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Upcoming changes to Legendaries

10 November 2012 - 07:24 PM

John Smith

"We’ve received a large amount of feedback about Legendaries becoming unreachable. This is actually a topic we’ve been tracking for quite some time. To ease your minds I am here to say that it’s something we’ve been watching and we’ve been listening to your feedback. You can expect to begin to see changes addressing the issue starting with our next build."

So changes to legendaries very very soon, discuss away :)

My opinion, good for me and good for allot of players out there that are not swiming in gold.


New Mystic Forge Halloween recipes

24 October 2012 - 09:49 PM

After the BLC drama Anet as finally revealed the new recipes that will be added to the mystic forge so the players can use all the trash they got from the chests :)

North American Community Team Lead

“Our Halloween celebrations are in full swing, costume brawls are aplenty and the Shadow of the Mad King is falling across Tyria. Because we are as excited as you are, we will add another opportunity for you to get shiny Halloween goodies.
You will be glad to hear that we are adding recipes to the Mystic Forge that will allow you to throw stuff you get from the Black Lion Chests into it to get a special Halloween chest (no key needed for this one). These chests will include Halloween specific loot and give you a second chance to get one of the terrifying, rare Halloween skins. Here is the recipe we will add:

You need 1 Candy Corn, 6 Mystery Tonics, 1 Boost (any), 1 Boost (any) to get a Mad King Chest.

We hope you like this gruesome addition, we will let you know immediately when they will be in the game – enjoy the celebrations!”

NOTE: this recipe is NOT in the game yet, wait for the update.

Anet Post Link

Halloween Finale Rescheduled to end 28th

23 October 2012 - 08:28 PM

I dunno if everyone noticed this already but the event end was changed, it was 31 now its 28.

[Answered] Personal Story problem

16 October 2012 - 09:47 AM

Im currently stuck in my personal story and i dont even know if its a bug or im missing something

Map is Malchor's Leap, Quest is Estate of Decay, im at the "Enter Kitah Manse and find the scouting party" part.

It goes something like this, i enter the quest instance, talk to the npc, defend the first spot from the "super chicken" :) attack , go inside the first room listen to the Lord talk , he goes away and then nothing... the door behind me closes and the next one shows "F" to open but it dosent do anything.

Now, i dont know if im missing something here but does anyone else have this problem ?

Ive relogged, rebooted pc, played other chars, waited for patch to reset the server, nothing works, ive tried again today after the mini patch, and quest is still stuck there :( , ive already filled bug reports, and im getting pretty frustated with this i want to finish my personal story T.T

[moved to Q&A - Arduin]

Warning about Nvidia drivers v306.23

24 September 2012 - 04:15 PM

After seeing several posts in the tecnical forum about losses in performance i decided to check it out and benchmark the game myself.

Resultsgot me a litle of guard, i got an overall drop of near 10 FPS with this new official driver version, before i was using 306.02 (beta).

I dont recomend  installing the Nvidia 306.23 version drivers, you will probably murder you fps, i dont know if its the game or the drivers, but so far it seems the fault goes to the drivers.

Would like some more confirmation from other players, just to make sure im not overblowing this matter.

Ok after some more playing around i dont know anymore what to think of this new driver, overall the fps seems to have dropped BUT the general gameplay experience seems to have got smoother, way less fps spikes.