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In Topic: Ranger - Spirit effect recharge?

Today, 01:45 PM

There is a 35% chance for the effect every 6 seconds. The effect can only proc once every 6 seconds or effect recharge.

In Topic: Mastery System = vertical progression?

27 January 2015 - 04:10 PM

Small vertical, large horizontal movement.

Based on WvW, GW1 EotN reputation system, Sunspear/Lightbringer, etc, you wont be that much more powerful, but you will have added utility. The new "challenging" content sounds gated like DoA, you must complete X before access to Y. It depends on how its balanced and how much grind is required. Its too soon to call.

In Topic: Warrior specialization speculations

26 January 2015 - 05:45 PM

If spears are brought on land they would most likely be two handed melee weapons like kalendraf. Which would actually be great. They would act more like a melee staff. Although that would disappoint the Polearm/Greataxe enthusiasts, like myself.  It looks most like what Rytlock was using in the trailer. It could be a staff. But all a warrior would do is hit you on the head with it. And that niche has been filled.

Of existing weapons I could see:

Off-hand Pistol- mostly a defensive weapon and/or long dot bleed. Explosive bullets AoE?

Torch- Moar fire fields. Or something off the wall like stops bleeding by cauterizing adds adrenaline.

Daggers- I fought the notion at first. However, the Warrior is a master of weapons,  anything he/she picks up, they should be proficient.

Ultimately, it depends on what their specialization would be. I'm clueless. Guardian has the paragon roots and the mage component. And it would seem very odd for the warrior to go into a magic. Whatever it is, you can probably hit someone over the head with it.

In Topic: The new allies. In the new expansion

25 January 2015 - 04:19 PM

I say its mursaat, seer, or whatever was being worked on at the end of War In Kryta GW1.

In Topic: [LIVE] The big, PAX round-up topic.

24 January 2015 - 08:30 PM

We also saw a badass Hammer Engineer, a Shield wielding Mesmer, The new Revenant using a Staff/Polearm in melee, and it was confirmed in the announcement that Necros will rock Greatswords. Guild Halls. Hang gliding in a unique map. New GvG and WvW mode. New skills and weapon announcements coming soon. I'm happy mostly. I just wish we didnt have to wait what will probably be 6-8 months for it to launch.

They should also cycle festivals until launch. If we have to wait.