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Ionic [ION] Casual Guild with hard Core Determination

22 August 2012 - 09:02 PM

Ionic is a moderate/casual play style Guild with hardcore determination and a structured leadership of mature and friendly players with vast MMO experience leading Guilds. We strive towards end game content and tons of WvWvW while exploring all aspects of the game from both the PvE and PvP perspective. Ionic has its own TeamSpeak3 server for voice and provides a strong social environment in game. Organization, knowledgeable leadership, and a friendly, drama free player base sets Ionic apart from the status quo. Joining this 'family' will ensure a fun and enjoyable GW2 experience.

Ionic has approximately 35 members hailing from both the East and West coast of the USA and Canada and also Japan; most of which are familiar with each other and have been gaming together for years. The leadership structure in Ionic is proven to work, drama free, and has fantastic support for its members. This is a guild filled with great people, having good times, and will make for an MMO experience that many will search for, but most will not find.

Being the largest guild on the server is NOT our goal however, Ionic will be seeking out a solid player base. If you would like to apply, nothing serious is required, but detailed correspondence is necessary. Please post on our forums and/or submit an application on our official site so that we can all get to know each other and see if you would be a good fit for our guild. We look forward to hearing from you soon...

Informally; we're a cool bunch of laid back guys/gals that like to game out whenever real life isn't in the way. Everyone is personable, collectively a friendly bunch (we all end up on a first name basis here), and are skilled players that excel more often then not. Personally when I played MMO's without this crowd I lasted a few months before getting bored, now that isn't a factor. Being in good company is what gaming is all about and it'll never fade with the community we've built. If you find yourself here, you can stay here for many more games to come.

Best of luck in GW2! I hope everyone, if not with us, finds the first-rate company you're looking for.

Server Choice: Blackgate

Guild Leaders: Aravos/Mongir/Thalgos

Guild:  Ionic is also part of a larger community Casual Kinship if interested please register on the site and fill out our app  ;)