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This is a shark-new game in the making

07 February 2013 - 10:35 PM

I have the luck of being part of developing a new block building game. And as an old regular in this forum i wanted to share here the first things that is actual showed from the game. From Build a World you you see the shark.

really hope you enjoy it.

22-03 status: see kickstarter http://www.kickstart...5/build-a-world

give illusions duration, instead of dying with their target.

05 July 2012 - 09:12 AM

Fixing the Mesmer mechanics

Shriketalon have summed up the issues the mesmer have nicely, in several posts. Look them up here

ArenaNet have stated that we shouldn't expect big changes as they are happy with the profession as it is. That leaves us with a discussion about what small changes that could make the mesmers situation better.
This is a suggestion of 1 such change. It might not be that small but it is imho needed.

But first let me recap the situation and the problems.

SpvP is fine. PvE is NOT. And WvW is not
In PvE its Boss fights and waves of mobs in large scale DE's where the mesmer is broken into uselessness. So basicly the key PvE fighting. If you don't get this, it's time to click on the link above and read Shriketalons post.

There have been a lot of suggestions to have to address these issues but I find that most don't really go to the core of the problem. Like the demand to separate clones and phantasms so they don't override and so shatter separate. It's not that I don't sympatise with the suggestion, but really the overriding is there in the first place trying to compensate for the real problem.

The real problem is that the unique profession trick Shatter doesn't work well with the sustained damage from phantasm, with the setup illusions have now. That situation creates a balance nightmare where a Mesmer either builds around a shatterbombing or sustained damage from phantasms. And there really is no middle ground in between, (unless maybe in sPvP).

Letting clones override phantasms is ArenaNets way to try forcing players into a the middle ground, but it is not working that well. And all the suggestions about separating clones and phantasms to avoid this override, avoiding having to shatter phantasm and so on, does not really help to solve the basic problem.

But what is actual creating the basic problem?

Hexes in GW1 had a time duration. For some reasons illusion doesn't have that- they live forever, that means until taken enough damage, or until their target is dead or they get shattered.

And that is imho where the mesmers trouble starts. Because it allows the mesmer to setup situations where he had his max numbers of pets out (cough)...phantasms off cause, and with no reasons to change it. Locking most of his skill bar into uselessness, and just put the mesmer in sleep mode spamming auto attack. Or it make every shatter a hard call for the mesmer, because he is gimping the DPS that comes from phantasms every time he is going to shatter.

Actual all the mesmers trouble, comes from this choice that illusion lives forever. The trouble that players really don't want clones to override phantasms, and that ArenaNet has to make them do it to make shatter an option, all comes from that.

I suggest that all illusions should have a time duration and not live forever. It looks like I suggest a nerf, but is it really that?

What could change then if illusions didn't live forever? But had a time duration like nearly every other skill in the game.

First: there will be no locking of the skillbar into uselessness when fighting a boss that ignore illusions as the illusions need to be renewed, and would optimal be shattered just before their timer runs out. This would change Bossfights from having half the skillbar useless, into being on even ground with most other classes, having a reason to cycle through the whole skilbar. (The big attacks most Boss monsters have that wipes all illusions is really not the biggest problem here, because its not that different from a boss moving away from AoE, in both cases skills are wasted).

Second: Illusions doesn't have to disappear when their target dies, because they die anyway when their time runs out. They could linger around, making shatter an option. This could help a little in the stages of DE's where hordes of monsters run into AoE and disappears faster than your illusion can actual damage them, reducing the mesmer to a spectator. (Giving shatters a decent AoE range would help too). And it also gives space to a Trait or a shatter skill that could let the illusions retarget, and that would give much more use of illusions in PvE

There would properly not even be a reason to have a hard limit of 3 on illusions. At least there would be some space to get rid of the overriding. Because now illusions disappears anyways.

Third you no longer build your mesmer around shatter or not shattering. Because no matter what, shatter would be a thing to consider just before illusions runs out. This force players to use shatters to play optimal, and that the whole point. Because having part of a profession mechanic you can (or have to) bypass is what makes the mesmer broken

From here there should be room to move the mesmer a little away from it single target control focus and give space for other roles. And traits can with some changes now more easy be used for a diversity of setups, instead of being forced into either shatters and clone generation or phantasm and no shatter at all.

So maybe mesmers illusions should be on a timer, instead of disappearing when a target dies. The timer could be 10-30 seconds , it could be phantasm health running out over time. Lots of posibilities.I think this is the basic change the mesmer needs and after that, it can be looked at if clones should override phantasm, and how and what to shatter.

(btw i am at a musicfestival -roskilde- the next few days - so replying to feedback will be delayed )