people that there was an end game and it existed in the form of the continent of Orr. I can now say from experience, that this is NOT end game. You can get your karma gear from the temples and then you are done. There is no raiding, and it does not take long to get the most powerful gear in every slot, like a day or two. Once you have your gear, there is no real point in returning to orr (which is touted as end game because the monsters push back your advance into the continent while your offline, and you have to go back and push them back etc..), there are no "daily quests" that I save up to progress my character in any meaningful way. The only thing left is crafting legendary items, which are basically really fancy skins, and that does not take place on Orr.

When you goto GW2 SPvP (basically WoW battlegrounds), you are given a new character that is not your own. A level 80 of the same class you chose. They do not have any of the gear you had on your actual character. Instead this altered version of your character, is the same as everyone else, it has max skills, max legendary gear, max everything instantly. This is also something that sounded great to me as I always complained about "grinding" each season in WoW. However, let me tell you from first hand experience, GW2 BGs fealt like a shallow experience. I did not earn anything I had on this character, I did not feel a ny attachment to this character, and I knew that regardless of the outcome of the match nothing at all would change as there is no significant sense of progression.

SPvP comes in two forms in GW2, tournament and casual hot join. Tournament play is offline every 2 minutes, has been all week. Hot join is most like WoW battlegrounds, you join with random people and try to win. However the teams auto balance constantly. So my team might be winning the match, so someone on the other team leaves the game (no penalty at all, so why not leave if your losing? and people do often), if no one joins quickly, it will take a random person from the opposing team and SWITCH them over. I have been pulled from the winning team, placed on the losing team, with no hope of coming back. It really made me question why I should even care about the match result. Other times, I would be playing with two or three guild members and they would be taken from our team and placed against us, against our chosing. You cannot guarantee you will get to play with friends. Last night, my wife was swapped to the other team, and it sucked a lot for her.

The main "reward" for winning SPvP, is that you can unlock nicer looking armor pieces that have the same stats as everything you started with. You can dye them different colors and make your character look nice (these cosmetics only apply to your SPVP character, which cannot be carried back over to PVE). However, when you enter a PvP match, your character is colored a solid and heavy red or blue to signify which team you are part of. The problem is that this destroys any of the cosmetics you earned and setup before the match, and makes everyone look pretty much the same. When cosmets are the reward, this is a disasterous system to have in place.

In WvW, you join your server in fighting against two other servers. The problem is, you cannot see anyones name from opposing servers. All you see if their server name. Dragonbrand Invader (dragonbrand server). This makes it feel like you are less connected to other people, and that the players are less "real" then in previous games I have played. I have no idea who I am fighting, I have no idea who just killed me, or who I just killed. There is no reputation to be gained what so ever. In WoW, I know a lot of top players names, even though I personally never met them. It really feels like something is missing.

Also... there is no Dueling.. and no World pvp, no surprises and excitement and danger while questing.

Finally the actual combat itself was fine in PvE, but in PvP where timing is critical you really notice the problems with the system. Almost every ability you have has a delay from when you push the button and when it actually hits the opponent. This is usually done by fancy animation delays (which may or may not root your player in place while the animation is happening). The reason they do this is so that there is a brief time for the opponent to see what attack you are doing and then dodge roll out of the way. The intention is that the combat is strategic as players are dodge rolling out of the way of key attacks. The reality however is that whether the opponent dodge rolls or not, the combat feels lagged. I push the button when it was the perfect time to push the button, but by the time the attack goes off, it was no longer perfect. In WoW, the combat is fast paced action that rewards perfect timing with immediate effects, this gets the adrenaline pumping and feels like a blast. GW2 fails to give that same experience because of the lagged feeling of combat, it makes you feel less in control of your character.


Arenanet has been going crazy banning people left and right, for even the smallest of offenses. It feels really bad, like a police state. If you swear in game, you might be banned. Their warnings are 72 hour account suspensions. Then in an effort to dialog with players, arenanet starts posting account actions publically and discussing them offenses with everyone publically even if the account holder was not present.

The game has been out only a little more then a week, and already a lot of players (not just hardcores, who achieved these things the first few days) are already level 80, with 100% map completion, and the end boss Zhaitan is already being farmed.

The good things about the game are this:

- Graphics
- Initial leveling experience (first time through, after that, it does not have the replayability WoW has)
- World vs World (WvW)

Will this game last? I dont know, but I will no longer be advocating people buy this game. The fact that it has no PvE end game, its treatment of gear and levels meaning nothing, no pvp progression in SPvP, etc.. all mean that the game feels lacking. I dont think this will change as its based on deeply held Arenanet philosophy.

After only a week, I am really starting to look at Mists of Pandaria with renewed interest, and this is coming from a GW2 fanboy who thought he was done with WoW for good, but now is so ever thankful that an MMO exists that understands that having a carrot is a GOOD thing. If everyone has everything instantly, then its not special anymore.

The thing I am worried about most of all, is that if Guild Wars 2 is super successful, the next generation of MMOs will follow these design decisions instead of the better ones in WoW. I think I would  be done with MMOs if that happened.