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Story missions...placed in areas WAY above their level?

11 September 2012 - 01:28 PM

In my eyes so far the only major flaw that bugs me in an otherwise glorious game is the location of some of the story missions. I'm currently running a human necro as my first character and plan to play it to level cap before I start heavily alting as I do in other games. Placing a level 39 story mission smack in the middle of a level 46 area is something that I can't think of a good reason for Anet doing. Granted, I can solo about 2 of the enemies at that level when I was level 40 (now I'm lv42) but once the 3rd comes in, it's a wrap and I'm taking the quick trip back to a waypoint with damaged armor. So I had to halt my story progression to be able to better survive the mobs in the area to get to the story marker.

It's my understanding that all of the other races stories also converge into the same storyline post level 30 so I'm assuming this is going to be a constant occurrence on other characters? It's not a huge deal really, I'll just level well beyond this part of the story and then come back to it since this game will level me down anyway unlike other games where I'd avoid over-leveling so things don't become faceroll easy and boring. I'm just curious what others thoughts on this are and if this will be a persistent trend for other races and as I move further up to the levels I haven't seen yet.