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Surviving WvW and bagging Badges of Honor

08 November 2012 - 03:15 PM

As a male, norn ranger with a beard, the only armor skin that looks somewhat decent is Invader. This apparently requires a lot of tokens.

I've been playing mostly PvE with my ranger and have gotten pretty good at it. I rarely die and can solo some pretty tough mob's. However, when I walk into WvW I just get destroyed. I usually find myself in a small group taking camps or by myself at jumping puzzles. I don't think I have won a single 1v1 yet. And as soon as a thief or warrior look at me, I die. I am pretty sure it is a mixture of my build, armor, and just learning to play. I've set it up to blow through PvE, but WvW is a completely different beast.

So, what armor is good for surviving in WvW when you are typically in a small group? What is the best trait allocation? How am I supposed to use my pets?

And above all else, what is a good way to get those Badges of Honor?

I usually play a trap build, and have the money for exotics, but I don't want to spend it until I know the build I should be going for. I am also worried that the Nov. 15th patch will make whatever build I choose worthless.

Edit: Just realized I posted this in the PvE section........