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In Topic: Is GW2 in trouble?

13 November 2012 - 11:55 PM

GW2 is not in trouble...anet will keep, and bring in new players that enjoy the game. the ones who do not will leave and in a year or two some of them will also return and give it a second go

and i do not recall anet ever saying they will be bigger than WOW...some players said that however.

In Topic: Player Housing - we need it and we need it soon

13 November 2012 - 06:47 PM

View PostChava Blue, on 13 November 2012 - 06:38 PM, said:

While that is true, I think you need to reread the first post. What the poster is suggesting is a major change in game mechanics to accomplish the goal.

Adding player housing wouldn't necessarily make it the goal of the game, but implementing it in the specific way we're responding to would divert a massive amount of developer resources away from working on anything else, which would limit the other options that could be made available.

i didnt say it needs to be a priority..but even if things were done that way i like that idea as well.. no matter the order of the content or the way it is implemented it is still something new and a little more to do...i would like to have a giant vulcano that is an open PVP area along with quests, doubt that would appeal to everyone but those of us who would enjoy it would use it, and nobody else would have to.

In Topic: Player Housing - we need it and we need it soon

13 November 2012 - 06:31 PM

i see people complaining about ideas of new gear, housing, or anything really sort of stupid.
if you don't want anything new then dont get the house or try for the new armor..

just because something is added doesnt make it the entire goal of the game. i would like to see new armors, housing, and bigger dungeons (preferably as many as can be placed into the game), huge guild halls, more pvp options, anything they can throw into the game i think they should....why argue against more content and progression? i love both GW and GW2 but a person can only do the same thing so many times before they get tired of it. and at the moment there is not much in the game to keep me here for more than maybe 6 months to a year. i imagine many others feel the same way.

In Topic: Europeans going NA servers? Why?

10 October 2012 - 07:04 PM

i have friends from greece, japan, and new2zeland ...they usually play on american servers in most games because they do not want to play with chinese/russians..apparently they just do not get along 2 well in a game envirnment. i myself do not enjoy playing any game where a large percentage of the population speaks in spanish..however in real like i have no issue with these people. what is the point of playing an MMO if you do not understand 50% of the population.

i think it has to do with actually seeing their language everywhere you either A. cant read it.  B. they are rude because you do not speak their language. or C, they speak half english sentences at then go "jajajajaja" instead of hahaha...and for some of us nerds that is annoying as jock itch because it makes no sense to talk half of a language. sort of how when people typ 17 paragraphs in english and then include the word kawaii instead of just saying cute.

In Topic: Current State of the Game. Fun? Population? Will you continue to play?

29 September 2012 - 04:46 AM

i been bouncing between GW1 and 2. gw1 usually beforei  get my night started and gw2 when i get back home in the morning.. i quit rift for a while, but i resubbed to rift and changed servers on there, so now my time will be split between my ps3, RIFT, freelancer, vindictus, gw1, gw2, D2, a BUNCH of single player games, work, and family..at this rate i doubt i will ever get bored of anything other than there only being 24 hours in a day oh and im tired of is everyone talkign about a freaking carrot to defend the game. some people like the game, others dont and as long as the servers stay up i couldnt care less if i was the only person logged in at any given time.

there are many things i dislike about gw2, well not all that many honestly, but the way skills are done, the downscaling stuff was a bad as jock itch to begin with, and some small issues: these things are not enough to make me want to quit the game for a good long time....

within the next few years i hope they do bring in a few traditional raids, and keep development going on this game. gw2 as it is right now is a GREAT start, but it is not yet perfect...

View PostRed_Falcon, on 29 September 2012 - 03:07 AM, said:

This is one good reason that will keep me playing for years to come: https://forum-en.gui...irst#post290295

They gather all our feedback and are not afraid to admit any failures and are even willing to overhaul things completely if necessary.
You don't see this in any other MMOs, at most they nerf things down when players complain.
And to think we are not even paying a monthly fee.

yeah i have seen this, with RIFT...which is why they should get together with the GW people and make one GOD OF ALL mmo

EDIT: sorry if this was hard to read, cold meds + beer = no typing skills....ah the joy of children, send them to school they come back with all sorts of lil nasty germs and n such and more than happy to share them with u.