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Post your favorite and most hated fractal

06 December 2012 - 12:03 PM

No QQ allowed ITT.

Aquatic ruins (krait / jellyfish)
Cliffside (colossus)
Snowblind (sons of svanir)
Solid ocean (jade monster)
Swampland (wisps)
Underground facility (dredge)
Urban battlegrounds (you're a charr)
Volcanic (grawl)
Uncategorized (asura building)

I dont think a thread like this has been made before? Anyway, also post the difficulty scale you're in (because some nice fractals get much more annoying past a certain level).

My favorite is Uncategorized

Most hated is swampland (2nd place: dredge).

Level 12. Level 13

Trading post constantly bugged?

22 November 2012 - 10:54 PM

about 8/10 of the times, when I log in for the first time after a system startup, trading post simply does not work.

-The description of an item that is supposed to appear by hovering on top of it, won't work.
-I'm not able to buy any item because the "Buy" button is grayed out.
-I'm not able to sell any item because it keeps loading endlessly.

The only way to fix it is hard relogging (no character select). Does anybody else get this?

I use the small interface for the TP (might have something to do with it...?)

Flamethrower damage is a lie.

20 November 2012 - 10:57 PM

Can anybody explain to me, why flamethrower's on screen damage seems to be so high, but in reality it's actually much lower?

Many times I have noticed when killing monsters, how my rifle putting out 400-600 damage hits kills just as fast as my flamethrower. (flamethrower doing scaling damage from 200 to 1000 on crits).

Once I tried on a branded level 42 monster. With rifle I inflicted about 4000 damage before the monster died.

Then I switched to flamethrower, and went against the same type of monster, same level too.

Each flamethrower auto (that consists of 5 scaling ticks of damage) did about 300-400-500-650-900 damage. It took me around 4 flamethrower autoattacks to kill the monster, which means that that monster had to endure over 9000 damage from flamethrower to actually die, while it died in just 4k damage from rifle (not including burns from flamethrower)

so what the hell is this? is the on-screen damage wrong? or does flamethrower just need to inflict 2x the damage that rifle does approximately in order to kill stuff?

Edit: Or maybe the rifle damage is much higher than what it appears on screen..?

What happened with Tyrian assembly?

20 November 2012 - 01:23 PM

3 weeks ago, it was the universal trend to disregard any negative feedback towards ANet and their amazing game, whether it was valid criticism or just pointless ranting. Those posts would commonly be treated as trash, and the posters would be called anywhere from "whiners" to "wow fanboys". They were also promptly asked to leave this game because "this is no wow clone and we don't need people like you in here", or the famous "no one will miss you".

Now, it looks like there's no longer the need to remind anyone of how different this game is, or how there's no supposed "carrot on a stick". It looks like GW2 wasn't the best thing ever.

It's a sad realization, I know, I've been through that before but I'm over it now.

I wonder though...

Are the Ascended items enough of a reason to throw away everything you believed in? the stats aren't so much better compared to exotics FYI.

Everything else worth complaining about has already been here from the start. The RNG factor (final karka event), the gem shop unfairness, the poor customer service, the lagging, the lack of content, etc.

However, everytime that someone complained about any of that, it was immediately frowned upon and / or laughed at.

I sense a strong sense of entitlement nowadays, 90% of the latest threads are complaining about something, and this time it doesn't seem that the "whiners" are the ones starting them.

And now finally, when some end game content makes its way to GW2, the forums explode in rage, as if those ascended items were enough to ruin this perfect game you've been playing all this time.

So what gives? This game has only 3 months, after all.  I'm amazed at how quickly the general opinion about GW2 has changed over the last week. Just know that y'all are overreacting just as badly as the people who you laughed at back then.

PS: I don't hate gw2, I just know that it's not perfect, and pointing some of its flaws has gone to ridiculous extents throughout these 3 months (I remember having to justify to 2-3 people WHY did I give 8/10 to GW2)

Best places to use a killstreak booster?

20 November 2012 - 12:38 AM

Level 57 on my alt atm.