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Ice Bow 4 (I'm going to miss you)

06 June 2015 - 10:55 PM

This is not my song and I am in no way affiliated with the artist.

Here is a kick ass jam for the upcoming ice bow 4 nerf. I saw it on woodenpotatoes last video. It sounds well produced and the subject matter couldnt hit closer home. I didnt see it mentioned at the guru yet. So, Enjoy!

Edit: Someone also made a video.

Double the Gem Price to Make an Item Account Wide

18 November 2014 - 01:03 AM

I'm thinking of an idea to submit to Anet, but I would like to see the reaction of guru first.

I'm an altoholic, and Anet is missing out on a lot of money. The unlimited salvage kits, node harvesting, etc are items I want to have. But, I spread my time out on 8-10 toons. So I dont buy them. It would be too much work to grab them from the bank every time I switch toons. I would however, buy two if I could get one for each toon/future toons. I cant be the only one that sees it this way.

My solution is to double the price to allow you to add one for each toon. A simple NPC could hand one out if you purchased it. And refund your gems if you bought it for each time you bought more than twice. Double gem store money from a few would be greater than nothing.

Geforce ShadowPlay, will you use it?

29 October 2013 - 04:11 PM

ShadowPlay released for the Nvidia 6 and 7 series. I'm curious if anyone finds this useful or not.

I tested it and found it useful within the first ten minutes of WvW today. I got ganked by three roamers, while by myself. It took them forever to kill me(guardian bunker). But on the replay I was able to see things I could have done better. Or to get away, which is what I was trying to do. If I were a PvP'r I would find this much more useful.

I cant tell a difference in my performance, set on medium. It looks good on playback to me. My only complaint is that you cant hear voice over from things like TS.  All in all its a nice feature for "free".

Nicholas the Traveler

01 September 2013 - 01:52 AM

Maybe not the same guy, but someone or something should replace Nicholas the Traveler from GW1. Each week he could pop up in a different zone and trigger new events in that area. It would be an awesome GW2 twist on a GW1 classic.

Expanded Professions

16 June 2013 - 08:30 AM

Purpose: To expand on existing professions, giving more utility and variation in playstyle. And, to provide a sense of progression with as minimal powercreep as possible.

I want to preface this post by saying there is much that can be done, and should be done, with what we already have. Existing traits and weapon/utility skills still have much room for improvement and balance.

Summary: Raise level cap by 20 or 30 levels. Base stats will remain the same, but the character will gain trait points. Points are then distributed into only one of two new trait lines. New weapons and skills will be made available depending on which new trait path was chosen. Some existing skills and weapons may even need to be unusable for balance, again depending on which traits where chosen.

The new trait lines would primarily serve two purposes. Either to enhance exisiting builds or create new ones using new weapons and skills or even change existing weapon skills.


Necromancer would get two new trait lines, call them Shadow Knight and Ritualist. Shadow Knight, like the Dark Night mentioned already in this forum, will use dark magic at melee range. The necro is already pretty tanky, so this isnt a far a stretch.

Ritualist would be similar to GW1 with an emphasis on spirits(turrets) and support. If you already like the way your Necro is set up, you would still benefit from going into either trait line for added support or dps(or control if it ever becomes useful). The trait Ritualistic Staff would change your staff skills, or you could go into the line just to bring some spirits or old school Rit magic with your existing build.

New weapons would include Dual Swords and Scythe.

Other class expansions that might fit....

Ranger- Druid and Hunter. Staff, Spear(terrestrial/one handed), and shield.

Engineer- Alchemist and Heavy Weaponry. New Kits!(assault rifle)

Thief- Assassin and Rogue. Rifle(sniper feel).

Elementalist- Dervish and Arcane Mage. When the gods left, Dervs turned to the elements themselves for strength. They already had prayers for wind and earth, why not fire and water. Obviously a Scythe would be appropriate, think D/D but makes up for what D/D might lack. The Arcane line always intrigued me, this would be a good way to make use of it. I'm thinking more like a wizard with an Ele twist.

Mesmer- Chronomancer and Chaos Mage. Chronomancer could have traits that make time warp slow foes as well as speed up allies. Chaos would be like Arcane but with a Mesmery twist. Chaos would deal more with ethereal fields, and random buffs/conditions.

Guardian- Paragon and Battle Mage. Spear and Warhorn.

Warrior- Tactician and Berserker. Scythe.

Some of the ideas I borrowed, but the concept of new trait lines, is what I think could make this work, and be less of a hassle to balance. It's an idea Ive had for a while, and its a slow night at work, so this gave me something to do. Thanks for reading.