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New Guardian synergies after balance patch

23 June 2013 - 04:28 AM

After some changes in the next patch, there could be some new build options coming.

In the possibly real leaked patch notes, there are quite a few changes.
Torch trait is better, vuln duration doubled, mace heal is better, 5s chill every 30s, different stun-breaks, spirit dmg up, scepter damage up.

Do you see new build styles?  Will you rework your build?

Feedback please on my build

04 June 2013 - 06:17 AM

EDIT - June 7, 2013:  I changed a lot of stuff and this is the v2 of the build... though everyone says it's useless so I'm not going to bother gearing my guardian.  

Original Post Below:
Just some things to keep in mind before checking it:
-Ignore the sigils for now.. haven't put much thought into them
-alternate weapon set is kind of a placeholder for now
-don't smack me for using Zeal pls!


I wanted to see what kind of build I could make that didn't use Altruistic Healing.  I started out focused on improving greatsword attacks.  Shouts remove conditions via the trait.  I wanted to match Strife's toughness & vitality, but see if I could get good damage in exchange for some reduced heals.

The strategy is that I use blinds & burning to do as much damage as possible with pretty tanky stats.  Virtue of justice, Greatsword 3, and the symbol from Greatsword 4 give 10 vulnerability stacks (10% more damage).  The enemy is burning (10% more damage), and greatsword equipped (5% more damage).  Then I use #2 Spin-To-Win when I have that extra damage.  Stand Your Ground prevents interruption throughout.
Then I could use Sword and/or Focus to add 2 more blinds, which means 6 more vulnerability stacks.

For comparison of effective health & power, here's strife's build (ascended items downgraded to match my exotics).

This is my first guardian build, so I don't expect it to be amazing, and it's not finalized.  I just wanted to avoid the same combos most people adopt.  How do you think this build would do?

LF big ol' Aussie guild

20 December 2012 - 05:40 AM

Currently I'm in a nice although dwindling guild with members online in the North American evening hours.

But my hours shift a lot, and sometimes I am up all night and asleep all day.  So I can go a week at a time being the only person I see in my guild for an 8 hour stretch.  It's lonesome.

So I'm looking for an Aussie guild with lots of active players to play with (and represent) during my night/their day.

I play every day, doing a bit of everything.  Both dailies, rare node grabbing, dragons, crafting, trading.  WvW and Dungeons are something I'd like to get more into.

With dungeons, especially the first time I like to take my time and enjoy it.  I watch the cutscene, I don't run past enemies, I try to use stategy and synergy with my group.  Speed runs are not my style.  It's just no fun if I try it without guildies, but my current guild rarely has enough people who want to do a dungeon.

I'm in my low 30s and though I don't care about age, I would prefer a guild that's mature.  Not a bunch of librarians, but not people being argumentative and accusing each other of QQing.  Swearing, sex jokes, drunk playing, I'm cool with.

I mainly play an ele that I'm very experienced with.  Waiting on a couple of exotics for dungeon rewards before he's in max gear.

I have my Active Guild Member achievement FYI ;)

Come together, right now, over me

07 December 2012 - 11:40 PM

Seeing as how fewer and fewer people are logging in each week and guilds seem to be dying very long and painful deaths...

Do you think there should be a movement to merge guilds so that the 10% who still play are playing together?

I can't understand the reason why I and others stay in a dying guild when there are other options out there.  Something's holding me/us back.  But given the state of the game population, it's sensible to merge all the dying guilds and make the game better for everyone involved.

Do you disagree?  If you agree, what's holding you back?

Proc from sigil + food and cooldowns

03 December 2012 - 09:29 PM

2 procs on dual-wielded weapons share a cooldown.

But if you used a single sigil with 20% chance on critical and Ghost Pepper Popper - 40% chance to cause might/chill on critical.  Would the cooldown on one prevent the other from triggering?