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Gem-Store Costume Fail.

29 October 2012 - 06:34 AM

Recently I bought 4000gems in the gemstore with in mind to buy Costumes for my account and the deluxe edition.
I'm not happy at all with my purchase. When I bought my mad king costume I began to wonder how I would be able to get it on another character. I logged in on another character only to find that I needed to repurchase the costume! I didn't buy anything after and tried to search the internet for people with the same proublem.
But it seems not many people know about this and not many people talk about this themselves.
Today I was thinking about a refund but It says after a purchase you cant get refund on gems. But I really hope this is possible for now and would love to buy stuff later when things have changed.

How I thought the gem store worked:
When buying a costume or any account bound item which isn't consumable. The gem price will turn to 0 gems after your 1st purchase. Now you can acces it on any (new) character.  

I really hope A-net will change this soon. And I would love to hear how the community here thinks of this.

(the message above was send to support)