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More Sylvari questions

22 August 2012 - 12:43 PM

So, I plan to roll a Sylvari thief when the game launches. I’ve roleplayed before and take the lore seriously, so I don’t want to fall for any traps. Seeing how the Sylvari lore is new and it’s hard to come by accurate information, I figured I would come here to ask a couple of essential questions. Some of them might not have a definite answer at all, but I would still like your input on what you think of my ideas.

- Does the Pale Tree serve as an intelligent creator? Is every Sylvari flawless, in the sense that Christians believe that every human is flawless? Or is it more of a “mix of genes” that just randomly produces a Sylvari within certain standards? Would it make sense of a thin, short and fragile Sylvari to feel angry at the Pale Tree for not creating him as tall and beautiful as other Sylvari?

- I have already decided that my Sylvari has been awake for a couple of months, at the very least, from the moment I create him. I want him to have had some exposure to the other races and other places before I join up in a guild. Is it acceptable to do this at all, or would you say it is avoiding one of the interesting problems that face Sylvari roleplayers? If you think it is acceptable to do this, what would be the limit? A year, five years, ten years?

- What kind of knowledge does the Pale Tree provide? Morals we already know. Language, obviously. Social norms, a little bit? History? Fighting? What about other cultures? Science and new technology?

- I’ve read about the Nightmare Court, Grove or whatever it is called. My question is how strong the sense of community, “family” is for Sylvari. Do they treat everyone equally or could someone of lesser physical ability feel like an outcast? Would it then make sense for this Sylvari to abandon the community all together, and establish himself as an individual? The Nightmare group already did this in a way, so it’s not too far-stretched?

- There’s a thread about Sylvari names already. It doesn’t really matter whether they pick their names themselves or if the Pale Tree names them itself. Could my Sylvari nickname itself something along the lines of “Leaf”, not going to be that in particular, once he realizes he no longer identifies with the Sylvari?

I realize it might be hard to get specific answers to some of these questions. Some of them are probably already answered, but I am lazy. But thanks in advance anyway.