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#2174317 Isn't this an example of horrible customer relations by Anet?

Posted Mahaedros on 04 March 2013 - 05:20 AM

View PostkKagari, on 04 March 2013 - 05:17 AM, said:

Kerstain is a total jerk. This isn't the first time he's said crap like this, and he is the nazi going around adding 'in my opinion' to all the topics. Sad to say that he is a good representation of the terrible company that is arenanet

Hubris along with a healthy disdain for the people who buy their company's product.

#2174316 Isn't this an example of horrible customer relations by Anet?

Posted kKagari on 04 March 2013 - 05:17 AM

Kerstain is a total jerk. This isn't the first time he's said crap like this, and he is the nazi going around adding 'in my opinion' to all the topics. Sad to say that he is a good representation of the terrible company that is arenanet

#2174314 Isn't this an example of horrible customer relations by Anet?

Posted Mahaedros on 04 March 2013 - 05:10 AM

Martin Kerstein
Head of Global Community
Critickitten: You mention in your first paragraph that this is your opinion. I changed the thread title to reflect that (which you could have done in the first place yourself). The original thread title was sensationalist and broad to attract more views. I will change the title back to reflect that it is a personal opinion. If you change it once again, this thread will be locked and trashed.

This is from a thread over at GW2 official forums: https://forum-en.gui...w-in-my-opinion

Why is this employee of ArenaNet lecturing a paying customer in a public forum? "The original thread title was sensationalist and broad to attract more views. I will change the title back to reflect that it is a personal opinion. If you change it once again, this thread will be locked and trashed."

It goes beyond deplorable customer relations and definitely never should have been posted on an official public forum.

I don't care what the paying customer said, this Anet employee was out of line.  If you want to make a case that this message should have been given to the poster in a private PM I might entertain that discussion...  but never speak in this manner to paying customers in a public as Martin Kerstein has done in this thread.

This is basic customer relations 101.  No excuse for what he did at all.

Players are paying customers.  Companies that make games need to be respectful in their communication with their paying customers.  ArenaNet and it's disrespectful attitude towards their paying customers is typical of how gaming companies have behaved recently.

Don't put up with it- ever.  Don't settle for it- ever...especially just because you are a fan of the game.

And please don't think that I only feel this way about ArenaNet.  It's a trend that we should not have to endure.

How many copies of Guild Wars 2 have been sold, Martin Kerstein Head of Global Community, and how many of those players have quit because your company is below average in their ability to communicate with their customers in a profesional manor?

#2173227 Exposing the Truth, Past and Present.

Posted Entombed on 01 March 2013 - 05:39 PM

Purpose:  In effect, what I intend to do is expose ArenaNet of lies, deceit, and otherwise facilitating or spreading  false information for the sole purpose of garnering favor, attention, and playtime from the general public and its customers.  I intend to do this relatively systematically with use of direct quotes from the company, a list of facts, occasionally brief personal experiences and commentary, and a logical conclusion.

(This was originally designed for the official forum, although due to length I am posting elsewhere and I hope to have an abbreviated form on the official site soon.  I have taken careful consideration to keep this post from being incendiary or rude to the community, the players, and of course, the ArenaNet staff.  Any names cited, were for sole purpose of attributing ownership to used quotes and not meant to insult, or be otherwise disresectful to anyone.  I hope you agree, that I have followed the Code of Conduct to the best of my ability, to keep this thread from being deleted and to inspire useful discussions by all parties involved.)

Let’s start with something small.  It’s the moment to moment details that reveal the work ethic of a company and its concern for its players.  For those who don’t know Final Rest was a staff discovered in the game files that is visually unique and appealing to many.  However, for months the staff could not be found in-game.  Many player’s attempted to go to the forums, ask questions in interviews/AMAs, and even message employee’s in-game to discover it’s location or to show ArenaNet that it was indeed bugged.

Final Rest:

“I can’t give away any spoilers, but I can confirm that I’ve looked at the loot tables, and it is in the game. It’s a very rare reward from defeating a boss in the open world.”

"Just a quick note—I said the odds of it dropping was closer to .005 than the 1 in a million or so that was tossed out. Those aren’t the exact odds, but if my math is correct, 10 players running the event every day might expect one staff to drop after about 7 months. (And we haven’t been out that long.)"

-All from Jeffery Vaughn

The Facts:

-There are easily more than 10 (albeit likely different) people who participate in the event daily with various amounts of magic find.  

-We were told it was not a bug, but a rare spawn that would take 10 players 7 months to see a single staff drop.

-In six months post-launch, we have not seen a single Final Rest.

-March patch = boom hundreds of Final Rests.

Logical Conclusion:  When you said you “boosted” the drop rate in a recent quote, you really meant included it in the drop table bug free, and decreased it’s rarity several logs.

Question in a Recent Interview: Where's Final Rest?

Colin: Someday you will all discover it and everybody will be really excited.

How does a bug fix on a staff dropping from an event that many people do daily, make us all “really excited”?

As easily surmised, it’s not only easy, but probable a company will be make poorly worded quotes without malicious intent.

Ascended Gear

Let’s move to the now infamous ascended gear debate, albeit briefly.  There are many arguments for either side that has been said and heard hundreds, if not thousands of times. I intend to avoid it, and expose direct quotes which are plainly “wrong.”

Ascended Gear Quotes:

“We absolutely design everything we do with minimal grind and will continue with this principal moving forward.”

-Chris Whiteside

What is your/ANet’s definition of grind?

Repetitive game play that is not fun. –Chris Whiteside

These quotes were taken from a Reddit AMA in November of last year.  At the time Ascended gear could only be achieved through Fractals, a mistake that was later admitted to by the company.  We have since moved to several, yet still unachievable in major features of the game like WvW, options of achieving them.  You can do dailies for approximately a month for each ascended piece of gear. You can farm guild missions and commendations, and achieve them through a combination of gold and commendations, or 40 laurels and 50 ectoplasms. Or you can simply gain some from Fractals, or a combination of materials (gained from Fractals) and craft your own.  The problem is that these are largely out of reach by a majority of the playerbase without investment of significant “grinding.”  Dailies are often the definition of “do these things every day” and achieve a small reward.  ArenaNet has now provided a diversity of things that we can do to achieve a daily, which has only missed the point.  If you kill 20 rabbits one day, and then are asked to kill 20 underwater creatures the next, that doesn’t suddenly change the nature of the daily. It’s intended to be a short repetitive activity that is completed daily or nearly daily to artificially create a form of progression for an item.  It’s still repetitive…and as one of the few opinions in this thread, is not fun.  I have yet to find myself, friends, guildmates, or anyone exclaim “I’m excited to do my daily today!”

Recent Events

Let’s move to the current January/February Release window and talk about a quote that has been thrown around quite a bit by the community, and examine the recent releases of content.

January/February Release Quote:

"But January and February are actually our biggest updates to date. They’re even bigger than all the stuff we did in October, November and December. And I think that when people see how much stuff they’re gonna get for no monthly fee in January and February, they’re probably going to be blown away. These two months combined are basically an expansion’s worth of content for free."
-Colin Johanson

The Facts:
-The WvW patch that was slated for January, was pushed back to February, and then moved back to March was originally intended in the “expansion worth of content” Colin was referring to at the time.

-There are usually around 5 major features in each patch, which typically include, for lack of a better word, content.

-2 of the 5 for February’s patch were “Choosing Your Own Daily Achievements” and Previewing on the Trading Post.

-The only additional content increase in February were a couple of cash shop items, a new sPvP map, and essentially the addition of portals and non-unique enemies in the Living Story.  

-January included guesting that was intended to be included at launch, an improved achievement system, and bug fixes to WvW.  

-The major points of a patch should not include bug-fixes and revamps of existing, broken content.  

Logical Conclusion: What we have seen is nothing even resembling an expansion worth of content.  (Even if you want to include March’s content, which admittedly has yet to be fully revealed, it would not resemble an expansion.)


Let’s move to WvW, arguably one of ArenaNet’s most popular features.  In six months of release, the only thing added to WvW were bug fixes.  Instead of attempting to stop hacks and exploits by single players, ArenaNet chose to simply remove the orb system.  Before everything was incredibly dynamic, due to mismanagement in realm populations (free realm transfers for roughly five months again due to guesting), and no, we see the opposite side of that coin, it’s static to the point of decay.  Realm ranks are hardly changing, and each week the story seems to remain the same.  The same realms place 1st, 2nd, or 3rd each week, rarely changing tiers.  No forms of progression or reward have been added in six months, and we are holding on the promise that the WvW patch will come out next month.  Even with the promise of new content, it’s the length of time that has passed that is discouraging for many of us.  

We have seen dungeon revamp after dungeon revamp, waiting for you to finally get it right.  We have watched you include temporary content again and again, without adding to the core of the game.  We have been waiting for ArenaNet to wake up and improve on their original design.

Let’s examine material that has yet to be fully made, that holds the potential of promise, and a return to original design principles:

The Living Story

We have seen two installments of the story, with the promise of much more exciting material to come in March.  

The Facts:

-The first installment included random NPCs walking towards two major cities in two zones that “needed” aid.  

-It included collecting mementos, fixing signs, and curing the cripple condition off them, with less than 5 unique dynamic events and a single title to come with it.

-The second installment now includes two main objectives, fighting portal-spawning enemies, and providing refugees with lost items.  

Logical Conclusion:  There are not a lot of content or interesting things to do in-game involving the living story.

An addition of twenty dynamic events would arguably have more content than these last two installments of the living story.  There is nothing that makes it special, unique, rewarding or even interesting to the average player.  And once again, we are relying on a promise by Angel McCoy, a chief architect along with Ree Soesbee and Jeff Grubb that created the lackluster personal story.  Even worse, it appears as though ArenaNet is making the same mistakes.  

“In order to make this easier on ourselves, and on you, we’ll be introducing a set of characters specific to the Living Story, at the end of March. Hint: one’s a norn, and one’s a charr.”
-Angel McCoy

The Facts:

-In both the Lost Isles Patch and the Halloween patch,the ArenaNet team was largely criticized for a lackluster, initial phase of events because there weren’t many things a player could do.

-The Personal Story was largely criticized for revolving around a NPC rather than the player, making the player feel less than heroic.

-The Living Story appears to have the same flaws as both the previous patches and Personal Story.  

Logical Conclusion:

ArenaNet is not learning from past mistakes.

I could use this remaining time to talk about the blatant lack of additional skins to the game.  The large majority of skins released have been temporary releases.  I could elaborate more on the failures of the Personal Story, and the complete reluctance by ArenaNet to address or fix it.  I could address the growing concern by sPvP players that ArenaNet is not doing enough for the e-sport community.  However, I think by now you understand my point.  I am not satisfied with the games progress post-launch, nor do I find it acceptable for ArenaNet to continue to make false claims nor learn from previous self-admitted mistakes.

In conclusion, this post is meant to raise public awareness of ArenaNet’s past remarks and errors, and enact change to the game to make it better.  ArenaNet, you can do better.

Sanctum of Rall

#2152139 Can we agree on a dedicated PvE server?

Posted Sans on 27 January 2013 - 09:28 PM

Since guesting is being added tomorrow, can we all agree on a server where we can all guest for regular Non-Dungeon PvE content?

One where maps aren't completely empty?

That way DE's are always active and full of people participating.

Can a mod make a 2 polls ???
one for US servers and one for EU servers so we can vote on it.

#2141576 Casual player taking a break

Posted Baron von Scrufflebutt on 13 January 2013 - 07:43 PM

View PostLurker14ownz, on 13 January 2013 - 05:19 PM, said:

Someone doesn't have a clue what they are talking about.. 99% of the player base has gotten hundreds of hours out of this game for what 60 dollars? Go buy another game for 60 dollars with no sub fee and get that many hours. Its a good game, yes it has its problems but don't they all?

I've put more hours into GW2 than I put into Orcs Must Die!, Orcs Must Die! 2, Diablo 3, Portal and Portal 2 COMBINED, yet I love those each of those games more than I'll ever be able to love GW2.

Contrary to what the MMO-folks think, a game having an end IS a good thing. And GW2 would have been SO much better if it simply came to an end.

#2141542 Casual player taking a break

Posted Eon Lilu on 13 January 2013 - 06:32 PM

View Postyouknowho, on 12 January 2013 - 09:38 PM, said:

I'm a casual player that loved GW1 and started out loving GW2. I've run into enough things that have slowly turned playing this game from enjoyable to frustrating and uninteresting, to the point that I'm taking a break altogether. Here they are:
  • Trading Post - non-refundable listing fees
    I was lucky enough to get a pre-cursor (Storm). Being a casual player I knew that I'd never grind enough to craft the legendary so I listed it on the TP, for less than the only other listing. The listing fee was 3g+, half of all of my savings. Within a week five more Storms have been listed, all for less than mine, and with the looming increased drops of pre-cursors I'll probably not be able to sell this unless I re-list it. See next point.

  • Trading Post - lowering the price of an item requires re-listing and paying another listing fee
    This is ridiculous and the game's most blatant mechanic designed to whittle away our bank accounts that I've seen. If we list an item that drops in price after listing we should be able to lower the price without re-listing and paying new listing fees. At that point we've already paid a higher listing fee than that of a lower priced item; no need to double-dip into our bank accounts Anet.

  • Inflation - Anet has zero incentive to curb the gold to gem exchange rate
    The higher the the gold to gem exchange rate gets, the more likely Anet is to have players buy gems with real-world money. I keep picturing their economist kicking back, watching this exchange rate, and saying "Go baby go!" Many common items are becoming too expensive to buy with gold for the casual player. See next point.

  • Fine transmutation stones - gem store exclusive
    I've run out of fine transmutation stones for my main character, let alone having any available for alts that I'd want to level. To buy 10 fine transmutation stones for 360 gems at a gold to gem exchange rate of 1g 64s 23c per 100 gems it's going to cost you 5g+. I wish I had that much left in my bank account, but I listed a pre-cursor in the Trading Post that isn't selling.

  • Bugs - more than ever
    Since launch the number of bugs that I've run into has increased. This is the only game I've seen this happen in. Stuck animations, loud repeating sounds that ignore my volume settings and sound like a kid with no rhythm playing tablas, fractals disconnects, attacking an enemy being randomly stopped, targeting the closest enemy usually targets an enemy further away, etc. GW1 was super solid in comparison, even at launch, and never felt this shaky.

  • Fractals - all your players are belong to us
    So many pve zones are dead at this point, and this is on a full Jade Quarry server. They may as well be instances like in GW1. The Fractals’ gear grind and payout has moved such a large portion of the player base into them that it's hard to complete dynamic event chains or find a group for a story dungeon run. See next point.

  • Grouping - use gw2lfg.com
    Why are we forced to use an external website to find groups this many months into launch? Anet's dev resources seem stretched thin so they probably breathed a sigh of relief when gw2lfg.com sprang up, but this should be in the game. No excuses.

  • Fractals - ascended items
    The devs keep weighing in on this topic, trying to convince us that they haven't gone back on any pre-launch promises about grind and hours of play required to get the best gear and remain competitive. It isn't working. A casual player getting infused ascended gear is going to take a big time commitment and can only be done in Fractals. Get ready to play the same content over and over again!

  • Playing with casual gamers - good luck
    My friend is an even more casual gamer than I am. We've played enough games together that I know he probably won't get a character to level 80. So forget about WvW, most dungeons, and Fractals. He's not interested in spvp so that's also out. This makes it hard to recommend GW2 to him and for us to play together.
Don't get me wrong, the game’s not all bad and GW2 does have some excellent ideas in it. Unfortunately the impression I've gotten is that management (and not the devs) is calling the shots. Launch felt rushed (the Trading Post is coming, we promise!) and the game hasn't completely recovered from it. The game’s built-in money-sucking mechanics range from understandable (armor repair, waypoints) to ridiculous (re-list fees on the Trading Post), and these “cost” moments occur too frequently.

All-in-all Guild War$ 2 feels like a free-to-play game, except that I bought it. And now we're supposed to buy gems with real-world money so we can afford to re-list items in the Trading Post and buy fine transmutation stones to keep a few skins that we like? Nope. I'm done.

This is what alot of others are starting to see and you didn't even mention alot more than is wrong at the moment with GW2, it's a shame. Your right though, Anet and the dev's are obviously not calling the shots anymore. Does feel like a ftp game and management / sales teams seem to have gutted it to pieces and taking it into a direction that noone wants to see it go. :(

#2141667 F interaction bug, is it only me?

Posted Bloodtau on 13 January 2013 - 10:46 PM

that gets this, or has other people experienced it?
By this I mean pressing F to interact with something or pick up and item, only to have your character get stuck in a run cycle which you cannot get out of...
Killed me a few times now has this

#2144986 GW2 2012 Best (Worst) of Awards

Posted Sword Hammer Axe on 17 January 2013 - 11:22 PM

Wow... just... wow...

Well, I guess everyone's entitled to an opinion of course, and I do agree with some of it... but this post is so full of spite it's not even funny. When people complain over something they usually do it with style, even if they seem so angry that you might fear they'll blow up, but this post is so sarcastic it feels almost malevolent.

#2140515 Snowflake: Just got resolution for my banned account...

Posted FoxBat on 11 January 2013 - 07:50 PM

If Anet is going to arbitrarily ban people for their poorly-defined idea of exploit, then I applaud them for at least not stealing money in the process.

#2088849 So Andrew Macleod Threw His Jughead Crown In On Ascended and Gear Score / Checks

Posted bcbully1 on 20 November 2012 - 06:14 AM

I saw this.

They talk to the community like we are dumb. What he spoke of prior were artificial barriers. What is in the game now is a real barrier. He knows this, yet still keeps typing out rhetoric.

#2138335 Profession for Legendary torch.

Posted jirayasan on 08 January 2013 - 09:18 PM

Guardian and Ranger, never tried torch on my mesmer.

Hopefully legendaries will be account bound in the near future or added into HoM for the skin across all characters for all levels.

#2119504 Sick Of 5 man INSTANCES

Posted TGIFrisbie on 16 December 2012 - 12:06 AM

View PostKrazzar, on 15 December 2012 - 11:36 PM, said:

Ignoring the jumping puzzle, open world activities, minigames, and other things to do, how could anyone fail that instance? It's pretty much impossible to fail unless your team aggros everything and walks away from your computers.

How someone can then complain about their voluntary purchase of gems only adds to the ridiculousness.

You keep ignoring that we actually have the guild wars (the reason for the franchise in the first place) now and not capture the flag with a guild tag. Sad that some are so stuck in tradition they clamor for a shallow band-aid fix instead of the real deal.

You keep ignoring the fact we do NOT have GUILD WARS.  We have WvW, put lipstick on an pig, pain stripes on a horse.  Do whatever you want to fake it.  We do NOT have GUILD WARS in this GUILD WARS game.  Period.

I am seriously done with reading your crap.  Hopefully this forum has an ignore poster option, which I will immediately embrace.

Sadly it does not, just gonna ignore your future posts for the side-show they are.

#2119372 Sick Of 5 man INSTANCES

Posted Myst Dawnbringer on 15 December 2012 - 09:53 PM

I bought this game because it was going to get away from instances.  It was going to be a persistant world. But here we go with Wintersday and what do we get a 5-man INSTANCE. Go back to the Holloween model as soon as possible. It was more persistant.  You went. You played. You got some stuff. You left. You didn't have to listen to crap from anyone about why you lost or people being kicked.  I came here because of the events and so far Wintersday is one big instance flop.

For crying out loud its Wintersday let's be inclusive.  The jumping puzzle at Holloween was too hard for me and so probably is the one here. The music one I just don't understand yet, I have to give it some time.

But so far this game is more expensive than WoW or Rift.  I've spent more on gems than a year for eithor of the others.

#2117273 Bugs/Exploits should go first, but then... mounts?

Posted Nabuko Darayon on 13 December 2012 - 09:19 PM

I posted this suggestion even before the release because I had a feeling GW2 would be this large game where walking around is fun but as the content grows the world will be larger and larger.
I do think at some point mounts should be considered in the game. Asuras have the scripts, Charr have the technology they can be implemented and it would be a good addon to this game.

Of course mounts should be end-game 1-time rewards (Soulbound or for lvl 80 only to avoid exploits for low lvls) with the option to buy cool looking ones from Gem Store.

Of course this is an addon that should be implemented once the bugs/exploits are fixed first and when everything settles down a bit. But we should have this option.

I played few other games where there were mounts and they were exellent addition to the game. Make them so mobs can't attack us, pve-only orriented, with a bigger cooldown so people can exploit orich hunting, for the max lvls only, 1  or 2 free cool looking from a storymode, the rest in gem store for those who want to show-off their rides.

I can see those Pact tanks/2-wheelers being added as a transportation system.