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#2130092 Flamethrower Runes

Posted Orikx on 28 December 2012 - 05:36 PM

I got my Engi to lvl 8- and fully geared 1 day before the last patch that nerfed grenades. I was running a grenader build before that but don't like it now after the patch. So I was thinking of trying a Flamethrower build. I should mention this for dungeons. So I'd use rifle for fights that I need range.

Here is the build. Feel free to critique if you see something needing changed.


The question i have is, in your opinion what are the best ruins to use. I was thinking of going two ways?
Option 1:
2 x Superior Rune of Hoelbrak (+25 Pow, +20% Might Duration)
2 x Superior Rune of Strength (+25 Pow, +20% Might Duration)
2 x Superior Rune of Fire (+25 Pow, +20% Might Duration)
Giving me 90% Might duration with traits. Making Juggernaut even more powerful and giving me 75 extra power. Should be able to maintain 9 stacks of might on myself.

Option 2:
6 x Superior Rune of Strength
155 Power
20% Might duration
3% chance to gain might on hit
+5% damage while under effects of might.
With these I'd have 50% might duration with traits. I'd be able to keep about 6 stacks of might so 3 stacks less. So that's 105 less power(does might effect Healing Power I've heard it does and doesn't.

With the 6 Strength I lose a decent chunk of power possible healing power but is the 5% dmg bonus enough to make up for that loss.

Or is this a horrible idea all together and should I be using a different build for dungeons. It would be mainly speed runs so DPS is king in those situations.