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Would you like a 3rd weapon swap or be able to swap one OH weapon?

24 October 2012 - 11:17 PM

I really think the Warrior should be able to wield more then two sets or just be able to swap a off hand weapon. *Just one so if you wield two dual sets then your off hand swap will the same weapon for each.

Part of this is because I find I need to use a warhorn because my Warrior just moves so slow and doesn't any other IMS expect for an elite. I know about the trait skill.

The other is because melee becomes pointless at times even with a full on def style build and gear. In dungeons I have to bring ranged or suffer twice as many deaths.

We could just cycle throw the 3 sets with the ~ key. No need for F-keys. There's already a cool down and well Warriors are the master of weapons yet besides having access to a few more they have no real edge they make them stand out imo.

Def and HP don't mean much when everything in a dungeon can take half your HP by the third strike from hundred blades.

Just a thought. Your opinions?

Should we be able to dye our hair in game?

06 October 2012 - 09:55 PM

Not by using gems but in the game itself. Not a makeover either.

Even in GW timeline hair dye should have been around for ages. Now that rifles and all these crazy machines are showing up. Hair dying is an ancient art I don't see why it can't be in the game. I don't think it would be out of place.

Besides we got blood red hair that looks dyed to me, light blues and what not so why can't my girl roll with green then?

Not saying we should use our own dyes but maybe a hairdresser NPC or something for a gold sink. Shouldn't be to hard of a option to put into the game. Or even just add some more colors to the CC.


Went for a swim in Sanctum Harbor and found something neat

05 September 2012 - 11:58 PM

You never know what you'll find at the bottom of the sea.  Shame there wasn't a chest though.Posted Image

Keep exploring!