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Trifecta of gaming personalities

24 August 2012 - 03:05 AM

My girlfriend, My Roommate and I are in need of a guild.  I will give you an idea of who we are.

I am a PvPer, tried and true.  My MMO experience starts at Ultima Online, through Darkfall Online, EvE Online, World of Warcraft, and many many more. I am a technical player, normally do a lot of theory crafting, then testing, and then putting into use. I have the tendancy to be one of those people who finds the tricks and gimicks, and ways to defeat them early on.

My Girlfriend is very differant then I. She likes to gather, explore and craft.  She delves deep into lore and events/achievements.  She has a good amount of experiance from World of Wacraft, and many single player games.  She is the prime example of what I would call a PvEer.

My Roommate is, slow, mentally.  He has a hard time reading, but he does understand what he does read.  He is a good person, and plays ALOT! Since he doesnt work he can literally play ALL day, and he does.  He finds joy in farming, and grinding more then anyone I have ever seen.  I could imagine him having one of those streaming shows where people watch you farm. lol.

We all synergize very well.  We work together almost everyday, help each other learn and get better at anything that is hard for us.

We all work well with others, have a great sense of community, sharing, and paitence.

What we want in a guild is;
Members, a guild needs a good chunk of members or it gets dependant on a few peoples attendance... and when that wavers the guild tends to fall apart.
Community, a guild needs to help each other, play with each other. It is why we play MMOs.
Open-mindedness, and Tolerance of differant lifestyles, choices, specs, and mannorisms.
Sense of Humor! A big one... if you can laugh at yourself, everything can be fun.