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#2097499 AMA Post-Mortem Discussion, What You Got Out of It

Posted asbasb on 27 November 2012 - 12:52 AM

What I got out of it? Closure. They intend to increase the time it takes to gear up and keep devaluing what you worked for by releasing more powerful upgrades. Basically, they want to make sure there's always something you can grind/work for to get more powerful, even if it's just an infusion.

I cannot play a game that won't let me get over the gear work part, in order to start working towards things I really like(skins/titles). I can't enjoy horizontal progression without having finished vertical progression. It feels like I'm wasting my time if I go for looks over power, even if the increase in power is just 0.1%.

Vertical progression was in the game from the beginning in the form of leveling to 80 and gearing up in exotics, but the process was short enough for me to soldier through/ignore it while I let myself get distracted by events, personal story and the details in the world around me. It also had a definite endpoint, a plateau that we all were sure of is never going to be surpassed. Now, with vertical progression being basically open ended, there's no chance I will ever reach a point where I can stop worrying about working to reach the top.

I'm done.

#2097493 AMA Post-Mortem Discussion, What You Got Out of It

Posted Millimidget on 27 November 2012 - 12:46 AM

Disappointing responses.

It's really easy to claim there was no foul, that all this was intended, and that you had really hoped to put in alternative methods for acquiring Ascended gear beyond dozens of hours of grind/farm per piece.

It's much harder to follow through and actually implement those alternative methods for acquiring the gear. Worse, they clearly sound intent on pushing more Ascended pieces, and if they require comparable grind to the current pieces then yes, it is a gear treadmill. And there's no reason to think they won't require comparable grind given all the discussion linking them to legendary gear.

Was there any response to the issue that they require the same mats needed for a legendary, so with each piece you're just pushing your legendary further back?

I don't see how this is attractive for anyone but the most hardcore grind fanatics. They still haven't made precursors easier to get; they just flooded the market with a one-time event that just happened to take place during their first "recruit a friend" initiative.

View Postparadiselight, on 27 November 2012 - 12:41 AM, said:

"there is minimal grind".
That's a complete joke. Even WoW was less of a grind than this.

#2097488 AMA Post-Mortem Discussion, What You Got Out of It

Posted paradiselight on 27 November 2012 - 12:41 AM

The first reply on the ascended gear is the most telling, as it reveals Anet's true stance. All the follow-up replies are just marketing BS generated by gauging the reddit replies/votes.

Seriously, had Anet came out and apologized, then followed up with promises to fix the grind, I might have stayed on. But no, all I get is a we-think-you're-too-stupid-to-realize statement "there is minimal grind".

#2097452 AMA Post-Mortem Discussion, What You Got Out of It

Posted n00854180t on 27 November 2012 - 12:09 AM

View PostVar, on 26 November 2012 - 11:56 PM, said:

So as it stands, we're in a gray zone. We need to wait and see how they correct their self-admitted mistake of limiting FotM as the only source of Ascended. If its not a terrible issue to acquire from other sources and Ascended base never falls out of flavor, then the manifesto is kept intact. (More or less.) (I'm pretty sure they had wanted exotics to have taken more time to acquire than ended up being the case.)

Feel free to correct my misunderstandings though.

Well, they said "We don't make grindy games" as well as "if a player has 1000 hours to obtain something so rare that other players would never be able to get it, we want that item to be differentiated by looks, not stats".

Unless the "other ways" to get Ascended items are *much much* less grindy than the current requirements, I don't see them holding to what they've said.

Going by the ascended item materials, which are about 10x the exotic materials cost, other methods of getting ascended items would be approximately as follows:

Karma - 42k (exo) -> 420k (ascended)
Badges of Honor - 300-400 (exo) -> 30k-40k (ascended)

That wouldn't do anything to fix the problem that these items require an order of magnitude more materials than an exotic item, and if they cost anything remotely on par with the current materials cost, they will still be a massive shitty grind (i.e., directly contradicting what they've said about grind previously).

Chris Whiteside just spouting random nonsense about it requiring "zero/minimal" grind doesn't actually make it reality.

#2097386 AMA Post-Mortem Discussion, What You Got Out of It

Posted Markus on 26 November 2012 - 11:19 PM

Now that I can finally see the direction this game heading toward, I suppose I made the right choice. Paying 60 bucks for close to three months of fun isn't so bad. Anyway I just don't see how they, in the long run, can satisfy both sides of the spectrum, especially when they're in direct opposition to each other (one prefers perpetual stats progression, while the other prefers an equal playing field with emphasis on incomparables).

The man who chases two rabbits, catches neither.

#2097383 AMA Post-Mortem Discussion, What You Got Out of It

Posted n00854180t on 26 November 2012 - 11:17 PM

What I got out of it is that they think everyone who bought the game on the stated premise is an idiot and that they've now abandoned those players in favor of the WoW game-hoppers, and are fully committed to obsoleting our gear (via increased stats on Ascended items over time) and catering to the no-life grinders.

Basically, a giant "* you" to fans of the game.

Edit: And yeah, I'm not spending any more money on gems after this, and thus far I've spend a fair amount (cost of the game at least). Nor will I be recommending the game to any of my friends or encouraging them to play.

#2091327 Like a candle in the wind

Posted Loumy on 21 November 2012 - 06:58 PM

Following is not for the faint of heart!

Goodbye Guild Wars (2)
Though I never knew you at all
You had the grace to hold yourself
While those around you crawled
They crawled out of the woodwork
And they whispered into your brain
They set you on the treadmill
And they made you change your game

And it seems to me you lived your life
Like a candle in the wind
Never knowing who to cling to (Nexon)
When the grind set in
And I wished that I had known you
But I was just a naive
Your candle burned out long before
We realized it did

To moderator: Please don't delete, It's just for FUN :-D

#2087418 How Much Real Money Did You Spend On Gems?

Posted Lucas Ashrock on 19 November 2012 - 12:49 PM

God bless me to even spend 1 cent more than the account on this game. Instead if i find a way to get back some with a law class action against NCSOFT, i'll be on first line :)

#2086379 FOTM rerollers Gone?

Posted BnJ on 18 November 2012 - 09:50 PM

FotM gone?

If anything there's going to be more than ever...

I don't know who's balancing over at ANet, but they've got no idea how to balance a class.  Maining a thief myself, I was hoping the BS build would get toned down and other builds buffed slightly.  Instead ANet decided they want everyone to run D/D...

I've shelved my thief and honestly I've lost a lot of interest in PvP after this patch.  Another patch like the last one and I'll probably just uninstall.

#2084875 FOTM rerollers Gone?

Posted ilJumper on 17 November 2012 - 02:10 PM

FOTM Rerollers gone?

They nerfed everything but FOTM builds. I hate the Might Stacking Backstab crap but I am forced to use it.

They nerfed balanced D/D
They nerfed S/D
They nerfed P/D

No changes to S/P or P/P

#2080681 Forget about Ascended gear, Has Anet been honest about anything?

Posted bcbully1 on 15 November 2012 - 01:15 PM

Repost of a repost - OP was lost in the shuffle. I apologize.

This thread has been deleted from the official forums without any reason. Banns have been issued to the people posting. Please spread this information.
I did not get banned, i am merely reporting this to the various gaming press outlets. I know friends in game that have been banned for as little as quoting an ANet developer.

=== Snip ===
*1. “The game will be released when it’s done”. Yet at release date several of the things that were promised and were sometimes even indicated as being ‘top priority’, weren’t “done” (and several of those still aren’t available):*

• account security measures (these were only implemented after launch, when the damage was already done)

Eric Flannum
security is a big, big priority for us.

Martin Kerstein
We are taking account security very serious and there will definitely be ways to protect your account.

• measures against botting (still being implemented)

Eric Flannum
Discouraging the use of third party programs that exploit the game and negatively impact the experience of others is a top priority for us.

• no guesting (still not available)… which is becoming more and more of a concern now that world transfers are limited to once a week:

Martin Kerstein
When Guild Wars 2 launches, you will also have the option to play with your friends on another world with our free “guesting” feature.

• no rollback functionality for accounts (still not available)

And I won’t even mention spectator mode or ladders for pvp, as ArenaNet has been evasive about when those would be made available from the very start (and I’m not much of a pvp person anyway).

*2. Dyes are character bound, not account bound.*
In short: a lot more grinding is required (or cash shop purchases) to get all the dyes you want on all characters.

Eric Flannum
And what we do is, as you find sets of dye, you unlock them for your account. So as you unlock dyes for your account, your characters just have them available for them.

Kristen Perry
Once you unlock the color, it will be available across your entire account, not just the individual character.

3. No dedicated healers, every profession was supposed to be equally viable in all roles, and every profession would be equally welcome in a party.

Yet (for example) the guardian (with most of its stills being support/healing based) is so close to a healer that he is always welcome in a party, 90% of his skills are support oriented, whereas a thief or ranger (with much less support options) are often refused from parties and are much harder to spec for support (with far less options). In short: ArenaNet’s implementation of professions failed to make them all truely equal.

*4. No need for “LFG” for hours to get into a group.* Yet the cities and the lower level zones are filled with people just looking for a group who wants them so that they can play through a dungeon in explorable mode. This is actually a follow-up to the previous point… if all professions would be equally effective at all roles, then nobody would have a reason to refuse people from their party because they are a ranger and not a guardian.

Also, there isn’t enough motivation to play through story mode dungeons with lower level players. A level 35 player wanting to do Ascalonian Catacombs will have to spend a long time looking for a group, because very few groups actually want a level 35 stranger in their party when they do dungeons. There isn’t any kind of reward for the party for playing with lower level players.

*5. Ever branching story:* with only 1 ending and several knots where branches come together again, these story branches are extremely disappointing.
I would at least have expected different endings if you choose The Vigil, the Durmand Priory or the Order of Whispers.

Colin Johanson
Every race has three branching dynamic stories right off the bat where they can pick from. So, for example, the humans you can pick to be from the city streets, the city nobility, or a commoner, and based on that choice you get a completely different personal story than somebody else. And then within that story, there are more branches that you can make decisions that further branch the story in other directions. So, I can be from the commoner class and you can be from the commoner class and we might experience a different story because of that. And then if you take that and say, all those options are available just for humans, then the other four races all have all these other completely different branching stories you can do as well.

This is just plain misleading. Very few of the branches are only available to one race, most of the branches actually are identical and not race dependent at all.
It’s not a branching story, it’s a ‘merging’ storyline… it starts off with a couple of different branches per race, but it quickly merges into one main storyline, with a few very small branches (paths) along the way that quickly merge back into the main story. After the first few levels, what race you took and what options you chose at character creation quickly become irrelevant, and you are all merged back into the one story thread.

*6. No grinding dungeons for tokens. Earlier on in the development, PC Gamer spoke to Eric Flannum, and he confirmed:*

Eric Flannum
“It’s more of a badge system, so this is something that we did in Guild Wars 1 as well. Our basic philosophy is that you should never complete a piece of content and get something you don’t want. So it’s going to be the case where you go through and are guaranteed to get a piece of gear that you didn’t have before, and that you’re going to want.” So, you’re guaranteed to get a piece of gear every time you do a dungeon? “Yes.” Sweet.

By now we all know how much grinding is required to get the dungeon pieces.
In fact, there wasn’t supposed to be any need for grinding at all.
On top of that, there is a severe lack of personal goals once your have reached max level and you have explored all the zones. There aren’t any long-term goals worth going for, other than the dungeon gear (or the legendary gear). So if you don’t want to pvp, all that’s left to do at max level, is the repetitive grind.

Colin Johanson
Most MMOs these days make you grind and do really repetitive, boring content over and over again. There are moments of fun, but then you’re back swinging your sword over and over again, chasing around a moth or an ogre that’s standing around in the world doing nothing. That’s the part of the genre we think players are done with. We want to make something that’s better than that.

Eric Flannum
I think MMOs have two primary stigmas attached to them that non-MMO gamers hear and drives them away. The first one is the ‘grind’, the idea that you’re going to have to do a repetitive task over and over again… we wanted to eliminate that.

We don’t want the player to ever have to grind and do something they don’t want to do to progress in the game.

Isaiah Cartwright
We expect content—not long, grindy progression—to be the deciding factor that keeps people playing our game. We want everyone to stick with Guild Wars 2 because our content is fun and enjoyable, not out of some dogged determination to slowly, slowly advance.

*7. No gear treadmill...* yet after we reached max stat gear (exotics), ArenaNet first introduced Legendary weapons, now Ascended armor, and in the future Legendary armor… all with better stats. The rare gear (legendaries) was supposed to differ only in skin, not in stats:

Colin Johanson
The rarest items in the game are not more powerful than other items, so you don’t need them to be the best. The rarest items have unique looks to help your character feel that sense of accomplishment, but it’s not required to play the game. We don’t need to make mandatory gear treadmills, we make all of it optional, so those who find it fun to chase this prestigious gear can do so, but those who don’t are just as powerful and get to have fun too.

Mike O’Brien
Here’s what we believe: If someone wants to play for a thousand hours to get an item that is so rare that other players can’t realistically acquire it, that rare item should be differentiated by its visual appearance and rarity alone, not by being more powerful than everything else in the game. Otherwise, your MMO becomes all about grinding to get the best gear. We don’t make grindy games – we leave the grind to other MMOs.

*8. Zones remaining “relevant”:* although the level scaling is a great idea, as it is right now, the game encourages grinding in only 1 zone: Orr. If you’re playing in Orr, you can easily make 6+ gold per hour and you can work on gathering resources that can be used to craft legendary gear. If you’re playing in any other zone in the game, then you can count yourself lucky if your “scaled up” rewards net you 2 gold per day, and you can forget about those legendaries.

Which is the main reason why Orr is still full, and most of the other zones are almost empty. There is nothing in those zones to entice players to keep coming back and do the events there again. Meaning that in many zones (even on full servers), a player playing through those zones will never be able to do the group events or take on the champions… because there’s simply no one else around to help out.
So please up the rewards in all other zones in the game and give every single zone something unique and worthwhile, to make it more interesting for max level players to return to every single zone and replay them over and over again.

On top of that, the scaling still doesn’t work too well, making lower level content far too easy if you’re scaled down from level 80 in full gear… even more so if you’re in a group. It doesn’t “remain challenging” as was the intention.

Right now, instead of addressing this problem of replayability, ArenaNet is spending most of its time into making new and higher level content to give players something new to grind for… and if that works, then Orr could soon see a significant drop in population as well.

*9. No crafting of throwaway items.* As it is, the tradingpost is a joke. Some higher level items are in huge This thread has been deleted from the official forums without any reason. Banns have been issued to the people posting. Please spread this information.
I did not get banned, i am merely reporting this to the various gaming press outlets. I know friends in game that have been banned for as little as quoting an ANet developer.

Eric Flannum
Our goal with our crafting philosophically is that you’ll never make an item that is a throwaway item. You’ll always be making something that is going to be valuable to someone. Whether it’s for yourself, whether it’s to put on the auction house, whether it’s a consumable that people want, there’s never a time when you’re just making something to increase your skill and then you’re just going to vendor it or chuck it or whatever else you’d do with it afterwards.

And finally, a few more of my concerns:
• The rates on the trading post and the currency exchange (gems) are ridiculous (15%/36%). Have a look at the rates on auction sites like ebay, as they are much more reasonable.

• Inflation on gem prices is ridiculous. On release date you could buy 100 gems for around 25 silver. Right now you’ll need closer to 90 silver for those same 100 gems. And still very few people actually consider it worthwhile to pay real money for gems to transfer them to gold.

so who want to level up their crafting skills are forced to make a fair amount of throwaway items.

#2036424 10/22 Thief Updates

Posted Al Shamari on 23 October 2012 - 04:51 AM

View PostLOCOMOFO, on 23 October 2012 - 04:44 AM, said:

Hopefully the QQing will die down a bit on the official forums, but that's just wishful thinking.
People would still QQ about Thieves if they nerfed them to the point to where we could only do hand to hand combat damage without weapons.

#1984832 What Guild Wars 2 Needs to Succeed as an eSport?

Posted Hypnotize on 01 October 2012 - 11:19 PM

And what needs to go is that you can switch your professions for every map and even when entered go back out and change it...

it´s much harder to find 1 setup to win all maps then finding one for every single one...

#1984128 Battle of kyhlo needs to be removed from Tourney Mode ASAP.

Posted Shadowrose on 01 October 2012 - 06:16 PM

both capricorn and khylo are absurd and annoying to play in.

they should just be removed.

#1982114 Battle of kyhlo needs to be removed from Tourney Mode ASAP.

Posted Naknoemo on 30 September 2012 - 07:28 PM

Retarded to have a map in a tournament 5v5 mode where the deciding factor is a siege weapon, and how well you can utilize it to your advantage, and not to mention, to an extent where you can * around the hole game, knowing you're much weaker then the enemy, and still win because of the trebuche.

And there's more, having an Mesmer on your team vs no Mesmer is an automatic win, instant trebuche repair is simply impossible to play against.

It's bad game design, it doesn't fit into an tournament mode 5v5 map, it's completly unbalanced, it doesn't actually reflect on your personal understanding of PvP and how well you and you're team can play.

Make Raid on the Capricorn as the third map, or remove the Siege weapon on the map, atleast on Tournament mode.